10,000 Certs?

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  1. AmericanEmpire

    Have you Third Faction lost your damn minds? No really, which S.O.B thought this was a good idea? No We've been playing this game for years, and what do we have to show for it? A 100% cert hike for all Gun and vehicle weapons, Now you all lock down continents that don't have enough people on them so people can't have fun small group battles, now you got some gimmicky " PRESTIGE " thing in here that is ANOTHER RIP OFF FROM CALL OF DUTY that so many other games have done, and want to charge people 10,000 credits for it? Oh but if you " BUY MEMBERSHIP ITS FREE" Guess what, AFTER THE CHANGES YOU ALL KEEP DOING, I DONT WANT TO BUY MEMBERSHIP, any more. My entire Outfit quit this game do to your lame brained " ideas " and you are about to make more people quit with the direction this game is going.

    Keep making this game into Pay 2 Win, and trying to force players to buy membership in order to do anything, and there won't be a planetside 2 left.
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  2. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    I agree.
    Eliminate free-2-play and charge everybody $2 a month.
    Probably make 10x the income and nobody will be here to complain about something they get for free.
    Nobody complaining about the benefits given to people who pay to support the game the complainers play for free.
    It's like you're walking into a homeless shelter complaining about the free food and how it's not fair that the volunteers go to a private residence with a big soft bed and eat better food.
  3. frozen north

    If I ever end up having to pay money to play this game, i'm out. Mostly because A: tight financing, and B: My old account that I had put money into got wiped in the daybreak transfer a while back, and so now I have nothing to show for giving them money.

    And yeah, 2$ a month is cheap. I fully realize that, but at that price, its not actually guaranteed to make up the difference. It's also not a great business move either, since you basically are saying " pay up or lose everything." That's less a bargain, and more what a loan shark in a bad movie would say. Many players will end up feeling like the company is making poor decisions, and in turn, will leave.

    In short, retracting free to play can usually be considered commercial suicide.
  4. infilallday

    Yeah free to play players shouldnt really complain.
    Unless youve spent money on DBC and they go and change stuff. Especially the stuff you bought.
    Ive sunk probably $150 into this game through in game purchases over 3 yrs. Ive certaintly spent more on games i havent played as long so i feel content with my lot.

    Havent gotten membership but if thats the way they want to go about it then so be it. I do feel membership is too expensive, so i wont bother with that.
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  5. Sprant Flere-Imsaho

    So what do you think about OP's complaints regarding the benefits paying members get?
  6. JobiWan

    ASP is just mostly for fun and versatility, it's not even approaching P2W. If you don't want to spend the price of a couple of pints of beer on a month's membership to get it, then do without it.
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  7. frozen north

    I do mostly agree, though I will point out that things did used to be worse ( no free attachments on stock guns, no free suit equipment slots, suit equipment effectiveness was more level dependent, higher cost for a fully kitted tank by roughly 1,000 certs).

    My long standing opinion is that A: ASP was a mistake, and B: a lot of the 1,000 cert guns ( and the corresponding equivalent costs for vehicle weapons) should be reduced. That, and significantly reducing the cert gap between ability levels, while keeping the minimums the same, such that the upper levels of abilities are easier to acquire.

    It helps encourage player experimentation, makes it such that a bad purchase doesn't feel as bad, and for those who don't care about the grind as much, makes the experience more free feeling.
  8. frozen north

    I think its a little much, but not to crazy. I can still regularly pull my tanks without the boosted nanite generation.

    Do I wish it was easier to get stuff? Yes. Is it bearable right now without membership? More or less.

    Look, I won't be putting money into this game again unless they can give me a damn good reason to. Since membership has no direct gameplay effect, I think its not to bad, though there was a time when this was not the case for me.
  9. adamts01

    Not being Pay 2 Win is something this game pretty much nails. Keeping old implants charged was a grey area, and that's gone. The most P2W thing these days is possibly confusing camo, but that doesn't matter in 99% of engagements.
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  10. frozen north

    Oh man, I remember implants back when they got added. That was not a fun time for me.
  11. adamts01

    I wasn't around pre-implant. But some of those things were incredibly useful in a 1v1. As a new pilot, combined with going up against max-stealth ESF, combined with hit or miss spotting, Awareness was a game changer for me. I always had a membership and I'm sure that's why my implants were always charged, but I imagine a free player wouldn't have that benefit.

    I HATE the lootbox nature of our new implants, but it's a much better system than what we had.
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  12. frozen north

    I was around before, and trust me, implants screwed a lot of things. In part since they gutted the old spotting system when implants where first added, and then you had implants that gave buffed versions of some old spotting features.

    Also, yeah. Playing free and putting in only a few hours a week made implants absolutely horrific on release. aka how I played the game at that time.

    And yeah. Loot box based is not ideal, but its way better then the old system was.
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  13. AmericanEmpire

    i honestly feel like finding the person who first came up with the " loot box " implant idea and want to backhand them with a lead glove. Tired of people copying the SAME CRAP FROM OTHER F2P games. pretty soon we are going to have the loot boxxes falling from the sky so our " faction members " can see them in the shooting range.