2 things that are way too abundant right now, fix this junk sony.

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  1. Kracin

    there are a ton of people IN the game (not just the forum) that are constantly on about vehicles. and its for good reason.

    and they can be acquired far too often and easily.

    the resource cost is too damn low.

    ******* 250 for a MBT... seriously? that is NOTHING, you could spawn 3 MBT back to back if yo uhave the spawn timer on the lowest amount, how is that good gameplay? your entire base is being attacked by a platoon of 50 MBT. and then you have to kill all of them more than 3 times to make sure they dont keep swarming your base with massive amounts of vehicles.

    a faction that controls most of the map will easily have more resources, and will be able to spawn tank after tank after tank.

    and then to make it even worse, you can then just swap to planes, and spawn 4, FOUR! ESF, which cause enough problems of their own without needing to make it super easy and cheap to get them.

    wtf is the point of playing any kind of infrantry when the last week has been nothing but vehicles battles with a couple people sitting on a spawn point because they all cant shove their tanks onto it.

    i was hoping this game would be something fun to play but it is turning out to be an annoyance only achieved by combining world of tanks with world of planes and throwing in some no skill farming in there due to lack of viable counters.

    all of this leads to another problem as well.. no one wants to play the other classes as much because there is an evergrowing need for heavy assaults with launchers. you cant fight any base without having HA outnumber all of classes there, simply because everybody can spawn tons of vehicles and bring them to where you are at, over, and over, and over again.

    the game was fun during launch.. .but now, its just a vehicle spam.
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  2. maxkeiser

    Agree that the resource cost for tanks and aircraft should certainly be a bit higher.
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  3. SpcFarlen

    I wouldnt say its resource based solely. There really isnt much dedication needed. Day one anyone can get into a MBT, and pull them from from many locations (Tech, Tower, Warp). So if you were to limit spawn points for them, it would reduce the number. Less "oh **** i need to pull a tank" moments. Though it could cause assaulting forces to have a very large advantage... so its not ideal.

    Also you could make MBTs have to be Certed to gain access to them. Thats an idea that has been talked about quite a bit. It lets people that want to be a tanker, be a tanker. But limits people from pulling one just to pull one since its a large investment. Although a large con about that is it segments a large portion of the community, aka the noob if it were like "500certs MBT Spawn access".

    Its a hard thing to balance, but i think a possible solution would be to (2 or all of the below):
    A) Increase the timer on MBTs (w/o acquisition). Add another 10-15 mins

    B) Increase both acquisition cert cost AND the time it removes. Large investment required if you want to solely be a tank operator, but you still allow new players to try them out the second they get in game.

    C) Increase the cost minimally. To 325-350. Pull two back to back. and have some resource left over to get a lightning or flash.
  4. GDiesel

    I agree with both increasing resource cost or requiring certifications for it, such as 1000 certs just to be a MBT operator. While I'm not sure what the allocation time is like fully certed up I'm not too keen on increasing acquisition time. There's been plenty of times during a base defense I've rolled out a Prowler and was taken out within 30 seconds from random heavys behind building etc which can be quite frustrating and unavoidable.
  5. Malgalad-NC

    Air needs cutting down, in PS1 there wanst nearly as much Air as there is in PS2 because its so easily obtained in PS2 and effective to the point of it being overpowered as hell (Hi rocket pods and Liberator anti-anything gun)
  6. VoidMagic

    This just isn't necessary. Planetside 2 isn't an infantry focused shooter. It's a combined arms game that has infantry. If your getting continuously pwnt by vehicles maybe you should spawn one.
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  7. Razeth

    While not articulated very well...yes. Right now I pull vehicles in this order....

    1. ESF
    2. Tank with HE
    3. Lightning with HE
    4. ESF again...
    5. DARN ITS DOWN; LIberator with Zephyr

    Repeat, rarely go infantry.
  8. Jay270

    I think only allowing tanks to spawn at either a tech plant or the warpgate should remedy some of this
  9. Duskguy

    Tanks need a tech plant nearby or spawn from the warp gate. And who has the max timer reduction for tanks? I have 4 certs and a 19 minute timer. Rocketpods may be over the top but standard fighters are not. I say rocketpods because the fire fast, fly fast and have little to no drop over distance unlike HA rockets or even lib bombs.
  10. cortelas1

    1. Resources are really poorly implemented. they punish the losers without rewarding the winners. They are just a 2nd vehicle timer.

    If I'm not pushed to my warpgate, then I am always resource capped. Resources should be something you want to get rather than something you don't want to loose.

    2. There is no hard counter to a tank zerg. There is no hard counter to an air zerg. I would really like if this game had combined arms. tanks should rely on infantry to clear out rocket troopers

    Ever seen a massive tank battle? No? that's because there is no point in stopping one. The only HARD counter is another tank zerg. You are insane if you think that a tank zerg is going to defend a base instead of assaulting one. Maybe if there was some resource system, people would try to defend their territory.
  11. SQLOwns

    I've been thinking lately about how they can modify the resource cost/gain so the game is more fun/strategic. The best solution I can come up with right now is make the aerospace/mechanized resource gain about 10x slower. That's right, at least 10x slower. That will fix the vehicle spam, and force people to use vehicles more cautiously and strategically. I'm not sure if they tested this in beta, but I think it could be cool. Of course this will piss off all of the people who only want to pilot, but it's nearly impossible to balance infantry with vehicle gameplay. Other games get by with controlling how many vehicles are on the field. I wouldn't recommend this method for PS2 however. Just my 2 cents for what its worth.
  12. MasterChief096

    The problem with this game isn't the sheer number of vehicles. PlanetSide 1 saw huge tanks warms and aircraft swarms. The problem is with nearly every other mechanic in the game that makes the type of massive gameplay seen in PS2 boring and stale. That's what happens when you scale BF mechanics up to this size without taking into consideration the implications.
  13. Ronin Oni

    Vehicles are a problem???

    lololol yah, ok.
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  14. ArenSteele

    I think coupling drastically reduced resource gain like mentioned, coupled with expensive certs that give huge discounts on specific vehicles might be the solution.

    Those who want to be full time pilots spend their certs on the discounts, and can spawn all the specific vehicle they want, but those who don't buy the certs can't afford more than 1 every couple of hours.
  15. JaxsonFive

    These types of complaints come from casuals who lone wolf it all the time. Sorry folks, but console gaming is that way -------------->
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  16. UberBonisseur

    The resource system is poorly implemented right now, and logistics in general.

    We have vehicle spawns EVERYnaniteWHERE
  17. Kracin

    sorry to the guy who thinks that console gaming has anything to do with there being far too many vehicles and it allowing a faction to completely roll over the other factions.

    honestly the way this needs to be fixed is to make it so that the cost of spawning aircraft is increased for every single piece of territory you own, meaning that you still get resources back quicker, so if you stay in that craft for more than 10 minutes, you'll probably have to wait 10 minutes after that to pull another because of the cost to pull an aircraft, as they can simply get anywhere at anytime.

    tanks on the other hand, need to be changed to reflect the distance they are spawned from the warpgate.

    warpgate spawns... 100% all the time lowest cost, and the farther away you get from your own warpgate, the more they should cost to spawn. there needs to be something to help control the constant spam that allows a winning force to easily steamroll..

    if they are winning, then they shouldn't be doing it by zergballing the other team, if they are, then their advance would probably come to a halt when their tanks and planes start costing almost double the normal cost due to the amount of territory they are covering.

    it would also help the losing side shave a chance at coming back if they could bring out vehicles out of their own warpgate, and take back land a little quicker since the winning side is gauranteed to have a ******** of resources available all the time to pull all kinds of vehicles from anywhere.
  18. DreadPirate

    Make tanks require a main gunner to be a death machine. *Runs and hides from the angry mobs*
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  19. redshirt

    Lower resource gain for aerospace/mech. Up the cool down timer. If you aren't on cool down = free vehicle. Otherwise it costs you resources to pull another.

    Another option could be associating a cost with vehicles upgrades/weapons. The more bits you bolt on the more its going to cost you.
  20. Madmoody