10 major problems with the game right now

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  1. Pootisman

    Not all bases suck. The new Amerish for example has some good bases. Unfortunately most fights are on Indar nowadays.

    They were buffed because they were bad against big zergs. (The whole zerg can attack them because aircraft -> They die quickly.) Devs apperently dont care about the small and medium fights that get ruined by the new super tough and powerful libs.
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  2. zSkunk

    Smart view, if only SOE understood this thread maybe the game would be top notch by now.
  3. Paperlamp

    Pounders are nowhere near as good as mattocks/grinders for AI. They double as AI only if you're extremely defensive and stick near an engi, the mag size alone will screw you over vs. multiple infantry, plus a single HA with flak is enough to solo a pounder max, or even a shielded heavy with a shotgun and decimator or whatever. Pounders are good when you have clumps of infantry at chokepoints to spam them into, or if the battle is slow paced enough / you have a nice spot to safely snipe at infantry with them from.

    Go trial them out on TR sometime and see if you can run around and be as deadly as your NC MAX with them. Since you start with one already you can pull dual pounders on a fresh TR character once you get an infantry resource tick by trialing the other arm.

    NC's shotguns kill INSTANTLY against infantry. This means there's very little chance for you to take much return fire. And you don't need to be anywhere near as accurate with them as you do with pounders, unless you use slugs. In CQC with infantry moving erratically you have only 4 shots that don't have shotgun spread, and you have to land at least 2 of those 4 to kill a single infantry.

    Also with Pounders every shot has to hit to kill enemy MAXes, and I've had every shot land and still not killed the MAX which I assume is flak. Which means an NC MAX with flak can do the same BS it does against any other MAX against even an AV MAX and win as long as they're not too long a distance away.

    As for the Baron, as I said I only recently came back, I haven't used it and until just now didn't realize they added a new shotgun. I don't see it on the weapon data sheets either. I will admit to being in the dark on it.

    If they gave everyone a shotgun as good as the Jackhammer though, lol.
  4. DaninTexas

    IMO the one thing that needs revamped BADLY is base design. Taking a base should be the job of the ground pounders period.

    Open territory should be dominated by armor and air. Bases should be designed with cap points underground. Defenders able to fight down hallways - more cover. No one in their right mind would build a military installation that left their troops open to being farmed like we have now.

    From what I can tell Amerish is a huge step in the right direction. Would love to see Indar reworked the same way.

    Let the armor rule the roads and the open spaces. Let the infantry rule the bases. Let the air keep both in line.
  5. WorldOfForms

    I don't get why people are worried that this game is dying. It's impossible for this game to die soon, because the PS4 version is coming.

    If the PS4 version does well, it will straight up save the PC version, because every update they get, we will get. That doesn't mean the PC version's population will improve, but all SOE has to do is merge servers and we can get a nice, fairly stable population with regular updates. We are golden if the PS4 version does well.

    If the PS4 version doesn't do well... yeah the franchise will die eventually, but at least not for a few more years. PS4 is a huge market, so even if PS2 doesn't succeed right out of the gate, the devs will keep trying at it for a while at least.

    Due to PS4, the PC version at a bare minimum has another year or two of regular updates going. After that, well it might go the way of PS1, where the devs mostly disappeared and poked their heads up a few times a year to drop an update on the community.

    PS4 is guaranteed to pump some serious lifeblood into the PC version. There is no way that won't happen. How long that lasts is another thing nobody can predict, but it's way too early to get all doom and gloom.

    Wait about a year after the PS4 release, and then you can get doom and gloom :)
  6. Ikissyourface

  7. Silvermyst

    I agree with the first bit, but actually not the second. I like a variety of large and small scale battles. The lattice system is something I don't like much because it makes it harder to find small (~3 vs. 3 - ~10 vs. 10) battles to play in. Of course I'm on Connery, which has the highest population. Maybe it'd be more to my liking on another server.

    Also, I know this is pretty strongly just my personal preference. I don't expect people to agree with me at all about it.

    This is definitelya big problem.

    Agree with this. When I came to Planetside 2 I was excited that it had an open world, as I often like just exploring every once and a while, and when in battles or situations where there are lulls (such as defending a flank that doesn't have much action but needs to be defended) having a interesting good looking atmosphere does a lot. Unfortunately, even decade+ old games often beat out PS2 on this front.

    Yup. Very true. And surprisingly I actually feel that this has gotten worse over the last year. Some of my favorite bases that didn't have a lot of spawn camping have gotten totally redesigned so that there is now. :rolleyes:

    I'm indifferent about this. Nanoweave can be annoying, but isn't nearly as bad as it used to be, and isn't nearly as bad as the new implants are on this front. (at least in my opinion)

    I disagree here, but each to his own.

    The only thing I'm worried about is how long it might take to get implemented. Better late than never. :D I'm actually pretty excited about the resources.

    The only thing I'm worried about with it is that aircraft will actually suddenly get better because you can spawn them far away from an area with low resources, then simply move it into a "siege" situation within a few minutes. Because of this, I think they need to be a bit more expensive, which I doubt will happen, at least not right off the bat.

    Also agree here. SOE has said there's a nerf coming up, but haven't specified what.

    But again, that's just another phase in the endless buffing and nerfing. The game isn't really that much more balanced now then it was a year ago, so I'm personally not expecting it to get balanced anytime soon. :(

    I think a lot of this is stemming out of people getting frustrated from waiting for updates that never seem to happen. I personally have found Hossin to be particularly bad. It was originally supposed to be implemented 5 months after release, but has now been delayed a whopping 14 months on top of that. Which is ridiculous. Most of the people who started playing the game with high hopes for it have either left, or have a rather cynical view of it now, and as such have become a bit more toxic then they would have been otherwise.

    Very true, but surprisingly it's actually better than a lot of games out there.

    I think one of SOE's problems has been pushing out updates before they're ready. (ie: rush jobs that havn't been balanced or checked properly.) As an example, I remember the Railjack was released with 10 rounds per clip even though that was never supposed to happen. It seems like a mistake that could have easily been seen and modified, but I think that SOE didn't have/take the time to test it out enough.

    Their other problem is not prioritizing workloads. At least in my opinion. We've had a lot of things implemented that I've felt could have waited for a long time, and other things that I though should have been put in earlier have been stuck in limbo.

    Very true.

    Well, that really depends on what types of games you like.

    If you like atmosphere (your #2 on the list) and mild action oriented RPGs I'd strongly recommend taking a run at the Elder Scrolls games. If you only play "modern games" then get The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim, but if you don't mind learning to use an old, slightly aged but still good system I'd recommend The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind. It's world is very immersive and surreal.

    If you're into strategy games, then I think that the recent decent ones are Europa Universalis IV (technically real time, but has a pause button and moves very slowly), and Age of Wonders 3. (turn based) Upcoming ones I'm looking forward to are Galactic Civilizations 3 and Civilization: Beyond Earth. (Both turn based)

    Then there's always Steam. You can often find pretty good games for very cheap. For example, if you like light puzzle games I'd recommend Portal of off steam, short and sweet, very memorable and cheap. (I think I paid $2.49 for it on sale) Some people like Portal 2 even more, but I didn't like the ambiance of it as much, personally.

    If you'd like something sort of similar to Minecraft, but 2D and more action oriented try Terraria.

    If you want something difficult to sink your teeth into because of it's complexity and is totally free, go play Dwarf Fortress. It's sort of a sandbox strategy game, where you can make superprojects like in minecraft. One of the best games ever made if you can remember the slogan "losing is fun" when playing it. If you don't like playing a strategy game where you'l die trying to figure it out and literally can't win it's great. I should also mention that if you can't stand non-realistic graphics you probably won't like it, as it's in ASCII.
  8. GrandpaFlipfox

    For the record. The Phoenix is still a garbage weapon that relies more on it's target's negligence than the operator's skill. Spamming missiles and hoping no one bothers to counter you is the only thing you can do with it.
  9. Quiiliitiila

    ^^ This ^^
    Personally I believe that the Devs made a HUGE mistake when they decided not to really highlight the separate factions with unique weapons/skills/mechanics. What we have now are three factions that are pretty much carbon copies of one another, the only thing remotely ES about them are their colors :confused:

    A COMPLETE reworking of the three factions and their mechanics would do a WORLD of good for this game, but it can't be done unless they go back to the drawing board for a few months and fix it… Which we all know will never happen…
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  10. Pikachu

    Why you no mention ping? I keep having issues with ping on my Cobalt and to a smaller extent Ceres. I check my connection all the time and most of the time it's running fine so it must be the game.
  11. Iridar51

    Agreed with most points. SOE listen to this guy, he makes sense!
  12. GerryAtric

    When I see threads authored by certain people, I have to always poke my head in to watch the train wreck. This one wasn't quite as bad as some that I've seen though. It's really amusing to me to try to imagine what on Earth is going on in some of these folk's heads.
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  13. eldarfalcongravtank

    couldn't agree more, man! exactly how i feel as well!

    try Battlefield 4, i am serious. the last patch pretty much fixed the hit detection issues and the game recreates combined-arms battles on a smaller scale perfectly well. also, it's very popular, so no issues finding a full server at any time of the day. faction balance is no problem because everyone can use identical gear. then again, the ingame visuals are amazing, sounds are realistic, and the destruction opens up new tactics. infantry battles, even though they are short due to the low ttk, are very actionpacked
  14. Paperlamp

    Played all the TES games to death. Name is partly inspired by Morrowind's lamps in fact. I don't care for Oblivion or Skyrim as much but Morrowind was one of my favorite games. Sadly the combat is too lacking for it to be as replayable as it could be.

    I've played Civ 5 a lot but rarely finish games, I prefer the early game in it really and get bored when it starts getting into more modern ages. I am looking forward to Beyond Earth though.

    I've played Portal and Portal 2

    I considered Age of Wonders 3 but was on the fence due to mixed reviews. Perhaps I'll try it when it goes on sale again.

    Dwarf Fortress is just too minimalistic graphic wise for me, and I'm just in general not a fan of 2d games. I did play Terraria for awhile but got bored of it, prefer to build in Minecraft.

    Hmm, I was playing BF4 for awhile but quit due to hit detection. I guess I'll give it another try. I prefer the lower TTK of BF4 to PS2's high TTK, and if they fixed the hit detection and it's not client side that means it's probably better gunplay than PS2.
  15. Littleman

    #2. Lack of ...atmosphere.
    Weather would be a really good start, just to shake up the battlefield a bit.

    #4. Gunplay.
    It should come as no surprise that between recoil, CoF bloom, ammo velocity, and and damage bleed that long range exchanges of fire are going to be mostly pointless affairs of mild suppression, and SOE wondered why there is a range compression issue. If a sniper can sit at 80+ meters and comfortably know that despite my shooting at him, he can sit still and take his time putting a bead on my head, either A: the shields on the sniper need to go (or be integrated as cloaking's fuel) so that the few rounds that connect are actually long term dangerous, or bloom while ADS and damage bleed needs to go.

    #5. NC is the best faction...
    I agree to a point. I love most of their weaponry, but most of their players are either just... really bad, or really good but only interested in corner camping and farming kills. Ironic.

    #8. MAXes.
    I disagree entirely here. People hate these guys because they perceive them to be these unstoppable juggernauts. In truth, ~80-100 rounds from a cycler will put them down before kinetic armor. Three guys mag dumping into a MAX will take it down easily. The problem has always been getting one guy to even bother shooting at a MAX, let alone three or more. Empire fighter craft are nearly as fragile by the way. If the dozens of infantrymen on the ground would just shoot at the low hovering ESF, it'd be scampering away or falling to the Auraxis long before it could finish delivering it's rocket salvo. This is mostly an issue of people making all the wrong choices or having preconceived beliefs that are just simply untrue. Shoot the robot/fighter pod. Doesn't matter with what, JUST SHOOT IT!

    The MAX brings a much needed bit of diversity to the standard shooter fair. They're Gears of Wars' boomers, Team Fortress 2's heavy weapon's guy, the juggernaut in CoD, the Big Daddy of Bioshock. Tactics change in their presence, and I for one greatly welcome that change. As overpowered as ZOE was by the way, I miss the identity it provided the VS MAX against the TR and NC MAX (whom both have rather underwhelming specials.)

    I have a greater beef with heavy assaults. Move as fast as an infantry man, have more effective weapons than a MAX, and feel half as durable, which is durable enough to get ambushed, turn around, and return fire, especially the VS with their Orion. Even knocking off 25% of their shielding would be a huge improvement towards balance.

    Everything else I pretty much agree with.
  16. DatVanuMan

    1. Blame SOE.
    2. Atmosphere could be improved, make the design of continents more unique.
    3. Agree to some extent. Variation would be appreciated.
    4. Gunplay is beautiful, I love it. Lag does interfere when your behind cover while your pursuer sees you right in front of her/him.
    5. The NC is the most balanced faction in the game. 90% of their weapons fit their descriptions of high damage, slower RoFs, and long reloads. Sure, the ScatMAX is strong, but not at 15 meters. It's the TR you should hate. Talk about the guys with the higher DPS guns with reloads as fast as Vanu weapons despite having 10-40 more bullets and higher RoFs. All Vanu weapons better get a major accuracy/recoil/AESTHETICS (better known as models) soon.
    6. No problem with the resources; I have no idea why a revamp is coming soon, although I have no problem with it.
    8. Are they strong? Yes. Are they fast compared to infantry? You nerfed ZOE for nothing, I ran at the same speed as a NC MAX who managed to catch up to me. Are they invincible? NO. They can bleed, and they can die. All it takes is C4, luck, and some prayers to God.
    9. This doesn't directly affect me.
    10. Are the current updates sucking? Indeed. What can be done about this? Well, the devs should work on making the game more functional and forgiving than arsenalized and zergy. Work on the graphics, make the game GPU based instead of CPU based, and then, once the game does become more playable with more people, can you work on a massive revamp for the gameplay (Vanu weapons have no recoil or CoF, NC take more damage than their counterparts, TR run 15-20% faster than their enemies.)
    Otherwise, Planetside 2 is still the best game I've ever had the pleasure and honor of playing. See you later on Indarside 2!
  17. dciz2legit

    I completely agree with #5 it used to be Vanu was easy mode but since all the nerfs! Well I think Nc deserves the EASY MODE title now.
  18. eldarfalcongravtank

    before you do, make sure to set the ingame setting high frequency update to high in the options/gameplay menu. it will allow you to take advantage of the increased tick rate and packet exchange between the server and clients
  19. NovaAustralis

    You very nearly had a really good post there.
    I agree on all points, except #5.

    You only made it worse when you said "NC R OP PLZ NERF"
    and then saying you wouldn't even roll a NC alt and see what it's like from the other side.

    My eyes were opened when I rolled and played on ALL factions.
    In fact that should be a prerequisite before any person posts any threads on the forums.
    (You must have a character at least over BR 20 in all factions before you can post...)
  20. TheBigHert

    (for some reason I cannot quote...)
    Paperlamp said:
    "Last, a question: What else should I play? I am bored and the only reason I was playing PS2 as long as I did was how completely out of other games to play I am. I've just been dinking around in minecraft when PS2 is dead during off peak hours."

    I been playing Asphalt 8, an arcade style racing game, which is a lot of fun & free!
    Don't know if you've played any of the GTA series (I have not yet), but on Amazon there's a sales for III/Vice City/San Andreas/IV all for $10.