2 Orion Myths Debunked

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  1. Kryvakryz

    Of course you're scared, your beliefs don't match the reality in the slightest.

    The only benefit to 0.75 movement speed would be the ability to actually throw off your enemy's aim, but since infantry movement speed is below average even compared to other online FPS, human reaction times can compensate for this. The only people who will have a hard time are the new players; actual pros like elusive1 and so on have lightning-fast reflexes and will melt you regardless of your movement speed - the positive effect usually scales inveresly proportional to the amount of experience your enemy has. Higher speed can be nullified by experience and skill, whereas stats like horizontal recoil, high first shot multiplier, bad accuracy on the move cannot. Relative differences between your speed and the speed of your opponent need context, and since they are both low, they don't matter as much as everyone believes them to - that's because even with the benefit of 0.75 ADS movement multiplier, you move slower than you normally do while ADSing and especially hipfiring in other games, like BF3 for example.

    This is enough to say that people can reliably lead the target who moves only slightly faster than other ADSing players, but slower than players who hipfire - meaning this whole crusade is a joke.

    The fact that people who play BF3 and other, even faster-paced FPS can easily keep up with their targets in said games without whining, even when they move at similar (or even higher) speeds proves that average human is capable of doing the same thing, and that this witchhunt is solely a Planetside 2 thing. People CAN and DO outgun Orion users, but every time they die to Orion user they attribute this death to 0.75 ADS movement advantage, regardless of what was the actual cause of death. As a result their self-confirmation bias grows even stronger. SOE should give NC and TR their 0.75 weapons and buff VS arsenal into usability. This 0.75 movement multiplier outrage is another turret stabilization -level histeria all over again, you're all up for a disappointment.
  2. KnightCole

    So let them, and then show them the power of it in game by shooting thier *** hundreds of times while your strafing ***** them brutally.
  3. PastalavistaBB

    I paid well over 2000$ for this PC 4 years ago. And I don't think that I have to explain myself to you about what kind of job I do or how much I earn. I guess that you know that countries other than the USA and major EU countries exist and people earn much much less, don't you? 1000$ is x2 the monthly income with minimum wage here.
  4. DatVanuMan

    It's my homie, bro:3
    Polaris and I always experience the most brotherly of action, and he'll always give me advice about the infiltrators:p
  5. Yuukikun

    If you payed 2000$ for this piece of crap you got seriously scammed bro. Also i like your picture of ''graphic settings'' being an image of your general settings.
  6. Lamat

    Pixie Dust amplifier = soft point ammo
    Fairy Wing charger = high velocity ammo
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  7. PastalavistaBB

    I didn't got scammed. Prices differ hugely from country to country. Then there's %18 Taxes on everything too. And I accidentally posted the wrong screenshot. Is it that big of a problem to make fun of it?

    Here is the correct one:

  8. DatVanuMan

  9. DatVanuMan

  10. a-koo-chee-moya

    Stock doesn't matter in a game with infinite certs.
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  11. a-koo-chee-moya

    Well, I'd like to know how much the Orion user has to compensate.
  12. Yeahy

    If you buff VS ads to 1 and all other's to .75, the same problem is still there.
  13. a-koo-chee-moya

    This data could be interpreted in many ways.

    1. The other VS LMGs are simply underperforming.

    2. Its year old data so this is before the Orion and SVA-88 nerfs.
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  14. a-koo-chee-moya

    3 m/s is walking speed (I've been corrected by the person I based this thread off of), so:
    3 * .75 = 2.25
    2.25 * .75= 1.6875
    1.6875 * .75 (penalty for HA over shield) = 1.26 km/h
    To convert this into m/s, 1.26km/h * 1000m/km * 1 hr/60 min * 1 min/60 sec = 0.35 m/sec which is......
    Anyways, Magrider strafing is another topic which I now agree with you on.
  15. Vixxing

    NC and TR must have terrible aim... cant hit a 0.75 strafing HA... Yet they could cry and whine for a nerf of Saron wich now need you to direct hit fast moving infantry from a shaky, moving platform no less than 3 out of 6 shots WITH big COF bloom if you dont shoot slowly (because apparently it was to "easy" to direct hit 2 times 33% acc to get one kill)
  16. a-koo-chee-moya

    EDIT: It was kinda late when I posted, so I'll rephrase the 2nd point. 0.75 ADS is not useless, just not the quality that makes Orion OP.
  17. a-koo-chee-moya

    1. If 0.75 ADS was as OP as many make it out to be, NS-15M would be used much more. Its not bad, so 0.75 ADS should make it amazing.
    2. It would be pretty interesting if they implemented 0.75 ADS on random weapons for about a week, then some other weapons, without player's knowledge ofc, and then posted the stats later....
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  18. MajiinBuu

    If you can't hit somebody moving 25% slower than walking speed...
  19. TheKhopesh

    The Orion is the most stable and controllable LMG.
    (I don't have a link to the source, as I didn't think to save it, so please let me know if you find a reliable source for this information.)
    It's also the best and highest skill cap CQC LMG of it's class, while maintaining a level of ease to use that puts the Anchor to shame.
    The only reason it's lifetime stats show it's "worse" is because it's a default gun.
    All the default weapons have relatively low statistics due to new and inexperienced players trying them out for the first time and of course, being new, they do terribly.
    That will bring down the overall stats dramatically on (virtually) every weapon.

    As well, I'm still not seeing any numbers here that back up your claim about "alpha damage".
    (As well, the correct term for what you call "alpha damage" is actually "Front-loaded damage". The difference between a 143 nd 167 first shot is 24 damage, or just under 16.8%, and only applies to the first bullet of 6 bullets. So divide that 16.8% by 6 and you get an overall 2.8% advantage from initial battle to the end of the confilct, where as a 0.56 TTK compared to a 0.6 TTK is an overall 10% advantage from contact to the end of the battle. The Orion and MSW-R have nearly 4 times the advantage in a battle to the tiny frontloaded advantage of the Anchor. Hardly enough to be considered even in an even match.)
    I clearly show my numbers, as well as the formula to double check them for yourself, but you simply state what essentially boils down to "Because I say so" and leave it at that, even after I point out that all you've said on the matter amounts to absolutely zero evidence whatsoever.
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  20. Shanther

    You just brought up an interesting point. The Orion's skill cap. People always rave about how easy the Orion is to use, however this only really holds true for people who are half way decent. The other issue with the Orion is the 50 round mag. New players or players who are not very good tend to have issues using the Orion because they have a hard time controlling it and they greatly dislike the 50 rounds. The Orion only gets close to the OP range when you give it to a bunch of BR100s.