100% unlock on everything

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  1. WaaWaa

    Apparently people have a hard concept with the way unlocking and the %'s work, or they are mislead by the title. At any rate, I'm not sure if it still is unclear.

    Weapon unlocks and side-grades do not count in the class/vehicle % completions. Those were removed from the stats a while ago I believe. Perhaps those require a separate metric of their own, but for now they are not counted ingame in the % categories.

    And I agree and acknowledge that I have not unlocked all the weapons and their side-grades, but, again, those are not counted in the % completion of classes/vehicles. All I posted was the 100% on all vehicles and classes and leadership, which really isn't a big deal.

    Really wish we got something for it though.
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  2. WaaWaa

    Nah not interested in doing weapon upgrades. Just auraxium medal hunting.
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  3. Torok

    Sure thing man but once you cap to 10k you‘ll have to burn them somewhere.. altough if we get more content faster things might differ.
    you‘ve gotta be ready for the trauma once a new vehicle will appear.
    Imagine we‘ll have to 100% it too eheh.. one day we will break lol

    also. Congratz on the 100%
  4. WaaWaa

    Yea thanks mang. U2!

    Yea I imagine with the new ESF stuff there will be more stuff to unlock so I'm enjoying seeing the 100% on everything only for a short while :)
  5. Wusl

    daddy from miller has 166.26 m exp and is only 236 ;)
  6. The Rogue Wolf

    You haven't won Planetside 2 until you've Auraxium'd the flashlight.
  7. Nocturnal7x

    actually only BR168.


    DA stats site has more BRs. Im not sure how they calculate it, but if its anything how SOE calculated 1-100 br 101 would be like 1.8million xp to progress from 100 (the #s are wrong but thats the idea).

    Nice job WaaWaa, being almost BR100 myself (BR92) I can almost fathom doing it 3 times over. :eek:
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  8. lyravega

    Now, you can play the VS and TR expansions.
  9. Herby20

    As long as they keep coming out with new utilities you will NEVER be done!!!

    But nice job regardless WaaWaa.
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  10. AdmiralArcher

    did you get the bipod and flashlight and extended mags for teh knife yet? :D
  11. WaaWaa

    Appreciate that, and all the other congrats comments. It's very anti-climatic though. :(

    Doesn't matter though, I love playing PS2 with my outfit buds from TENC. That's all I care about.
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  12. deggy

    Exactly. Even if the game gets stale, the people you meet don't.
  13. DashRendar

    Oi. So I guess the game only takes into account things that you actually own to calculate the percentage of completion. I have about a 2/3 completion on my NC MAX, and that's WITH owning all of the available weapons. And I only got into MAXing semi regularly a month or two ago.
  14. Varennikov

    Very nice. Your reward shall be the Commander of the Colossus VS tank. Unfortunately, you and your entire 5 man crew will implode when the tank bumps a cactus.
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  15. Kaon1311

    What next?

    I hear Game are hiring....

    I joke. Congrats.....I think :D
  16. Jeslis

    Yar, I know dasanfal just keeps exponentially climbing the XP ladder per level .. -- I was just exaggerating for effect :)
  17. NC_agent00kevin

    98-100 are a looooong way. 92 seemed like it was close, but not really ;)
  18. Nocturnal7x

    I know its like another 5 mil xp lol. And I farm about 2.5 mil a month now a days.
  19. Wizz

    They changed the way the unlock % works on vehicles. As long as you have the weapons(only weapons not their upgrades)/frames/utilities/defenses fully upgraded you have 100%. As I have a 100% mossie but my a2a missiles and banshee have zero certs in them.

    Still impressive though.