2/24 Update - FORCED Voice Macros

Discussion in 'Test Server: Discussion' started by salembeats, Feb 25, 2014.

  1. salembeats

    Let's see anyone flank anyone else now:

    There goes a lot of strategic positioning for quite a few players if this goes live and enemies can hear it.
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  2. Winfield

    It won't go live as is, have no fear.
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  3. salembeats

    If it does, I quit.
    This would eliminate the entire purpose of the only class I play as.
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  4. vsae

    Reminds me of BFBC2 where you could consistently find enemies by just killing them, they always screamed, MAN DOWN!
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  5. Korfax124

    They can fix it quickly by adding a requirement of allies being 20 metres away at the most :p
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  6. Cromell

    EIther those callouts should be disabled for infiltrators, OR there should be an option in the settings to disable this completely.
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  7. Redzy

    In the remote possibility this gets implemented in live or hell, even stays on PTS more than a few days, I'll cancel the sub, uninstall the game and never come back to it again. You've got to be kidding SOE, but I can't even find it funny.

    Infiltrator voice macros are already gimped enough. You can't spot anybody (i.e. being a recon) without giving your position away since your character yells "enemy spotted" like a doofus.
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  8. salembeats

  9. Tycoh

    Have it enable itself when there's 5-10 friendlies nearby because people actually like having sneaky hunting parties hitting enemy flanks without shouting out "Tango down!".
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  10. davesignal

    Ugh. Please, God, no. You only JUST NOW fixed Infiltrators, SOE! Please don't drag them back down! I'm actually having fun for the first time since Planetside 1!
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  11. Torok

    Wow it sure is easy to tease you beyond rupture point.

    Then Infiltrators would start teamkilling everyone close to them :O
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  12. starecrow

    Even if they're only audible to your own faction, they're annoying as hell. Imagine the macro spam in 48+ battles.
  13. ISKNausicaa

    Bloody hell, seriously? At the very least these stupid forced callouts better not be audible to the enemy.
  14. cyb_

    Infiltrator Update:

    -bunch of new tools ... check
    -a weapon for all classes ... check
    -bugging the cloak ... check
    -bugging the suppressors ... check
    -holding out weapons and attachments ... check
    and now
    -letting a stealth class shout useless info on the battlefield ... check - YAY!

    They hate us.
  15. Vivicector

    Ok, they do this for any class and I quit the game. Just quit. It is the most stupid thing they could have done. As if there are not enough HAs in the field already. This "feature" just kills infiltrators. My friend LA will probably uninstall too, since his flanking abilities and silencers will be useless.
  16. Dasparian

    Pretty obvious this audio will be for allies only. If not, then stealth tactics are out the window.
    Note: grenade tosses also get an audio cue, so maybe there'll be less idiots jumping on friendly grenades.

    My main concern is: how come Engineers don't get any audio for putting down an ammo pack?
    That information is way more important than letting people know you're reloading.
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  17. Psykmoe

    Spotting enemies audio is not for allies only so I don't see how it's obvious that this new way to have your character yell loudly will be different.

    It's a terrible idea unless they make cloaked infiltrator SHUT UP.
  18. LibertyRevolution

  19. Reavx

    Will quit if this is implemented, i am an auraxiu
    auraxium subscriber.
    Add more commands to voice macro list but anything automated is beyond terrible.
    There is no negotiation for me anyway... Its a trash idea.
  20. Matixzun

    It doesn't just affect infiltrators, I love sneaking on enemy bases as a light assault, this thing screws up a whole category of gameplay.
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