17/11/03 sudden onset of stutter

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  1. sagolsun

    Played the game fine the day before.

    Server: Miller
    GPU: GTX 560 (driver 331.65 latest)

    Sudden onset of stutter as of 17/11 or 16/11. Framerate is locked at 60 when not moving. Moving around causes framerate to be erratic, in the 30-60 range, frame render time extremely inconsistent. Game shows GPU bound or blank when dipping. GPU settings are at minimum. Most testing done in mid-pop areas (24vs24). GPU was previously able to handle similar scene with ease (70-90 range). Smoothing raises maximum FPS to 160 but doesn't affect minimum FPS. Fullscreen vs fullscreen windowed doesn't seem to make any difference.

    - Animations for players and vehicles are erratic and speed up/slow down at random
    - Players and vehicles occasionally teleport
    - Scaleform map and UI works super smooth
    - Debree and projectile physics erratic
    - 100% wired connection, though possibly caused by packet loss to server? Not sure if I'll get banned again for using wireshark or not. Will test if IP is provided

    CPU temps under load @ 63C max, 71 under prime95, 1h testing shows no errors, system generally stable outside of faulty USB drivers or other software bugs.
    GPU temps under furmark max 75C, no visible artifacts or system instability

    Will delete useroptions and see if resetting to default helps.

    Edit: 13 not 03... damnit
  2. sagolsun

    Issues subsisted as rapidly as they appeared. It looks like an intermittent server problem more than anything on my machine.