1 Month MBTs main gun stats by Wrel.

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  1. Zanaffar

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  2. StaHoo33

    And that's the truth about amount, and impact of vanu nerfs, make one with any weapon in our arsenal, and you'll see the truth as we mostly run with one/two max weapons that are usable, while rest is a pure garbage. Balance my ***....
  3. OgreMarkX

    Thank God the guy in the responses pointed Wrel to Lightenings.

    HESH is the choice of choices for Lightenings.

    Every base seige has a line of lightenings blindly firing HESH at doorways.
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  4. Campagne

    Interesting how almost all the guns follow the same pattern.

    Prowler gets the most kill from the longest range, although often marginally, followed by the Vanguard with the sole exception of vehicle kills with HE, and subsequently the Magrider. I know the Mag's HE was nerf'd because of how easily it could be abused, but the difference in infantry kills with HE is pretty extreme. Surely there could have been a better compromise than this?

    At the same time, I can't help but wonder why the Vanguard's HE is doing so well compared to the differences between the other two and to its own AP cannon. The Mag and Prowler do considerably better with AP in both regards, but not the Van's HE as far as infantry.
  5. LaughingDead

    If I were to take a guess at it, shield either means you win soundly or don't win at all. In that situation in which you do find and have to fight a tank, the amount of damage you lose you using hesh over AP with the already low DPS of the main turret didn't make much of a difference anyhow in that regard so more people picked hesh in order to counter infantry better since the enforcer and mjolner aren't exactly A grade infantry counter material or that halberd could kill one in defense while hesh could clear infantry at range after you had won the area. It seems like a win more over all strategy.

    Or AP when it comes to the vanguard isn't as good as being able to AoE. Prowler has 2 AP rounds a reload, each being able to 1 shot an infantry unit, while also keeping the DPS high with anchor multipliers.

    Still it is rather baffling, I've rarely ever been killed by an AoE projectile of any sort that isn't air based, so I couldn't imagine how this is working better than the prowlers long range bombardment style.
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  6. adamts01

    Interesting, but it would be more useful if it were an average of kills per hour, or kills per death.
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  7. FateJH

    Where's the pull rate values? How many tanks were necessary to get those kill numbers? It's important!
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  8. Pikachu

    Wrel's imagine link does not work. -.-
  9. LodeTria

    Better nerf magrider cus "mah hills" though.

    The ultimate proof those people are wrong.
  10. Liewec123

    Yeah without KPU all this tells us is that more people use prowler.
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  11. Demigan

    If even our developers miss the importance of how many people use a weapon compared to its stats we are having a serious problem!

    Would be nice if the devs used that "average kill distance" more regularily, for example on weapon stats pages. It tells a lot about a weapon.
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  12. DarkStarAnubis

    Maybe the lack of detailed stats is on purpose.. . Most of the infantry weapons are very close to each other in the magic range of 15-30m, there is scanty need to purchase them over the (rather good) default ones.
  13. Pacster3

    Which says a lot given that more people using them usually means that they are really strong(cause people don't use inferior weapons).
  14. Pacster3

    The most interesting thing is that people always claim that magriders are great at range...and then you see they actually got the shortest range on ALL guns and ALL targets. Right there in your face Demigan and Co.... ;-)
  15. LordKrelas

    The Magrider's strafing is why, not their weapon's range.
    If their weapon range was long enough that they could easily land shots while at their most effective strafing distance, it would be very problematic, which is why they have severe drop.
    To prevent that kind of issue.

    Mind you, this reminds me of when they released a Context-less bit of data on the Gauss Saw.
    Right after threads about why NC has it has a starter weapon.
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  16. Liewec123

    I don't think I've ever seen anyone suggesting that maggy is better at range than a prowler,
    Most people usually just reject the VS assertion that maggy is simply a "heavy harasser"
    And the stats usually back that up, you've already acknowledged that these stats don't show KPU so they aren't really a good thing to use for your "take that!" Moment XD

    NC are usually the overpop faction and VS are usually the underpop faction, so if we account for pop imbalances,
    Then these stats are exactly what we'd expect to see if the mbt heirarchy goes prowler>mag>vanny as it historically has.
  17. raffa2

    I'm not surprised by the magrider performance, still doesn't make it less cancerous, so i think the magrider HESH should still be underpowered to avoid horrible GIGA magrasser moments.
    I still think those graphics are like that because most vanguard players have burgers in their brains, just look at BHO (bonerheads) on Miller, their vanguard spam is always free farm just because they are dumb as rocks.
  18. Pacster3

    Ah really, and you now explain to me how a strafing magrider that makes no kill is strong. Go ahead...
  19. Demigan

    "Demigan & co"?

    If you read all the discussions, you'll find me advocating the Magrider as a CQC weapon and that the whole "strafing only helps at range" bullcrap is just that, bullcrap and the Maggie can use its strafing plenty fine in CQC.

    So why am I getting singled out for an argument the exact opposite of what I've always argued?
  20. Xebov

    Exactly this. I have the feeling that ~50-60% of all Lightnings i encounter run with a HESH. Its effective to farm and you can still win against AP Lightnings if you are halfway good. In some Bases i feel remembered of the old times when HE was king and they shelled bases teamkilling left and right.