10 min + wait on Scythe with level 6 passive. wat

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  1. vani

    Wtf is this? The whole reason i reduced the damn timer was because getting into a new one took too long. Nice one jerkoffs, the one's who suggested longer respawn times for vehicles. You've now forced me to play something else that i don't WANT to play instead.

    Thanks for NOT mentioning this in the patch notes btw SOE.

    There was no reason to cut down the timer AT ALL. It's like me saying there should be a timer on the damn lock on missiles, idiots. Just what the hell are you playing at SOE? Stop catering to those noobs who don't even play with air vehicles.

    FYI, a friendly drop pod landed on my craft once i entered a hot area which is why i needed to run back to hop in another. Which SHOULD have been about a 5 minute wait, not freaking 10!
  2. Dulu


    Don't die within 10 minutes like a scrub?
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  3. Vorxil

    Welcome to combined arms, comrade, where versatility rules the day.
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  4. KraggTheGrim

    I wonder if this effected tanks as well. I am not an ESF pilot, but I would not be to trilled to find out that my lighting spawn timer has been increased. The whole point of that cert line was to get access to your vehicles faster if that was what you wanted to do instead of playing as infantry.
  5. Brusilov [TR]

    Sorry, was there an increase to Vehicle Timers in Game Update 2?
  6. Eyeklops

    Vehicles and maxes are "force multipliers" and IMO are not intended to be a players "meat & potatoes" 100% of the game time. L2Infantry and the times you get to be in a "force multiplier" position will be better appreciated.
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  7. Choppstick

    Noticed the timers on all vehicles seem longer now.
  8. Choppstick

    WOW a VS char said this??? Nice.
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  9. TimeyWimey

    There wasn't an increase in vehicle timers. I wish there was.

    60min on everything (barring flash)
    40-45min if max certs

    I have not given a **** - and will not give a **** - when I lose a vehicle since I'll just get another one before timers are increased.
  10. Zotamedu

    Just one tiny question. Why did you think they put a vehicle resource system in the game?
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  11. Cirevam

    I think it's a bug. I got the 7th level of timer reduction on my Flash and was pulling them with 1:30 minute timers from the warpgate. At some random outpost I was pulling them with 5 minute timers. Then later on I was pulling from other bases with 1:30 timers. I'm not sure what triggers it.
  12. Bravix

    Yeah okay bud. Lemme know how that goes when, as soon as you pull your tank, a friendly with a BR1 grief account blows up your MBT.

    Or, during battle, the tank behind you is a terrible shot and hits you in the *** (rear). There goes half of your health! Sure hope the enemy doesn't plan on shooting you. Better back up! OHHHhhhhh that's right, that friendly that just shot you is also preventing you from backing up.

    Enjoy the 60 minute wait.
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  13. Vertabrae

    Op made me smile.

    His tears quenched my thirst.

    Thanks for making my day :D
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  14. EvilKoala

    There was a known bug that when spawning a vehicle other than at the warpgate, some upgrades weren't registering properly. This may be the same bug.
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  15. TimeyWimey

    Yes. Enjoy the 60min wait. It'd be a lot better than just spawning a new tank or esf everytime you lose one. I ***** them a lot when I'm in the mood. I lose a mossy? No big deal. Spawn a prowler. Lose that? Spawn a lightning. Lose that? Spawn a mossy.

    Obviously there'd need to be a handicap for the 60min stuff - for reasons you mentioned. But generally: timers need to skyrocket.
  16. HadesR

    10 minutes ? Oh noez the World is going to end ... Jeez ADD much
  17. hostilechild

    For ***** and giggles, mine never run out
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  18. NC_agent00kevin

    Happened to me a couple times, but reverted to normal afterwards.

    not sure why people complain about vehicles so much and want to see less of them...thats what this game is all about. I play Infantry just as much...those who want less vehicles should just go back to playing COD.
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  19. Suroped

    Flyboy's sweet tears
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  20. Talizzar

    10 minutes is like 6000 texts he would be missing out on his Iphone.
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