105th Shock Troops Division [STD]

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  1. Cerulium

    105th Shock Troops Division
    "Jump Feet First into Hell!"

    Faction: Terran Republic
    Server: Cobalt

    The 105th is an outfit dedicated to Loyalty, Teamwork and Dicipline.
    We are the first troops to enter a battle and we are the last to leave!

    The outfit revolves around infantry and being a competent infantry soldier is a must to join the 105th, that said, the other branches aren't ignored but we simple feel that the other branches of the army is there to support the infantry, not the other way around.
    As the outfit grows in size we plan to execute bigger and bigger operations with alot of teamwork and with all the branches of the army cooperation with eachother.

    If you are intrested in joining the 105th contact either of the following: