20% Off SC Sale @ Target, ends June 28

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  1. ColonelChingles


    I dunno why this wasn't in the official announcements or anything, but currently there is a 20% off SC sale at Target. You can see the official link here. So that's $15 of SC for $12, no 2x deal or anything but not bad. Essentially if you were to purchase SC through Steam, at most you'd get is a 15% discount (and that's if you buy $100 worth of SC).

    Ad makes it sound like it's only one per customer, but I'm not sure of the fine print.

    It should also be noted that some Walmart SC cards give you a bonus 500 SC on top of the 1,500 SC that you pay for, which is effectively a 25% discount. However, not all Walmart SC cards carry this bonus, and if they do have the bonus then it should say so on the card. If it is available, then obviously it would be the better deal.

    I think in the past it's usually been best to buy the SC cards at a discount, then wait for SOE to do some sale on their side. Then redeem the card code during the sale to essentially gain the benefit of two sales at the same time. That is of course if you're patient enough to wait. :p

    No clue why it wasn't included on the live PS2 launcher... I saw it on the test server launcher. Doesn't SOE want my money? :confused:
  2. Leftconsin

    Page two of the launcher application advertises it.

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  3. ColonelChingles

    You mean the Test Server Launcher or the Live Launcher? For the life of me I can't find any mention of it in the Live Launcher at all.

    Anyhow, it's probably also worth mentioning that you can make your SC last longer by waiting for things to go on sale. A good way to stay up-to-date on what's on sale is PS2DailyDeals on Twitter. Then you don't even have to log-in to see what's at discount!

    So here's an example of making your SC really count. It takes some patience and less impulse buying, but there you go.

    1) Buy your SC Card at a discount. Let's take the Target card for example. We get a 1500 SC card for $12 USD (or 0.8 cents per SC).
    2) Redeem your SC Card when SOE is running one of their internal sales (though these are happening less and less often). Let's take a 2x SC sale for example. We redeem our 1500 SC card and get 3000 SC in return. At this point 1 SC cost us 0.4 cents!
    3) Wait for the item you want to go on sale. Besides super-sales, most daily sales are from 50-55% off. Let's take a camo for example, which normally costs 500 SC. On sale it's 50% off to become 250 SC. If we buy it, we're essentially paying 0.2 cents per SC now!

    So all in all, a camo which should have cost us $5 now costs us $1... because we were smart shoppers. That's an 80% discount!

    Of course, sometimes you just have to have something right away, and that's perfectly fine too. :D But if you can afford to wait, it really pays off.
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  4. ShortRovnd

    Available in Australia?
  5. ColonelChingles

    Sadly, no. The link in my first post says that the offer is only valid for cards purchased in the US. :(

    Come to think of it, you non-US people are probably the only ones awake right now anyhow, so maybe I should have posted this when y'all have gone to bed.
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  6. Ikissyourface

    someone give me 500 SC I want to buy a camo. *Not a joke

    What does PSA MEAN???
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  8. OddChelsea

    Not even a please. Tsk, tsk, tsk. That's not how you ask for something.
  9. xboxerdude

    do you have to pay sales tax on it?
  10. ColonelChingles

    It means Public Service Announcement. It is typically used to broadcast some message that is in the interest of the public to know. Like no-smoking advertisements, or ads that encourage you to eat healthier.

    In Forumside it is often misused to mean, "I have something I'd like to publicly say", even though the message itself is not in the interest of the public. For example, using the [PSA] tag for a thread called, "Why the NC and VS suck and the TR rule" is most likely misusing the tag.

    This would most likely depend on what state you live in and their tax policy. I think in California there is no tax, at least not that I've met yet.
  11. G.O.A.T

    Seems like a Rip off without the extra free 500 SC like Walmart.

    I was thinking about buying one and stacking it with 4th of July 2x Station Cash Sale which I think will happen....but without 500SC bonus, it's not worth it.
  12. ColonelChingles

    Yeah, the Target sale is a 20% discount, while the Walmart normal price is a 25% discount. It's a difference of 5%, which while not that big is still 5%. If you have a choice between the two, then Walmart should be the better choice.

    I did swing by Walmart on my way back home today, and they didn't have any SC cards in stock (even though the online inventory said they should have them). So in my case if I wanted a SC card, I might have to make do with Target.

    I am crossing my fingers for a July 4 sale. If not that, then maybe when SOE releases Landmark or H1Z1... I hope they'll have sales like when PS2 was a new game.
  13. Key Pusher

    Not paying SoE until they fix hit detection, game performance and all other things that should have been long ago fixed.

    Don't support lazy developers.
  14. Ikissyourface

  15. xboxerdude

    Price match at walmart get 20% off the 2000 sc for the price of 1500
  16. DK22

    careful scratching the card for the code, sometimes the code comes off with it. and nobody will help you.
  17. MorganM

    Rip off is a little harsh but yeah Wal-Mart still has a better deal if you can find them. One trick might be to try and get Wal-Mart to honor Target's discount and hope they don't realize the nuance between the two cards =)

    There won't be a double SC event on the 4th. They didn't do it for Christmas or any other holiday they typically did in the past. There will be some great sales and probably a fun new toy (or reselling the flare gun) but don't count on double or tripple SC.
  18. MorganM

    How does this work exactly? What do you bring in as evidence? Do you go right to the cashier or over to customer service?
  19. xboxerdude

    Bring in a copy of the ad, better yet if you can find it in a weekly ad your probably 90% chance of getting the 20% off at walmart

    Edit: Just checked it's not in the weekly ad , I can't even find SOE cards on the target.com website, nor have I seen any confirmation from Target on this sale.

    My guess is that it automatically applies when you go to checkout in store IDK how to convince walmart that a deal is going on when it's just soe's website not target's
  20. MorganM

    Nope. Wal-mart will not honor the sale. I asked a manager and they said "we don't do that for cards". I brought in a print off of the ad right off SOE's website.
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