2 Orion Myths Debunked

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  1. a-koo-chee-moya

    1.Orion is a much more accurate LMG
    Google Spreadsheet
    As you can see, Orion's recoil is only slightly better (.025) than Carv, supposedly the "bullet hose" LMG, and even then only in one category, min horizontal recoil. Which I would argue makes Orion less accurate, as it results in unpredictable recoil, rather than Carv's more predictable one. ADS accuracy is exactly the same, while hipfire for Carv is understandably worse, as no one wants a 100 mag hipfire bullet hose.
    The MSW-R, in contrast, has a faster reload, less vertical recoil, and better movement ADS accuracy. Its only really disadvantage is more FSM.
    2..75 ADS is good for Orion
    This one's pretty simple
    Run speed- 4 km/h
    Strafe Speed Multiplier- 0.75 (link)
    4*3/4= 3km/h
    3 * 3/4
    So VS heavies are now strafing at a WHOPPING 2.25 km/h
    Subtract the 25% penalty for adding shield and your already puny 2.25 km/h shrinks to around 1.7km/h
    Now, If 0.75 ADS was on a long range weapon, this might make the difference, but at the close ranges Orion is designed to be used at, if your not sprinting, any player with even a little FPS experience can hit you.

    Orion is good, as the statistics lead me to conclude its about the same as the pretty good Carv, but its very overrated.

    inb4: The statistics don't match how the Orion "feels".
    1. feels is a subjective term
    2. If the statistics don't matter, what do we have to go on to know what to nerf and buff?

    Most credit goes to sindz and Kryvakryz
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  2. DatVanuMan

    The Orion should be a Terran weapon, not a VS one. I say it be changed to a 652 RoF, 155 damage weapon with increased accuracy and decreased recoil. I want it to be like the Polaris, controllable and easy to land shots with,
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  3. Shanther

    Don't bring logic into this, people don't believe in it.
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  4. Leftconsin

    I knew someone would eventually come along and try to pass off .75 ADS movement as worthless...
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  5. Winfield

    So, 0.75 ADS movement speed doesn't matter and we can give it to all faction heavies.

    Thanks OP.
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  6. Fellgnome

    I think VS players being so desperate to defend it makes a pretty strong case for it being overpowered.

    Recoil tolerance is only a significant issue for players that don't know when to lay off the trigger.

    No horizontal recoil is really predictable either, Carv has less overall and that's a good thing.

    Orion also has better hip-fire than both Carv and MSW-R

    MSW-R also has variable right pull, making it still significantly worse accuracy/handling than the Orion. Vertical recoil can be compensated for much easier than a biased pattern.

    I'm pretty sure a majority of TR heavies would trade the Carv and the MSW-R for the Orion right now.
  7. JorgeSarcos

    Because less bullets is TR factions trait right?
  8. DatVanuMan

    JEEZ, I wonder what the MSW-R is:rolleyes:
    When I say the Orion is a TR weapon, I'm not saying we should give it to them; I'm saying that it acts like a TR weapon in terms of lack of controllability, accuracy and a surplus of RoF.
  9. DorianOmega

    I've never have heard or felt that the orion is more accurate (where has anyone thought that?) and nice try trying to downplay the ADS advantage on a stock weapon that also boasts such a high DPS.
    I wish the NC had that kind of diversity in an LMG available to them in general, the VS gets this as STOCK in case you forgot...
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  10. DatVanuMan

    PLEASE!!! Give me the SAW and I shall grant you the Orion! I can't stand this Terran weapon anymore!:eek:
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  11. gigastar

    Id still rather have softpoint ammo over 0.75x ADS speed.
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  12. DatVanuMan

    I'd rather have better accuracy over RoF.
  13. Hatesphere

    lets put the numbers in to a more usefull unit to so it makes more sense. km/h when comparing infantry on foot, really?

    normal strafe = 3km/h * (1000/1)(1/3600) = 0.83 m/s
    .75 strafe = 2.5km/h * (1000/1)(1/3600) = 0.625 m/s
    .5 strafe = 2km/h * (1000/1)(1/3600 ) = 0.556 m/s
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  14. Plorf

    So we get the only faction LMGs with 0.75 ADS (ignoring the NS-15M). Meanwhile, NC gets the only 200 damage guns (Gauss SAW has 20,000 dmg per mag, lol), yet still has best-in-class CQC weapons like the Carnage AR, GD-7F, and Jackhammer... NC is without a doubt the faction with the most diversity in weapon choices, the only thing they really lack is in LMGs with different damage profiles (143@750, for one). And even then I hear how good the Anchor and others are from my outfit mates.

    Nerf Vanu, they will only be balanced once all their faction advantages are removed.
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  15. DatVanuMan

    You don't really want us to be nerfed, right?
    I don't want nerfs:(
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  16. vanu123

    Lmao at all the QQing about the orion. It is an almost exact copy of the mswr. It was already nerfed and it is a good LMG, but not even close to "OP".
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  17. DatVanuMan

    If anything is OP, it's the Polaris, man:D
  18. Leftconsin

    But they never had any faction advantages!
    The Magrider is just as easy to hit and just as agile as the Vanguard.
    No bullet drop makes no difference.
    Spandex is actually weaker than cotton-polyester.
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  19. Shanther

    Get out.
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  20. TheKhopesh

    And while we're at it...

    I did the TTK/DPS calculations for the 142 damage at 750 RPM CQC weapons, then what the RoF on a 167 LMG would have to be to produce virtually the same TTK and DPS.

    143 damage 750 RPM
    0.56 TTK
    1787.5 DPS

    167 damage 642 RPM
    0.56075 TTK
    1786.9 DPS

    So, where's the NC 167 damage at 642 RPM CQC/close range LMG?
    Time for an Anchor RPM buff... :eek:
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