1st .. Stabilize, 2nd .. Optimize, next Improve

Discussion in 'Player Support' started by Spartikus-K, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Spartikus-K

    When this game came out, I bought a brand new rig and signed up for a 6 month subscription. I bought over 15000 in SC by leveraging some of the 3x promotions. Bottom line, I've spent a lot of money on this game for this game and my expectation is simple. Give me a game that is playable and one that evolves over time.

    Instead, I have a game that degrades in performance regardless of the money and time I spent buying and tweaking for performance. I'm tired of logging into a game in which the first big battle I walk into the FPS drops into single digits and I can't register XP for simple things like reviving.

    As a PS1 vet it's unfortunate, but the SOE makes the same mistakes in which poor development direction and discipline are once again issues that erode the confidence of their customers. So here is a very simple strategy to get you guys back on track ...

    1. STABILIZE - fix bugs, and stabilize both the server side and client side of this game. Reduce unplanned outages and diminished performance/capacity. Once you have done this, establish baselines of performance and publish them for the community to see.

    2. OPTIMIZE - set a goal of 60 FPS for all battles large and small for hardware minimum guidelines. Having 80 FPS in an empty base is useless to me. I pay to play for PS2 for it's large scale battles, not for the scenery.

    3. IMPROVE - new and improved gameplay, environments, weapons, etc .. is always welcome. Bring on things that cost more SC. I'm happy to spend more on a game that I enjoy.

    In my opinion, SOE has a scatter shot approach to Optimize and Improve the game. Will we ever break the cycle of GU4 or GU6?! Or will SOE make the same mistakes over and over again? As a vet of PS1, I think I know the answer to this one already.
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  2. Zaythin

    I couldn't agree more and I have had little trouble playing on ultra/physx with fps range of 25-80 depending on where/heavy the battle is. However, the game played much better from day one, before gu02 and has declined pretty much every gu since. Get the game environment stable should be priority uno, no questions! This stable environment brings with it happy gamers/players who will most likely buy memberships and sc cuz, hey, this game rocks. Now, with a happy, growing populace (and $ coming in for SOE payroll) start to play optimizations, on test servers, then out to gen pop, but if possible, design updates with plug/unplug capabilities just encase ugly code pops up that didn't breathe in testing. Possibly disappointed that the new update didn't work well, the gamer would simply appreciate the continued ability of backhanding the TR/VS around (NC Live Free!) all three continents, allowing silent content to replace frustration (which is the current state for many) since the gamers game experience hasn't diminished, or in some cases, ceased all together. Improvement/Additions, same formulae.....rinse/repeat.....ends like a fairy tale....
  3. Hatamoto

    I could qoute Smedley on how much he loves planetside, but it wouldnt be fitting i think
  4. arby1990

    I don't wanna have to grind more creds for more expensive items. I refuse to sink money into a game that seems to be slacking a lot of work. After all this time they still haven't added a colorblind mode. I can't read the map ever unless I put my mouse on every territory to figure out who owns what.
  5. N0008918

    As sad as it is it seems that this game has allredy been "optimised".
  6. luvthesnapper

    The update did absolutely nothing to fix the low fps. I have no choice but to be done with this heap.