20,000 Tank Buster Kills and GlobeMasters Retirement

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GlobeMaster, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. Mjolnir

    If you want to ensure a kill on Globemaster, you are gonna have to be prepared to gal ram him. It's the only way.
  2. Zawabee

    I will definitely miss our duels in the sky and manning the dalton on your lib. Cheers to 20,000 tankbuster kills and good luck in your endeavors.
  3. AlterEgo


    You shall be missed, you crazy Lib pilot, you...
    Always see you on random continents, blowing up all the tanks (and living creatures) in your line of sight. Best of luck, man, and I hope you have a good one!:D
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  4. apieceofpizza

    Always a great guy and a great wingman to fly with, you will be missed!
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  5. WycliffSlim

    I know. Or a dalton, but I've even had him sense the incoming round and bail ahead of it. Leaving his poor gunners to die.
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  6. Mjolnir

    Yeah, and when I am gunning for him he neglects to tell me he has bailed and I find myself in a lib rapidly spiralling towards the ground... I guess it is really my own fault for not being LA, but someone has to fix the damn thing.
  7. EViLMinD

    Crap. Emerald NC can't lose any more quality players. We have far too many vapid idiots running around disgracing Lady Freedom these days.

    Even though you pissed me off once by tk'ing me for a fair retaliation against one of your trolling squad mates, I still respect you. You are a solid tank buddy/wing man. The battlefield was always better (for us) when you were present.

    Good luck! (salute)
  8. Justicia

    That's a lot of Tank Busting :D
  9. IlIlIIIIlIllIIIlllII

    Sorry to see you go, you were the one lib pilot we actually worried about.

  10. TechMechMeds

    Never met you but sorry to see you go.

    1 less nc scumbag who must have harvested enough tears to drown auraxis.

  11. Alarox

    Destroying tons of vehicles means nothing, but simply by being on the ground you make a difference?

    When I drive around a base and blow up all the Sunderers in my tank and watch the successive NC foot zerg charge out, do you charge out with them and think, "Look at all these useless Vanguards. They should get out of their tanks and actually DO something"?

    Globemaster by himself makes more of a difference in many fights than any individual infantryman possibly could.

    He take down aircraft that try to impede the infantry, he takes down ground vehicles that try to impede the infantry, and takes down the Sunderers that spawn enemy infantry that try to impede our infantry. Combined arms.
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  12. Metcal

    Yeah, well...
    Globe bunched my underwear recently with his strafe, "farm" and run tactics.
    Even raged trying to get someone (or rather failure of) with the patience and discipline to wait and ambush on the inevitable return.
    He successfully took out armor, ate up enemy resources, helped suppress advance of attack and/or redirected attention and efforts.
    Exactly what I was trying (unsuccessfully in this case :( ) and wanted to do.

    Like golf, sometimes I love to hate :mad:
    Tip of the cap Globe :cool: but I'm not sad to see a Libber go ;)
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  13. The_Blazing

    This makes me wish there was an in-game "Wall of Fame"/"Monument" system. Each faction would get one shared across all servers, and also available from a website, comlete with holograms (in-game models), messages, pictures.
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  14. RadarX Moderator

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  15. TytosPrime

    All the best Globe, hope to see you back someday. o7
  16. CuteBeaver

    Goodbye flying ninja.
  17. MagiKKell

    I never post here, but I'm glad that I stumbled across this thread to say goodbye. I wish I could have been more of a sky terror for you, but I always enjoyed the challenge.
  18. wkk3dtr

    I abhor these forums but made an exception to respond since it is you speaking.....
    You will be back.... I hope. Too much fun fighting you and C150. Always was fun going head-to-hed with you.Game never is the same with you absent from the sky.