10k certs cap is low! wtf??

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Zizoubaba, Nov 26, 2019.

  1. Zizoubaba

    It used to be a lot higher, not so long ago even ....

    I'm playing on a new character, a "free" (its personal challenge, I wana max it without spending any real life cash).

    By like, level 90 or so, I had pretty much everything I needed in terms of where to spend certs. So I started saving up to pay for the ASP, which costs 10k certs.

    I thought to myself, I'll save up and then I'll consider that once I have 10k, that's the same as having zero, so I can spend the certs I gain while making sure that once I hit that level, I can unlock hte ESF skills.

    So I played and played, and for days and days didn't realise that my fkinhg certs were capped at 10k...

    Anyway, nothing I can do about it, nothing I can say that will change anything, but I just wanted to say ;

    IT SUCKS that you lowered the cap to such a low level. 10K certs is nothing.
  2. Campagne

    I think it's always been 10K for non-members.
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  3. Zizoubaba

    nope, for sure not.

    It was AT LEAST 15k and I'm pretty sure it was more before.

    I also remember a 50k cap although that might be for members.
  4. ObiVanuKenobi

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  5. LodeTria

    It's always been 10k for free players.
    for members it's 50k.

    Just spend your certs lol. Between ASP, Vehicles & implants it takes a long time to max everything.
  6. ZDarkShadowsZ

    As other have said, it's always been 10k. They've changed nothing.

    Although, they could market that into some kind of, 'Hey if you want an increased cert cap, pay us money!'. I imagine people would do it.
  7. JobiWan

    I've been playing about 6 years and it's always been 10k since I started playing.
  8. Zizoubaba

    hmm that's strange, my memory is playing tricks on me then oO


  9. Liewec123

    its always been 10k, but why would you say its too low?
    there isn't anything that costs more than 10k so why save up? there isn't anything that expensive to save up for!
    spend those certs! even if you want to keep 10k for ASP you can still spend some and hover around 8/9k.
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  10. Scroffel5

    It hasn't always been a 10k cert cap. I have watched videos of people and they have over 20k, like Doom721. I looked at his certs and it said 26k.

    Edit: Oh, it is 50k for members. Figures.
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  11. Zizoubaba

    I explained in my post, but dw I'm used to it, I'll do it again :

    The ASP skills cost 10 k certs to unlock.

    So as not to waste time, I wanted to save up ahead of time so that as soon as I hit 100, bam, ASP skills.

    Obiously, hovering at 9 or 8 k is what I'm doing, but for that specific point, it's a matter of convenience. Here's what I mean :

    The arguments used (by you and others) (and they aren't wrong, I'm not saying they are wrong) to justify a 10k cert cap could be used for a 8k cert cap. Right? Why not, I could hover at 7k, no problem.

    As a matter of fact, we could use the same arguments again to justify a cert cap of 5k, for the same reasons, why not? I could simply hover around 4k.

    (appart from the obvious fact that you wouldn't ever be able to purchase the ASP skils)

    So that's my point, why not a 5k cert cap? why not a 3k cert cap? At what point do those arguments not work anymore? Cause how about a 15k cert cap, or a 20k cert cap, I could hover at 18k, would it really kill anyone to have a higher cert cap?
  12. Scroffel5

    I agree with Zizou. If the most expensive thing you can buy with certs is ASP, you should give us a little bit of room to function with. Say we do want ASP. If it costs 10k to get it and the most certs we can have is 10k, that means that if we earn 250 more exp than that, we are losing out on certs. If we don't immediately buy it as soon as we get 10k, we lose certs. That seems kind of unfair to me, and it should be boosted by at least 2k certs, but 15k total cert cap makes more sense. (just because its a 5k increase and I like 10s and 5s.
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  13. iStalk

    I'm sitting on 30k
  14. TRspy007

    always been 10k for non members. With membership the limit is 100k i think.
  15. DarkStarAnubis

    Why a certs cap in the first place?
  16. Towie

    Incidentally - if you were a member then cancelled - you keep the certs at whatever level they were at (i've still got 50k+).

    Having said that, I assume i'm not gaining any more ? Not that I need them anyway...

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