2 Years of delay... Nice...

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  1. ShotMeTender

    "Each faction has its elites, and you’ve been invited to join their ranks. The Advanced Specialization Program allows characters to unlock options specific to their playstyle, and enter a new tier of progression.
    When characters reach Battle Rank 100 (or higher,) they can opt into the A.S.P. by visiting the My Character page.
    Upon entering the A.S.P. the following changes are made.
    • Battle Rank is reset to 1, and characters can earn up to Battle Rank 100.
    • This new prestige of Battle Rank 100 cannot be reset more than once.
    • Characters retain all certifications and unlocks.
    • Characters gain a new Title and Rank icon.
    • At BR 1, BR 25, BR 50, BR 75, and BR 100, the player will earn an A.S.P. token.
    • The player can spend earned A.S.P. tokens to unlock new class permissions and benefits."
    Something me and others suggested a lot of time ago, due to the cert reset features discussion.
    Let's say i am not surprised cuz it is something i already thought as crucial in order to keep the game as fresh as possible... What surprises me thou is a 2 years delay from when we first suggested it, and what does it even more is "Secondary weapon in primary slot".... Mmmh... Meaning, "yes i can finally dual wield" or just "You can finally have ur pistol in the first slot so no more shown primary in the character sheet"?
  2. Gushroom

    no dual wield :(
    dual wield for infiltrators would be nice since they removed the carbine acccses
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  3. ZDarkShadowsZ

    This idea has been going around long before you had suggested it. In fact back in early 2015 when roadmaps were a thing on the forums, Daybreak had all kinds of things on it, a prestige system, Black Ops etc. I'm sure they had their reasons for delaying it for the length of time they did though.
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  4. ShotMeTender

    ~ Touchè