LeatherGuard Shield

Discussion in 'Game Discussion: EverQuest and EverQuest II' started by CoffeeOutlaw, Jun 23, 2013.

  1. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    well since my leatherback sword got approved i'm moving on to working on another piece
    to go with it. I think i'm going to make most of my submissions in matching sets.
    work in prog for this is the Leatherguard.

    its a shield with a matching theme to the Leatherback,
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  2. Estred Member

    May I suggest making this a Buckler/Targe shield type?

    Seeing how the Leatherback looked on Covic's post kinda got me thinking that it would look nice as Shortsword and Targe combo. We also do not have many Bucklers/Roundshields for sale. I planned on working a on a shield after I finish my work for the Dawn of the Darkelf contest. I like the concept, may I also suggest a nub of gold in the middle or slight deco above/below the existing gold?
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  3. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    heres the max high poly ready to go into zbrush,i may relocate the spikes more towards the front, with the bend on they kinda get moved out of sight at certain angles
  4. CakvalaSC Member

    Question: Why do you build it in Max then port it over to Zbrush, what does Zbrush have that makes it so easy to work with?
  5. Mini Member

    In Zbrush you can subdivide the model a bunch of times and sculpt in fine details. Once happy with the sculpt, you can then bake a normal map from the high poly(sculpt) to the low poly. Just a nice way to create normal and ambient occlusion maps.
  6. Estred Member

    Zbrush deals with polygons in a matter similar to how Photoshop deals with Pixels. This allows the program to have extremely high resolutions ranging from 2-10 million: though why you would go to 10 mill I am not sure yet, I never have met someone who actually "needed" to and wasn't just crash-testing their system.

    It's a great way to make Normal Maps and AO's as Mini said, you can do very similar things with texture-conversion if you know what you are doing. I mostly deal with texture conversion due to my sculpt program starts lagging very hard around 500K poly.
  7. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    here is an extremely early wip. just testing out the bake from the high poly its 872 tris
    i'm getting some errors on the bakes in some areas, moslty the leather area around the lower bracket, and where the spikes hook on, i think i'm going to adjust my unwrap and do another bake tomorrow.
    the textures are just slapped on base textures with ddo now, they need a lot of tweaking, but over all i'm pretty happy with how this bake is turning out.

    not really looking for any crits on the texture work now as its not even what i would call started.
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  8. CakvalaSC Member

    So I bake / make my texture maps in 3D Studio Max using UVW Unwrap, does Zbrush handle that better as well? I have a free copy I can license from my school. But I rather stick with 3D Max if it isnt a huge difference.
  9. CakvalaSC Member

    I like where you are going and await a more finished product!
  10. Vandrago Member

    If it's an academic version, it's illegal to make a profit using it.
  11. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    little more work on the textures tonight. getting there,
  12. CakvalaSC Member

    Its not the academic license it was Built into my tuition / school loans. So i should have rephrased that! :)
  13. Vandrago Member

    Then it probably is the academic version, I don't have it in front of me, but it was part of your tuition, so, student version, otherwise they're overcharging students.
  14. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    can we take all the off topic talk of propper software talk to its own thread please? maybe make a thread for it, as i see it pop up throughout a lot of these
  15. Syrah Administrator

    It seems like the studs are at an every-so-slightly more forward angle. Am I perceiving that correctly?
  16. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    ya the spikes come out at a 45ish degree angle from the sides, with the shield curved convex like it is, witht hem going off straight made them bend back more towards the wearer and i wanted them more outwards. going straight also made the spikes hid by the curve of the shield on oneside unless viewed straight on.

    on the high poly model i posted earlier it had the spikes on the side and you can see what i mean about them not being that visible
  17. CoffeeOutlaw Active Member

    updated first post with the final art for this shield, now just to make the lod and pack it all up

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