20,000 Tank Buster Kills and GlobeMasters Retirement

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by GlobeMaster, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. GlobeMaster


    I finally reached my personal goal of 20,000 Tank Buster kills.

    Well, all things must come to an end. I will be putting my battle-hardened liberator into the hanger for good. I simply don’t have the time anymore to play PlanetSide. So I am going into retirement.

    I want to thank SOE for making a one of a kind game. There is really no other game on the market like it.
    I want to thank everyone in C150, specifically Jaronallus who spent hundreds of hours gunning in my liberator, you all made this game fun! I would also like to tip my hat to all of the Rivals and Skilled Opponents who I battled. You all make PlanetSide special!

    Hit Hard, Hit Fast, Be Stealthy! It is the way of the liberator!

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  2. Goodnuff

    And here's a video of his 20,000th tank buster kill
    RIP in peace GlobeMaster 2012-2015
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  3. Themagikz

    This is truly a sad day. While I always hated seeing you drop in out of nowhere and decimate my liberator crew, it's going to feel a little empty flying the unfriendly skies. Never a good day when a community loses such a well known and respected player. Flew a few solo fights with you in Amerish, only killed you once in my career. Fly safe. o7
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  4. TheHandsOfLyr

    GlobeMaster its a shame that you`re leaving Planetside 2 , there really wont be anybody as dedicated and talented as you , for all the people who complained that you were too OP all i gotta say is if you dedicate yourself you can achieve anything ! for all the times you shot me outta the sky i always raged, and after a while of tweaking my strategy i was actually able to give you a run for your money and that air battle was so epic! it sucks you have to go and hopefully one day i can be c150 strong ! take care my brother and you will be missed.
    Evolve or Perish
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  5. Longasc

    Seems someone has to start working for a living instead of gaming all day.
  6. NoctD

    Congrats - and the game will be around if you decide to come back sometime in the future. Wish you well in your retirement - I remember seeing your lib around.
  7. stalkish

    I think id be 'retiring' too if id played on average 5.7 hours each and evey day since launch.
    Ye id defo be burned out too. :D
  8. Hosp

    Yep. If life weren't taking up my time, I'd be burned out too. Need break things up more often so things don't get stale fast.
  9. Tommyp2006

    Welp, looks like I can pull out my Prowler again. Goodbye only lib pilot I actually feared, enjoy your retirement.
  10. eldarfalcongravtank

    can you send DanielWebsterNC to retirement as well? i think it's about time for him and i cringe everytime i see him roam the skies..
  11. Mjolnir

    Globe I don't recall giving you permission to stop. Get back in your lib soldier!

    If anyone is interested, C150 is currently recruiting. Just check out recruitment page in the ingame outfit browser and see if you meet the requirements.

    Also, you tanks better not expect to live any longer. I fully intend to oneclip each and every one of you.
  12. LibertyRevolution

    As much as it makes me happy to not have to die to globemaster anymore, it is overall a loss for the server. :(
    Enjoy whatever you are moving onto next, but don't forget to drop in now and then and just murder a few people for fun.

    I have 131days (3153hrs) of playtime over the 760 days(18240hrs) I have played.
    18240hours/3153hours = 5.7hours a day...
    I thought most people played like this much.. I played starcraft and diablo2 this much when I was playing them.

    Some people watch TV, some people play sports, some people do woodworking, some people play video games..
  13. haniblecter

    Is that a free skin? I hope to god you put some money into this game.
  14. Mooveoverbrt

    Was always a pleasure going head to head against your lib in my maggie... or in the case of last night when your lib ate my burster! ;) Hopefully you'll log in from time to time, community is going to take a hit losing a high quality player like yourself. Take care Globemaster. For the rest of C150... look forward to seeing you on the battle field!

  15. ronjahn

    This is a huge loss for the server and PS2. Globe has always been an incredibly gifted player and an awesome dude to hang and talk with. Was always fun flying and tanking with you, and I'll always remember sharing intel with each other over the years.

    From myself and the rest of the SET community, Good Luck with all you do.
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  16. WaaWaa

    Never knew him because he was from Waterson, but I did hear of him from other people givin him props.

    Take care and bon voyage!
  17. oberchingus

    Globe! I wish you all the best in your journey wherever it takes you. ECUS has thoroughly enjoyed running with you and helping you with your Tank Busting scores. There is nothing quite like being ninja'd by GlobeMaster. The way you fly around like a Vulture and find your victim. It's like, well, like a vulture! Seriously, there is no one else to fill your shoes. I'm okay with that.

    I am especially grateful that you got a chance to gun my harasser before you left. That was a treat.

    Enjoy your retirement. You will forever be remembered as the greatest Waterson Liberator Ninja that ever lived!
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  18. toxs

    you will be back
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  19. uhlan

    As if the NC can stand to lose one more quality corporate shill of a mercenary...

    Pretty soon it'll just be the "bloo-noob" faction known for suicide C4 attacks with shouts of "'murica" or "FREEDOM" followed shortly thereafter by a... *boom* and only one casualty, that of the soldier in flashy combat pajamas pressing the button.

    That is, if they can find their way to attacking the enemy instead of their own troops.

    Sad really...
  20. WycliffSlim

    Goodnight sweet prince.

    And congrats. That's hella tankbuster kills.

    I can honestly say that you're one of about... 5 Liberator pilots that I've ever actually been scared by. Even if you are a dirty LA pilot.

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