The Leatherback (WIP THREAD)

Discussion in 'Game Discussion: EverQuest and EverQuest II' started by CoffeeOutlaw, Jun 11, 2013.

  1. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    here is my concept for the leatherback, eq2 model i am starting on now!
  2. Vandrago Member

    Really cool idea, cant wait to see how it turns out.
  3. Rollen Member

    I can see that working out very well. Just make sure that red rust on the blade is rust since they don't like blood on tools that kill. :p

    I like the grip, but in EQ and EQ2 the player's hand covers up 90% or more of it.
  4. MasterMagnus Active Member

    Great concept, make it so!
  5. Estred Member

    Indeed a nice concept, looks like a goblin weapon. Perhaps make it more ruddy? We don't have many such items.
  6. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    blocking out my mesh.
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  7. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    whew those handlewraps wera a pain in the rucksack
  8. Rawl Active Member

    Looks pretty cool, I bet they'd be replacing the leather part after every use. What would be the reasoning for having it there, other than looking cool?
  9. Estred Member

    Baking normals off that I assume? Indeed though I bet they were annoying, I had done a cheap-mans method of making a braided hilt for a bastard sword I did. Ended up just clipping the braids through one another.
  10. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    Rawl: its game art looking cool is pretty much all that matters with design.

    Estred: yup going to be baking my normals off of this.
  11. Eden_Evergreen Member

    Oh, I figured the studs on the leather were there to be a secondary attack focus. So the wielder could hit someone with the backswing, and still do blunt-weapon-style damage.

    Having them strapped on with leather means no need to worry about spikes being too narrow or brittle, and less likely to injure the wielder, plus easier method of replacing if they wear out.

    Perhaps I'm over-thinking? :oops: *shrugs unknowingly*
  12. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    done with the high poly in max, going to slam it in zbrush and bang it up a bit tomorrow.
  13. Estred Member

    Nice, Zbrushing the etches/leather details? I have found a good shortcut to save time would be to convert a texture, playing with levels and the other tools Crazy Bump offers you can come real close to mimicking a sculpted normal. Not sure if you have used that quicky for saving time but it's one I have used when the detail is not necessary to sculpt.
  14. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    yeah i am familiar with crazybump, i've used it a good bit, but i'm going to zbrush this one for banged up edges, dents and the main form and wear on the leather. there's a chance i may use some crazy bump for texture on some stuff, but not sure if i will need to.
  15. Rollen Member

    Can we get you to make a few tutorials for us lesser artists?
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  16. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    honestly there is nothing that i do or know that hasn't already been beat to death with tutorials. but i will take some time later today or tomorrow to put together a list of good ones for you guys.
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  17. Covic Administrator

    That is looking really good, cant wait to see the textures. I like that you have two base materials. Leather and Metal to give two variations in color that can show design. I have high hopes for this model, make good geo and nice textures and this could be a quick acceptance.
  18. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    thanks a lot Covic, are you an artist at SOE?
  19. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    some quick zbrushing tonight,
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  20. Estred Member

    Covic if I remember correctly is the lead Character Artist at SOE. I could be wrong but I know he is one of the artists. Also very nice brush up. I am prepping my UVW's for my contest entry tomorrow for some sculpting granted I use Hexagon atm as I don't have Zbrush.

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