2 Orion Myths Debunked

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  1. a-koo-chee-moya

    Well, HA is the most adaptable class in the game. He can do AV, AA, recon, and of course, AI.
  2. nehylen

    Indeed, and that's what i'm saying: it's probable that the HA is too capable a class right now. And that is a much more serious concern than that stupid 0.75ads debate. I just don't want to point the finger at any particular ability, as it may not be an ability alone that is the issue, just pointing to the questions to ask ourselves.

    Are there any stats about class repartition?
  3. a-koo-chee-moya

    By class repartition, do you mean the time players spend on each class?
    Idk about class balance, but recon darts need to be removed from crossbows. Its just giving other classes exactly what infy has, at the sacrifice of a weapon you rarely use anyways.
  4. miraculousmouse

    You realize that it only gives like a 10 second surveillance? Idk what DAWN does, but when we're going to be doing point holds, we get one infiltrator with (preferebly) a maxed out or close to motion spotter that he puts down once and doesn't worry about it for the next several minutes. So the recon is off.

    that's from one of the best tankers in the game. Pretty much, Rocket launchers are really effective as a harassment and deterrant, and only kill a full health vehicle when coordinated by 2 or 3 dudes (or random shots, either is fine). Heavies don't get tank mines, they do get C4, but chasing after a tank won't do much as opposed to flying off of a rock on top of it.

    AA i'll give you that

    AI While I can't debate this and it's true, Heavy's shields really are what puts them in front when it comes to AI duty. If the shields get ******, you'll see more heavies (mostly TR and NC) running with SMGs (which are actually very uncommon amongst heavies, around 1-2 percent of usage as opposed to the starter/popular LMGs being around 18%, i'll have to find the actual link to the source but I recall someone posted it, it actually might be in this thread). As it stands, ARs > LMGs for close-medium range work.
  5. a-koo-chee-moya

    Does LA get a rocket launcher? Does Inflitrator get a medkit?

    Besides that, point holds are only half the equation. Yes, we do run an infy when holding points, but when you are advancing, Recon Darts are much more effective due to their infinite resupply and range.
  6. Xasapis

    Dumpfire rockets is the third biggest MBT killer, behind MBT AP cannons and C4.
  7. Flag

    Nerf Phoenix. :p
  8. miraculousmouse


    I'd still say for advancing recon darts are much better. A sidearm is imperative for survival, even if you use an LMG. Sneaky enemies are everywhere, notably light assaults or infs.
  9. nehylen

    Among other things, yes. But more something like the average proportion of HA you may find in the game, on average. With 5+1 classes, it should be something around 15~25% in an ideal situation. I imagine that HAs must be more represented than that to induce such a debate.
  10. a-koo-chee-moya

    Whoops, mistyped, I meant medical applicator.

    It may be imperative to surviving, but it does not contribute to your firepower. A medic will revive you in a few seconds (especially when running a squad) and even the best players will be simply zerged. Friendlies can cover your back while your are reloading as well.
    Every class can gain some aspects of the other (except jetpacks) , but not without cost. Medkits cost resources, C4 costs resources and is short range, AV turret has less damage but infinite ammo, which could be mitigated by an Engineer with infinite ammo and AV turret. etc. However, other classes can get the exact same thing as infiltrator has for the cost of just your secondary. You are still just as effective, and firepower has been added to your team as their is no longer need for the infiltrator outside of point holds, wherein an infy could just drop in.
  11. a-koo-chee-moya

    Threre are definitely more HAs, but of how many more, I am unsure. Would be pretty interesting to find out though.
  12. Shootybob

    It becomes painfull obvious how many heavies there are when you start peeking in on a group of infantry with a vehicle, then back, then peek in again, only this time taking a dozen rockets to the face.
  13. Xasapis

    What would you expect? To be greeted by medics with their medic tool in hand? :)

    Seriously though, I don't see why you'd see anything but HAs hunting you or LAs if there was any elevation in the area.

    It is also true that perhaps HAs are overrepresented in any base base defence, simply because they are what you consider a default class. With all other classes you reach an over-saturation level, where the more they are, the less good they do.
    • MAXes are a great pushing force, too many of them though and they start lacking sustainability.
    • Medics are a great sustainability force, but they lack utility handling various situations.
    • Engineers have great utility, but they lack both sustainability and survivability.
    • Infiltrators are a great recon force, but they lack pushing power.
    • Light assaults are a great flanking force, but there is so much space you can climb, before the element of surprise is lost.
    And that is really the gist of it. When you can find enough ammo in the area you play, when you get enough revives, when there is enough intelligence of the enemy activity, then the obvious choice is either Light Assault or Heavy Assault. The choice from that point on depends on the base structure and the threat presented. Also in general, HA is a lot easier to play, since he requires less knowledge of the actual base than what an effectiveLA would require.
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  14. DatVanuMan

    BLASPHEMY! Utter madness!:eek:
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