Idea for Underwater Continent (CQB?)

Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by LuckyImperial, Nov 30, 2012.

  1. LuckyImperial

    My thought was an underwater city much like the Gungan city from Star Wars.

    The battles would be almost exclusive to indoors. Movement/transportation would be done primarily through transport 'lines' or tubes and teleporters, much like the caves did in PlanetSide 1. Movement around the main base and outskirt facilities would be done using transport lines, and movement to other main bases would be done via teleporters. Depending on how extravagant you get with it you could include submarine vehicles. However I think they should avoid that initially.

    I would want fighting to be mostly CQB, since we don't have much of that now, but it would be easy to tailor the bases to whatever.

    My whole motivation behind this is the visuals. Underwater can be considered the most alien place to us land dwelling creatures and I think the underwater world of Auraxis could be made very cool. Whether or not you include sea life (fish?) or just impressive structures, I think the whole concept of looking out of a base and seeing an underwater world is awesome.

    If you have any other constructive suggestions or need some clarification on an idea please post. I want this idea to take off!
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  2. lords8n

    I love it, but say goodbye to my, already as low as 10, FPS. :(
  3. PoopMaster

    It seems like it would actually increase FPS. Make the water murky and you don't have to render all these plants and landscape, just the smaller bubble city.
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  4. xtoph

    I probably wouldn't enjoy it as much as the open maps but this is a great idea, and I wouldn't mind having the option to p,lay on an infantry only map etc. More variety is a very good thing, good idea sir.
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  5. LuckyImperial

    I really don't want to turn this into a performance thread since my idea is really just a concept, but I am thinking the same thing!

    And thanks xtoph! They had some infantry only in PS1 and it was pretty sweet (Oshur).
  6. desktop

    underwater variants of the ESFs liberators and galaxies. do want.
  7. JDogg126

    When water is done well it is extremely fun. Depending on how well it is executed, this could be a really cool map to play on.
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  8. ed_anger

    Hello Core Combat... I don't recall many people being nostalgic for it. I'd prefer an above ground true urban/city environment where vehicles are mostly limited to the main avenues.
  9. LuckyImperial

    Core combat (caves) was pretty cool. Even though it was no substitute for the all out war above, it was still quite a bit of fun. The idea of bringing together the CQB players for a rewarding objective. Taking a break from being apart of the zerg.

    Also, with Forgelight you could make the underwater world of Auraxis much more visually pleasing than the caves of Core Combat. My idea of it being underwater was exclusively for the environment that it presents. Bioshock could be used as an example. The gameplay was fun, a bit tough. But I was very quickly drawn into the game by the way they made their underwater world. Dark, eerie, ghostly. Of course this is just one concept for what you can do underwater. Auraxis I would imagine to be more like, well...the Gangan city. Lots of lights, shields and domes.
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  10. Glenndal

    Before we get an all-aquatic continent, I'd like to see some swimmable rivers and lakes either on existing continents or a new continent with some aquatic features. Level design for a lot of the bases is pretty boring, but this is mostly because of Esamir, which makes sense because that's kind of its job. Be the area full of open plains for vehicles to roll over piping hard rock through prox chat. More covered bridges and any underground facilities would be cool though.
  11. lords8n

    The Magrider would make a beautiful underwater submarine! Just saying :p
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  12. notyourbuddy

  13. Uben Qui

    They already shot this down. Basically there will never be a continent that deters vehicle use. Or at least that is what HIgby told us when we asked for an urban continent...
  14. DeathFaith

  15. Tenebrae Aeterna

    They mentioned something about wanting to make travel between the continents more fluid, with a naval force and what not...this would fit perfectly into their desires by adding even more content between landmasses.
  16. Diffedge

    Maybe if it was more a series of small to med islands connected by bridges and tunnels.
    With some underground facilities. I would be open to that. Maybe a hollowed out volcano or something ;)
  17. D0n

    Interesting idea.
  18. Littleman

    This could be done in space, and would include aircraft outside the station and tanks rolling down air tight tunnels. I'd much rather it be in space anyway.

    But I'd really prefer a city on the planet's surface. City scapes wouldn't ruin vehicle combat any more than Indar's tight south eastern canyon region does. If all those sheer cliffs were actually sky scrapers, what's the difference besides shape and look?

    But alas, we'll more likely see an island chain first, with outposts/bases that have structures going INTO the water. I always imagined Searhus to be an island chain, with the volcano being hallowed out. Hell, SOE could introduce to engineers the deployable Rapid Aquatic Floatational Transport, or R.A.F.T. for short, to help infantry quickly cross the water. Tanks... would likely have to float. It'd be kinda stupid, but we had floating tanks since WWII. Shouldn't be too much of a stretch for tanks built on an island chain in the year 2643 and later to come with floatational apparatuses that only marginally compromise the tank in ways the game needn't bother us over for the sake of balance and gameplay.

    I'd rather not have 3 simply green, desert, or snowy continents again, thank you. I want each one to feel very, very different, and if that means bending just a few rules from time to time, so be it.
  19. Relad

    It's a great idea. It probably wouldn't happen.
  20. TribbleFluffer

    i did something similar for the Orbital weapon setup the devs will be adding eventually, its in the link in my signature.

    the underwater map sounds awesome to me, but it wouldnt feel right without underwater vehics. i can picture rockets being traded for torpedo's, bombs being replaced with depth charges and bullets being replaced with harpoon guns or something, however lazers and plasma wouldnt work underwater, scientifically they would be dispersed by it before it went more than 10 feet..and maybe some danger zones where if you shoot the wrong thing the area gets flooded till someone turns on a sump-pump.

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