1 Grenade per minute sounds fun.

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  1. Jetlag

    • Nanite income is tied to the warpgates, so it does not change with territory ownership or vary by continent. Players will always receive 50 nanites per minute.
    • Nanite Costs of Vehicles and Consumables:
      • 50 - Flash, Tank Mine, Concussion Grenade, AV Grenade, Sticky Grenade, Frag Grenade, Medki
    From patch notes, as you can see throwing one grenade per minute will mean you are using as much resources as you accumulate.
    What are you guys going to do when you run out of nanites and cant pull a vehicle and cant use any of your infantry tools that you certed?
  2. St0mpy

    I can see myself de-supplying frag grenades, theyre so bad anyway ill just be throwing all my vehicle resources away for nothing.
  3. Kirbs

    I guess I'll just have to rely on shooting people rather then spamming grenades like an idiot.
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  4. r4zor

    This is actually a good change. Less grenade and C4 spam, more "fair" fighting using rifles etc.
  5. MrJengles

    Yes, it's many times more fun to value and time your grenade use than mindless explosive spam.

    Besides, 48 + players throwing grenades every 50 seconds averages around 1 per second on both teams as it is.
  6. Kanil

    I dunno, I'm going from around 100-150 infantry resources every five minutes (ie: 0.2-0.3 C4/minute) to 250 nanites every 5 minutes (or 0.66 C4/minute) assuming I spend it all on C4. Given that grenades are kinda useless for LAs and C4 is very useful for LAs, I'd say this has effectively doubled the rate at which I can use C4.

    Edit: For battles over hexes that didn't provide infantry resources, of course. Not sure how it compares to fighting over hexes that used to provide infantry resources, but I still don't feel like I have less explosives available.
  7. r4zor

    Yes and no. Now you can no longer stack 40 grenades, allowing you to throw, resupply, throw, resupply. And infantry resources were in my experience around 50 or 60 per refill (unless my empire had much more than 33% of the map). Now its more streamlined, the losing empires will be less out-resourced by the winning empire which in turn can no longer spam more "things" than the losing empire.
  8. quatin

    You mean you have to choose between playing infantry to it's fullest extent with consumables versus playing vehicles? Oh no!

    Working as intended.

    Before, C4/grenade/mine costs meant nothing. They might as well cost 300, because I can just stack them up during off hours or when I'm playing air/tanks.
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  9. Aegie

    Yeah, I agree.

    Of course, then I see that the developers are considering nerfing everything including infantry v. infantry bullets into the dirt and I sigh because I sense that a "fair" fight will come down to loadout a la who has most HP and who can deal most DPS as if it was some kind of WOW nonsense.
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  10. Aegie

    They could have adjusted how many you can stack and the prices though.

    Honestly, I think the increased expense/tradeoff of these kinds of explosives probably just means we will see a lot more UBGL and RL instead. People who want to spam explosives will just spam the explosives that remain cheap and spammable.
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  11. quatin

    They did. Stack size 1. Price 50. Perfectly reasonable. If you want to spam nades and C4, you shouldn't be allowed to pull vehicles. UBGL is garbage, so I don't mind people attempting to spam it.. RL is now direct hit kill only, so at least the user has to get within LOS of me.
  12. DevDevBooday

    Actually you can spam MOAR C4 now, they are only 75 nanites.
  13. Aegie

    Just for the record, I hate all the spam in the game- explosive spam the most.

    Stack size = 1 is bit extreme though no? I imagine this means 1 more than you can carry but this just sounds like more micromanagement to me because essentially you will have to resupply every usage and that is just annoying.

    Also, what about loadouts that can carry more than 1? Sorry, I have not played yet.

    I was thinking more like stack 5 and raise the cost almost through the roof- like say 300 for 1 c4 or something similarly high. This way, the cost of 2 C4 > cost of what you can destroy so you would not see people spamming it very much.

    Like I said though, any change like this just makes all the explosives that are still free and spammable that much more attractive and therefore that much more likely to be used with greater frequency.

    Why waste my resources on C4 or grenades when I can pull a Lightning that has theoretically infinite explosives? Or an Engineer turret with infinite free explosives? Or an UBGL with infinite free explosives? Or a RL with infinite free explosives? Or a MAX suit with infinite explosives? Or an ESF with infinite explosives? Or a Lib with infinite explosives? Or a Galaxy with infinite explosives? Or an MBT with infinite explosives?

    See? People who want to spam explosives will still be able to spam explosives, just not grenades or C4.

    So, I have to choose between flash bangs or vehicles? Yeah, that is a real difficult decision there.

    I have to choose between smoke or vehicles? Another real tough decision there.

    Mines that may take out a 1 target if you get lucky? Or an MBT that may take out a boat load of targets and could, in theory, last for an entire game session?
  14. r4zor

    Well only one every one and a half minute if you are out of Nanites. Otherwise spam 10 and you wont be able to acquire anything else (Medkits, Grenades, Maxes, Vehicles etc). So actually you can spam less. Remember, the stack of 40 C4 has been removed ;)
  15. Kulantan

    Given that most people have <1 KPM I wouldn't worry too much. In fact me getting 1.2 KPM with a shotgun is considered by DA as M++. PS2 is a pretty slow game really.
  16. DrButtes

    Hm I run out of resources lets see maybe I would just switch to HA's for 8 minutes and shoot and rocket mans then go back to whatever spam fest I was doing earlier? Or maybe I would pull me engineer with UBGL and just spam that **** again I dunno maybe I would use my intelligence to think of something besides hitting the G key constantly.