[Suggestion] 2 additions to flak

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  1. Demigan

    G2A weapons are inadequate and need more versatility to properly execute their role.

    1: contact detonation mode.
    A simple toggle with X or B, the flak projectile will activate when it enters flak detonation range but not explode until it contact something. This lets you deal both direct and indirect damage and deal with CQC aircraft.

    2: airburst munitions.
    Current flak simulates oldschool flak, which launches shrapnel in all directions when it explodes. Modern flak instead uses an airburst to fire a shotgun pattern of submunutions into the target.
    - reduces COF size for accuracy
    - 8m detonation radius stays.
    - either selectable as an ammo option or an on-the-fly option by pressing X or B to swap ammo type/mode

    This would be a more skillful weapon. A shot too far off-center would mean all submunitions miss (especially with 8m detonation range). The more on the center the flak projectile lands the more munitions hit and the more damage you'll do.
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  2. FLHuk

    Thou shalt not nerf air!

    What we really need is more ways to 2 shot Max units!
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  3. Demigan

    Ah but this is a nerf to flak! You see anyone picking this will need more accuracy to hit and in some situations where flak would hit, these would still miss!
    Ofcourse there is the slight possibility that you could be killed faster if they do hit you enough, but you are a special pilot with loads of skill and capability right? It won't happen to you because you've got skill!
  4. Botji

    With any nerf to the proxy flak detonation you would honestly need to increase the velocity a bit otherwise these new flak would only be close range weapons.

    With 400 m/s it doesnt really matter how good aim you have when the travel time to the target is measured in full seconds and aircraft actually put up a good fight in a race with them. Though if its a weapon switch toggle its fine since you can adapt to what you are shooting at.