2 and a half Hours with the New Pistols.

Discussion in 'Infiltrator' started by TorigomaSET, Jun 17, 2014.

  1. TorigomaSET

    Might as well post this here as well, since Its mostly to do with Stalkers.

    So thanks to the Tank event on PTS (Thanks Higby!) I was able to give both the T4-AMP and the Mag-Scatter a decent try, and I looks like my Initial Predictions were true; The Mag-Scatter is absolutely horrible, were as the T4-AMP preformed quite well.Didn't bother with the Beamer Storm at the moment, as its bugged.

    Mag-Scatter: Does absolutely horrible in a real combat situation. Because of the spread past 1-2 meters, it normally takes 3-5 Shots to take someone down. Even when I surprised someone, by the time I got the 3rd shot off, they where already turned around and countering. The Biggest restricted here is the tiny Mag size. Like I said, you need 3-5 Shots just to kill one person, which chances are, you are not gonna have. When I was testing the AMP, I dueled 6-7 Stalker Scatters, and won every single one.

    T4-AMP: While I admit, this one was not as bad as I thought it was going to be (its got pretty high damage drop off it fees like) Its still insane. It would be accurate to call it a Mini Uzi. It just tears through other Infils, and can stand its own even against Primaries. The only thing I really had trouble with was Primary Shotguns upclose. That being said, there is one thing that is strange about it. Stats and VR Testing showed that itd be decent at Mid-Long Range. witch its not. But it wreaks Mid-Close range. I'd say its max effective range is about the width of a Tower Base.
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  2. GaBeRock

    I believe the NC weapon has high enough damage for the shoot/knife combo, giving it a halfway decent role.
  3. MasterDemoman

    Like the Crossbow and Commissioner? Yay, something new!
  4. TorigomaSET

    You mean the same role that 3-4 other guns already fill? and better at that?
  5. GaBeRock

    Actually, the commisioner is no longer capable of the combo, ever since knife was was nerfed. Crossbows can do the combo, but their reload speed is worse, and rechamber slower.
  6. TorigomaSET

    Which do not matter if you are are doing the combo, and the Rebel, Cerberus and Commissioner can all do the same with a headshot, with the added advantage of being able to actually do other things.
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  7. yeHHH1g

    Wrong, 1 headshot with Commissioner or Underboss allows for the knife combo.
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  8. CuteBeaver

    Well said!


    I tested the Mag-Scatter tonight. It has much better potential for CQC kills then my crossbow bolt + knife combo... However you have to commit to being up close. Unlike the crossbow which allows you to do everything you want and more. TBH I am not sure I would actually give up the flexibility of the crossbow. I have gone through the month of pure sadness learning to use the damn thing. No point decreasing your skill ceiling and limiting yourself if your already good with something else like a COMMY or UBOSS or <Insert hard hitting faction specific weapon>

    I have to agree with your overall assessment, you really nailed the drawbacks but I think your being a bit pessimistic about its potential usage. Imagine if you had a really god awful computer, but you still wanted to ambush knife. Your accuracy was not as awesome because of lower FPS so you had to go for body shots versus headshots with the COMMY/UBOSS.

    I still think the Mag-Scatter will have a place for a select few infiltrators because its more forgiving up close then the crossbow bolt knife combo by a very wide margin of skill and hair pulling. You don't have to deal with leading the target, slow re-chamber either. You also have a wider splash area to work with, and can fire a second shot rapidly enough. Anyone with decent aim will be able to land a few pellets into the head to compensate for a few missed shards due to movement. As long as the weapon isn't suppressed its very new player // learning to ambush friendly.

    I did notice that when using a suppressor the Mag-Scatter requires a headshot for a 1 hit + knife kills. This will require MUCH more skill in terms of aim and judging distance to pull off. Picking the correct moment during ambush and going for the head will be vital to success. I don't know why the damage is so much lower with the suppressor, it feels abnormal. My guess would be this is a deliberately engineered drawback by the devs. With all my testing it definitely takes two body shots, and a knife in most cases to kill the majority targets running suppressed.

    I didn't expect this thing to even come with a suppressed option. I was very surprised, but personally feel its great that even if the gun might be weaker, you can learn to be more accurate and time your ambushes. It gives a person a reason to move towards self improvement. Overall even though the weapon is less menacing when using the suppressor its still a good option to have access to.

    However If you want to play fast and dirty you can choose not to suppress the Mag-Scatter and go for just body shots with the pellets. Consistently up close this allows you to haphazardly make running knife kills. This is very similar to how I operate with the XBOW and knife, yet far less punishing with the near instant re-chamber time. Also worth mentioning, the effective range of all the pellets striking the target is perfectly in line with my typical lunge distance for bolt knife ambushes. Around 10-12 meters you can typically close the gap on a target without them having time to react.. There is good synergy for this weapon with the knife, but its very much restricted to ambush knife killing in general.

    Anyway cool weapon. I wish I had it when I was a newbie with 14 FPS.


    I enjoyed how its harder to handle in terms of accuracy, but behaves like a hand held SMG. Its pretty cool to play with. Again would consider this to be very new player friendly. Geared towards body shots- spray and pray. I wasn't honestly expecting much else. I was pleasantly surprised to notice how the suppressor actually helped me regain control of the weapon enough to go for headshots with proper burst fire. Again rewarding some degree of player skill. Overall I actually preferred this weapon suppressed. Also really cool. Your right, it doesn't feel medium range though. Up close and personal SMG style with this one.

    I am very curious how the Beamer Storm is going to end up.
  9. GaBeRock

    that's not a fair comparison and you know it. magscatter does 500 damage with a body shot at the range where you'd be able to knife imediately afterwards, and that's easier and simpler than a headshot.
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