2 Orion Myths Debunked

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  1. BadAsElite

  2. Negator

    how bout we get rid of all LMGs and make the NS15M the only one available?

    How bout we get rid of NC/VS and have all 3 factions be different colored TR?

    How bout we get rid of all classes but the HA?

    And we can cut Indar down to just the crown.


    You guys that want this silly homogenous gameplay are tools.
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  3. Negator

    are you serious? diversity?

    yes, NC have a ****** stock weapon.
  4. Leftconsin

    So what I'm seeing here is the two faction specific LMGs with .75% ADS are vastly more popular than all other available weapons.

    Very interesting.
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  5. DrSpazzinator

    VS NS-15M underperforming. SOE PLZ buff :)
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  6. Bankrotas

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  7. Arsonix

    Almost... It's the NS-15MP that is overperforming. Nerf needed.
  8. Klypto


    Infantry walk at 4 m/s
    That is roughly exactly 14.4 KPH (Yes, ******* amazing, I know)
    Just for context, your average human walks at about 5 KPH. Very serious power walking can get you to about 10KPH

    Infantry sprint at 4*1.625 = 6.5 m/s
    That is 23.4 KPH (WITH EQUIPMENT? HOW??? Everyone is Bionic Nanite supersoldiers. )

    Infantry strafe at 3 m/s.
    That is 10.8 KPH (Just over Half a Magrider strafe. Jesus Christ, these soldiers are monsters)

    A Heavy strafes at 2.25 m/s. (this is still insanely faster than a normal human can walk forwards)
    That is 8.1 KPH

    You can easily test this yourself by getting someone to sprint after you in a stock Vanguard going in reverse (23KPH) on a long flat plane, such as the riverbed on Esamir. You will notice that the infantry player will actually slowly catch up to you (Holy crap) which in itself is part of the reason why Vanguards have issues with tangling close with Infantry. Magriders actually strafe slower than infantry can sprint after them, but it's not an issue since they can reverse very quickly.

    Being able to strafe and remain mobile as infantry in this game is extremely powerful because infantry move at super fast inhuman speeds with human people aiming and reacting. This is why ADAD spam has been such a problem with the combination of poor interpolation and completely ridiculous speeds with very little penalty. Never before have I seen an FPS game where you can just dodge bullets like you are in the matrix. It's just full of w t f.

    They have these speeds because it would feel like it would take forever to get anywhere on such a large world and would cause battles to stagnate far more than they do now. They want a fast action fps, but the strafe is just a bit too incredibly strong.
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  9. Xasapis

    On average Orion seems to perform better than the other default LMGs.


    If we look at the performance of the same weapons in the hands of veterans, there is more variation, but still the Orion is in the lead.


    If we look at the true equivalents of the Orion however, we notice that the Anchor outperforms the Orion, while the MSW is roughly on par.


    If we look at the LMGs with 0.75 ADS speed modifier, we notice that the NS-15M and Orion performance is identical, while the Betelgeuse is leagues better.

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  10. Botji

    So... I dont really get how the SAWs horizontal recoil is increased by 82%... I mean the gun isnt less accurate because the target is moving faster.

    You also dont seem to care that the Orion user also have to "compensate" for his own speed, how much is his horizontal recoil increased then because he also has to keep his aim on his opponent, and his aim is also shifted by his own speed.

    I mean for example, If you have one player strafing 1m/s against another that is strafing at 1000m/s according to your calcs the player strafing at a slow 1m/s would have his horizontal recoil increased like 90000% while the one strafing back and forth at 1000m/s would have his aim unaffected and just pour on the headshots wich is ofc not how it works, he would have to compensate for his own speed as well.
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    God, predictive aim on someone going left and right while bursting is the hardest thing ever!
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  12. Goretzu

    No, IMO the Carv is the most underrated LMG (and possibly weapon of any sort) in the game.

    If the Carv had 0.75 ADS it would be amazing.
  13. Leftconsin

    Play with a FPS of 10-15 like I do and you'll understand how devastating someone not being where you expect them to be is.
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  14. Prudentia

    even tough his data is horribly wrong i also have to partially disagree with you.
    2 People in a strafe battle with 0.5x have this Situation:
    they move at 0m/s relative Speed
    they move at 3m/s relative speed
    first one being when they strafe in the same direction, second one when they strafe in opposite directions.
    with one Person having a 0.75 multipler it Looks a bit different:
    they move at (-)0.75m/s relative Speed (actually interesting that the 0.75 multipler makes you move 0.75m/s faster :D)
    they move at 3.75m/s relative speed
    so there is a Speed difference of 1.5meters compared to 0.50/0.50 which is actually the same as if you werent moving at all against a hipfiring enemy.
    (for funsies 0.50x against hipfire)
    =6m/s Variation,
    goddamn it Advanced laser sight is OP
    hipfire against hipfire:
    0m/s (obviously)
    so there is no realy difference other than being required to bias your aim comparing hipfire/hipfire compared to ADS/Hipfire. how much that aim bias throws you off is user based how ever so can't really be rated.

    how ever it all Comes down to one fact:
    always try to strafe in the opposite direction of your enemy.
  15. PastalavistaBB

    0.75x ADS Movement Speed is worhtless, Orion is crap, Illuminati confirmed... :rolleyes:
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  16. Moz

    "worthless .75 scope speed"

    *sniker chuckle*

    Awwwww man that was funny! Tell me another tell me another!
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  17. sindz

    Don't bother. People in here are so daft they dismiss actual numbers and stats because in their mind, people are warping at ludicrous speeds with 0.75x.

    Its an advantage no doubt, but is it a huge one? Nope, not by a mile especially when you take the shield into account.

    Also for all I care, you could remove 0.75x from Orion if you would buff the rest of the VS LMG arsenal as its really lacking, also the biggest reason why people run around with the Orion besides it being the starter weapon.
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  18. gigastar

    Well then Polaris has you covered.
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  19. Xasapis

    ADAD warping does happen, but your frame rate needs to drop around or below 30 in heavy load situations. Then, for whatever reason, people tend to sort of warp around as if frames are skipped, making aiming shots really hard. And because under these conditions, you usually get hit detection issues as well, you get the feeling that the fast ADAD is the cause of you missing the fight, while it is merely a symptom of a larger problem.

    Stable 60 fps do not have any kind of ADAD warping issues, while having smaller hit detection issues as well. That's why the popular streamers seem to have such an easy time downing people, while us common mortals seem to need an insane amount of bullets to achieve the same result.
  20. Yeahy

    Same old problem.

    Again, OP's logic is
    Orion is slightly worse statistically that other weapons in its class. But it has .75ads as a slight buff which is slight.