►Why PLANETSIDE 1 is better than Planetside 2!

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by OpolE, Nov 9, 2014.

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  1. OpolE

    This is my video explaining why Planetside 1 is better in my opinion than Planetside 2. My view which is shared by thousands of players. I have highlighted all the priority problems that I believe with basic explanations without too much confusing detail.

    Take it seriously and if you are only a Planetside 2 player and have thought about trying the first one. Then 1.6gb download to test it out is worth the time.

    Planetside 1 is FREE TO PLAY and here is the download link to get you started. https://launch.soe.com/installer/PS_setup.exe

    Thank you.
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  2. Fellgnome

    PS1 did some things better(base design in many ways) and had a lot of things that would be nice in PS2 but I think one simple fact trumps all of it: PS2's basic FPS gameplay is far better.
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  3. Ribero

    I heard that Planetside 1 is going to kill Planetside 2 when it goes Free-To-Play.
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  4. patrykK1028

    Because those graphics.
    4K 3D, 120fps, the best weapon textures ever, vehicles looking better than BF4 and physics better than BF3
    10/10 ~IGN
  5. Alan Kalane

    Main reason why PS2 is better than PS1:
    -PS1 is dead
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  6. OpolE

    But theres plenty of people that can only use the saying 'better because PS1 is dead'

    That shows the first thing that comes into peoples minds about the comparison of the 2 isn't a a very good critque of the games. To me that says well I cant think of many reasons apart from I can play with people on number 2.
  7. OldMaster80

    Ps1 is too old fashioned there is not even competition.
    The only things ps1 did better:
    - Vehicle spam does not last forever because of the base resources system / ant run system.
    - Transport vehicles have a meaning.
  8. TammelTR

    Excellent video.
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  9. TriumphantJelly

    Skimmed, but I agree with a fair few things.
  10. DrPapaPenguin

    PS1 is free to play.
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  11. OldCuban

    I'd still be playing PS1 if it wasn't for the blatant and abundant hacking introduced by the reserves.

    Although very few people play PS1 nowadays, it's not dead....yet!

    All these people claiming better graphics this and better graphics that, make me laugh. Imho gameplay > everything else.

    And although PS2 gameplay isn't perfect ( awful hit detection ), it IS however, better than PS1's.
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  12. illuminati

    I was pro planetside 1 and felt cheated when PS2 came out but I am a big convert now. PS2 is an awesome game. It has amazing graphics and has almost everything PS1 had ( I think it will soon have everything as it seems more and more they are moving towards PS1 type of gameplay) If you spend time with PS2 and get good at it I honestly feel sometimes like I am playing PS1. PS1 is dead, its not coming back and never will be. It is time to move on and PS2 is by far a better choice.
  13. Ribero

    Yeah, was kinda the point.
    The death of PS2 and rise of PS1 didn't really pull off like certain members of the nostalgia crew proclaimed it would.
  14. gibstorm

    I stopped when using third person to look around walls was a good thing
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  15. Frostiken

    You never even played Planetside 1 if you say something as ridiculous as that.
  16. Ceiu

    Having never played PS1, this video made me sad. So many good ideas/features which were thrown out entirely in favor of things that cater to "traditional" FPSes. Ironically enough, these are the same people who tell others to "go play COD/BF" whenever a discussion is brought up involving the whole massive/persistent world thing.

    Also, for anyone who dismisses a game because of graphics: **** you. Actual animations for entering/exiting vehicles and changing weapons is better than dismembered arms, suspended vehicle parts and random mesh shaders when transitioning between health states.
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  17. Ceiu

    Can't edit my post for some reason:
    "traditional" FPSes should read: "traditional" FPS players.
  18. Pikachu

    I did not play ps1, except testing it for a few min after it was made free. Great video. I think you should talk more about weapons and vehicle, maybe in a new video.

    Things I notice good:
    1) 10x better aesthetics for buildings. Not just steel blocks with similar textures, but the buildings looks like buildings built for humans.
    2) More interactive environment. In PS2 there is just equipment and vehicle terminals.
    3) Both of the above makes things feel more alive. Sirens while airplane delivering stuff.
    4) Much more voice options.
    5) Options for faces.
    6) Great sound for the mini-minigun.
    7) Seemingly more complex gameplay mechanics.
    8) Visual notification for voice commands, although just an icon above the head would be better than waving arms.

    Personal notes from my testing:
    9) Vehicle projectiles originates from weapon and the crosshair adjusts to where the gun is aiming.
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  19. Weterman

    Planetside 1 was much better. The system for vehicles is one part that made it better. The massive fights, the bases actually were designed well, the combat was less repetitive. In Planetside 2, there are only a few places where you get fighting that is actually more than just running in and shooting.

    It was also balanced better.
  20. Weterman

    Can't edit. But Planetside 1 had caves, actual different planets than continents, and all that. Auto turrets.

    I only played the free trial, but it was the best. I couldn't get any kills, but it was fun. In Planetside 2, I can get kills, but it's not fun.

    What sucked about it though was that Vanu always had a low population. They have a low population in Planetside 2 also allot.

    Maybe it's cause people think NC is "good" and TR is "bad", and they like to play as the good guys or the bad guys, not the ones inbetween.
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