Dragon Scales Camo

Discussion in 'Game Discussion: PlanetSide 2' started by FlyingFerret, Aug 9, 2013.

  1. FlyingFerret New Member

    So since my last camo, I decided to upgrade from paint and downloaded Photoshop CS2 which of course has been much better and while trying to learn how to use it I made this Dragon Scale Camo. As always any feedback would be great and I look forward to your comments.

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  2. MasterMagnus Active Member

    Hah, what a great concept. Very nice!
  3. FlyingFerret New Member

    Quick update:

    First of all I realised that it looks much better when tiled more:

    Then seeing that a several camos were getting through with 4 colours I decided to try out a few different patterns with an extra colour:


    Personally I am inclined to prefer the second but some feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Mezinov Member

    I personally think the third looks best, but would tweak it so that the bright-to-dark is a bit more "randomized". Creates a bit more texture to me.

    As an aside, in your greyscale image what are you using for the fourth color value? The expected being 0%, 50%, and 100%. Are you using 25% and 75%? I ask because I personally feel most camos require four-color complexity to be truly effective.
  5. FlyingFerret New Member

    I'm using 30% and 65% which seems to be what the camos, that have been accepted, with 4 colours are using.
  6. NightFall998 Member

    Pretty Cool! don't we already have a scales camo in game though? the membership one?
  7. FlyingFerret New Member

    That's a good point we have this camo but I don't think there is any kind of faction specific one.

  8. Anam Member

    and I think of these as fish scales too :) Totally different type of scales
  9. TramellRayIsaac Senior Art Director

    too similar to the scales we have in game.. try a different pattern
  10. FlyingFerret New Member


  11. Nicococo Active Member

    looks awesome!
  12. FlyingFerret New Member

    Unfortunately it's not mine.

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