20% Alert Bonus XP does NOT count towards Cert gain

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  1. Phrygen

    A fine redditor named Macinzon posted this screenshot with this thread


    Simply put, the score he hasn't doesn't match 250 xp matching 1 cert point. According to this, its 311.5 xp is equal to one cert point. That however is not what is going on here.

    Whats happening, is the 20% bonus from the alert isn't counting towards cert gain.

    311.5 x 20% = 62... 312-62 = 250

    This is bad for everyone if its not just a singular bug for this one player. It really lame for underpoped or weaker factions who are told to participate in alerts, especially when those alerts go dominating by 75% territory, when the underdog faction is getting nothing for participating. Not even the supposed bonus 20% xp.

    On a side note, i don't know if population based xp bonuses are functioning.
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  2. Cab00se187

    the 20% is for kills and taking bases, not the total.
  3. UberBonisseur

    I bet the reward is granted a microsecond after the 20% bonus disappears.
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  4. Cab00se187

    Let me reiterate, the 20% bonus was to entice people to participate on the alert. No matter where you are, if your faction wins the alert everyone gets the alert points but people who are actually doing the alert get 20% to kills and base captures, not the total alert bonus
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  5. Torok

    Is this GU14's Fault?
  6. cc2001

    So you think the extra certs are lumped in at the end of the alert along with those you get from the actual alert outcome as well?
  7. Mugze

    But that 20% is not being tallied into your cert generation. All exp gained allegedly counts towards cert gain and the math from the screenshot shows that the numbers are right. He lost 20% of his cert xp as it was simply discounted. And losing 20% of your cert xp adds up over time to lots of cert points.

    Here is an example

    I gain 1,000,000 exp all from one alert being on cont and earning + 20% xp. I should have 4000 certs, BUT you will only receive 3200 as that bonus XP vanishes.

    This should demand an answer from devs as once you hit 100 there is no benefit to gaining xp other than cert generation.
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  8. Spookydodger

    My understanding, too, was that the 20% was to basic activities you already do, like kills, vehicle kills, etc. Maybe it was more refined like Caboose187 said: just kills and base captures, but either way if it is an XP bonus of any sort I don't know how that could not grant certs, since the mechanism is the same as before.

    Though recently, who knows. PS2 seems to be built in some really strange ways.
  9. Mugze

    The only way to find out is to test, the screen shot clearly shows time left in the event. I guess I have a a few screen shots to take when I get home from work this afternoon.
  10. UberBonisseur

    No, I think when the Alert state ends, it ends RIGHT BEFORE the XP reward hits, intentional or not.

    The 20% XP disappear, and THEN you get the reward.
    It's a theory.
  11. AnotherNoob

    Thats not the point, you are supposed to get one xp per 250 xp gained. It says that he got 27k xp, which should net him 108 certs, but he only got 87. And that is with the free xp on log in. So the xp->cert calculations is wonky...
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  12. Kcalehc

    Notice the alert has not yet ended in the screen shot, so your point is irrelevant. the problem has nothing to do with the reward at the end, but all xp gained while 'participating.' All the 20% bonus is doing is giving you XP, but not certs, which are normally tied to XP, but appear to not be in this instance. This may be intended, but is certainly misleading if so.
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  13. Cab00se187

    I see that. I thought the complaint was they weren't getting 20% bonus on the alert total which it doesn't. So I misunderstood what he was talking about.
  14. jak

    My initial thought was that they're doing the 20% bonus award after they do the cert calculation on the "normal" XP earned. Whether that's intentional or due to crappy code...who knows. Should be pretty easy to test. Grab a buddy, have him fire one round and reload on your ammo pack, then see when you get a cert point.
  15. Mugze

    It is one of two things:

    1. Bug caused by some update that will be addressed by SoE and resolved.
    2. Working as intended as bonuses were never designed to affect cert generation.

    A response from the Devs would be most appreciated on this as anything we come up with would be speculation. Either way a 20% cert loss during events adds up really fast!
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  16. Being@RT

    3. Bug the devs were not even aware of, but will fix if they wish to make any more money.

    edit: it might have been like this from the very beginning.. But we just trusted SOE too much to doublecheck something so simple as this?
  17. Phrygen

    not sure how that would make sense, as he has the xp already.
    Edit: other posts have discussed this
  18. Phrygen

    I couldn't say.
  19. The King

    Damn.... I'm prolly missing thousands of certs... grrrr! :mad:x5
  20. Torok

    We need an Hotfix patch more than ever... but we hardly get any response on the current game status, we've known this for too long now, if there is a problem, you've gotta wait 2 Full weeks or more before they'll address it