2 stupid things DB need to fix ASAP

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  1. Inzababa

    1. implants that tell you if there are explosives close, are working even when you're in a vehicle.

    Unless I read the tool tip wrong, that's a bug (a pretty cool one)

    2. the new engineer barrrier wall thing, can be placed in front of a vehicle load out

    when that happens, if you're in the vehicle, you're stuck. But not just stuck, because you're in the "vehicle loading" animation. You can't shoot, you can't move, and the animation makes you go forwards and forward.

    Apart from that, I hate day break, FU daybreak, which is why I write my construtive feedback on the forums they never read or post on. If someone gives a ****, maybe you'lll use the bug tracker website thing or tell them on reddit.

    oh, a bonus

    new implant system SUCKS

    The CAP of anyone who is not a member, for certs, is 10k. You'd think I could get the implant I need for 10 THOUSAND CERTS????

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  2. Liewec123

    worse, they can be placed infront of spawn tubes...
    i saw this coming from a mile away, people are trolls.
    way back in november i made this thread warning DBG about it and in later PTS patch notes they said it was sorted,
    yet today told us a different story.

    also they need to fix aircraft spawns when using the quick-pull spawn option,
    if you spawn in a lib/gal and you're upside down at the warpgate you waste a huge amount of time
    while allies try to help get you up-right.

    they also need to HOTFIX membership bonuses which are currently doing nothing,
    no bonus resources per minute and no bonus xp, the UI says they are working, but they aren't.
    for example the UI will say you'll be getting 75 nanites next dump (which is how much members get),
    you'll only actually get 50.
    it also has all of that "premium" stuff shown as active effects, but you won't be getting bonus xp.
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  3. Inzababa

    just found another one

    You know those yellow glass looking windows some bases have in front of the vehicle spawn terminal?

    Unless I've been doing the wrong drugs, correct me if I'm wrong, but you couldn't shoot through those. You could knife someone on the other side of it, but bullets (or whateer VS use) wouldn't go through.

    Now, they do.

    I'm using a statistical sample of ONE because it only happened to me once, but then I only once since patch went in front of enemy at those windows ....

    Maybe we should change the name of this thread to "the sweet little exploits, let everyone know about them!!" ? :)
  4. Liewec123

    and lets not even mention TI Alloys! with painfields in the spawnroom for the defenders and random floating forcefields!
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  5. FateJH

    Unless you never stop driving forward, then that's pretty much par for the course. Anything that blocks the spawn pad can stop you with your wheels spinning until you gain control in a short while. MANA turrets are often safe to plow through due to collision damage with their hitbox.
    You wasted ten thousand certs on implants?
    National Council on Problem Gambling.
  6. Inzababa

    For the animation, that "short time" is more than enough to get killed....

    But what I'm interested in is what I quoted; yeah, actually I wasted more than 10k, I think since patch maybe 12k since I'm not a member and not earning a lot of certs, maybe 13, I don't know.

    Why? You know another way of getting them?
  7. Inzababa

    sorry for double post, but edit doesn't seem to work.

    I wanted to specify : I wasted (probably) 13k certs on implants and didn't even get 2 that I wanted. (I got 2 our of 4 I wanted).

    There are 3 lines of implants, on my screen I got the first two, basically ...
  8. FateJH

    Getting certication points? kill dudes and help allies.
    Getting implants? earn certification points (see above) of use DBC.
    The way you worded it was as if you had spent 10k certs in one sitting on implants and got nothing out of it. Considering how close it is to patch, that's not a completely unrealistic interpretation; however, if that is not what happened, then disregard my comments. On the other hand, if you really had some other use for those thousands of certs, but you kept spending and spending, unable to stop yourself ... I posted the link.

    By the way, if "Edit" breaks by presenting you with a text window that is whited out, use the "More Options" button to reload the editor correctly as a new page. That's yet to fail for me.
  9. RobotNinja

    No, you didn't read the tooltip wrong. You just...didn't read the tooltip.

    It clearly states, "Works in vehicles. MAX units can equip."
  10. csvfr

    Whats this quick-pull option? how do I use it?
  11. csvfr

    Impossible. Lies, heresy..

    If your not a member your cert wallet size is capped at 10k. Even if you had that much and spent it all, you would need to have earned 2-3k more on 2-3 days, which you don't unless your earning ALOT of certs.

    Most people get about 50 certs/h, which means 40-60 hours gameplay for your certs. Do you sleep at night?
  12. BrbImAFK

    I think he's referring to the new vehicle spawn options... when you're dead / redeployed on the map screen, where you choose the class you want to spawn as there's now a new icon that let's you spawn straight from that bases's vehicle-pad as whatever vehicle you choose. Unforunately, for air-vehicles, it's a little bugged in that occasionally you spawn upside-down and crash straight away.

    Actually, I find that the average certs/h is around 100 these days, and you can potentially earn quite a bit more if the XP is flowing freely (e.g. medic in a 96+ biofarm).
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  13. Inzababa

    no ...

    I asked : is there any other way to get implants except spend certs? (I disregarded DB cash)

    Since there isn't another way, I was surprised that you thought I "wasted" my certs trying to get implants.

    thanks for the tip on "edit" button!
  14. Inzababa

    I did read the tooltip, but I read it wrong, and before the patch that implant didn't work in vehicles..

    I guess I assumed that if something worked, you wouldn't need to mention it, and : read the tooltip wrong.

    Anyway I like that you can now see them in vehicles!
  15. Inzababa

    for any vehicle available in a base, and if the terminals in that base aren't damaged or if an enemy infiltrator didn't convert one of them, and if that baes is not being capped by enemies, and also (I think but not sure) if there is not too much fighting in that base) :

    if dead, or respawning, you are looking at the map, you can click on a base (green icon) and to the left, just above the green deploy button, you have a small section headed "spawn as". Under this, you can choose the class you want to spawn as, and at the very end of that line, to the right, is a small circle with white line across it, clicking that allows you to choose to spawn in a vehicle.
  16. Inzababa

    yeah, certs capped at 10k

    and like I said, I earned 2 to 3 k since the patch at the time of that post.

    Probablly closer to 3k than 2k, I wasn't countring...

    If you're wondering how I can backup what I said without counting, that's easy ;

    1. I spent all my certs

    2. I then then purchaed 3x 750 cert implant bundles

    3. even after this I still had (don't know how much) certs left over.

    So don't burn me at the stake !
  17. Inzababa

    my second post to you, I was curious, so checked /players and it says I make 308 "points" per minut, that's the equivalent in XP.

    With 200 XP for each cert, that means :

    1,23 certs per minut
    74 certs per hour

    so to get 3k certs, would (at that speed) take me 40 hours.

    However, that is an everage.

    When the patch went live, I played actively for many hours and earned much more than my historical "average"!
  18. csvfr

    308 points is high I think, I mostly see players earn 150-200 points/h.
    In any case, for 12750 certs you can buy 17 deluxe implant packs.
    Each pack has 9 implants for a total of 153 implants
    The chance of you still not getting any one particular implant is less than 0.0000001, the online binomial calculators don't have sufficient precision. In anycase thats less than 0.00001% chance, or 1 in 10 million. There simply arent that many who play the game for DBG to be held responsible for your most unfortunate case
  19. csvfr

    Ofcourse, thats assuming you were not after minor cloak or counter intelligence, they have different probabilities.
  20. BartasRS

    Oh that's why it felt like ages till I could pull another vehice...