Camo (non-hex) "Torment"

Discussion in 'Game Discussion: PlanetSide 2' started by Carter, Sep 11, 2013.

  1. Carter Member

    Was waiting for some one to make something like this but I never saw one (might be a good reason for that?) Anyways, might as well try my hands at all types of submissions.

    Note - Doesn't tile perfectly yet. Only put a couple hours into it. Need to make the edges seamless and play with colors. May add more faces/limbs/creepies when I get home from work.

    Color suggestions and general opinions appreciated.

  2. Calder Member

    Whether this gets accepted or not, this design is sick! My main concern is that some of the great detail might be lost when it gets scaled to vehicle or armor size.
  3. Carter Member

    Hey thanks man :)

    I wanted something like the Soul Tornado from Mortal Kombat background. Those are all skulls and skeletons though. Or the underworld from Disney's Hercules. The living painting in the movie Devil's Advocate.

    This type of design isn't a new idea, but I think it would still be cool.

    I have no idea how to preserve the details. These aren't vector lines. I'm not sure if the details will even mess up. If I figure out how to test render on armor or vehicles, I'll post some pics.
  4. NewZealand New Member

    Very, very cool. Don't forget that you'll need to make this be exactly 3 colours (black, 50% grey, and white), so you'll have to lose those soft gradients.

    EDIT: Don't worry about preserving details *too* much, people playing on high will see all of the detail when they're up close, but in general I wouldn't want your details to be any smaller than they are now.
  5. Carter Member

    Forgot about that lol. This is my first shot at camo. That actually simplifies things, as I don't need to worry about colors. I can easily go back through with a 50% gray and just do a quick paint over of some of the smudged gradients.
  6. Carter Member

    Edit -- ignore this post. Common sense delay.
  7. B1ackops Member

    I don't think that the 3/4 color rule is strictly enforced, look up a camo in game called Hyper, its got quite a bit of gradient in it.

    I'd say go forward with it, give it a shot, if it won't work in game, the staff will let you know.
  8. Carter Member

    Maybe. They'll be putting some similar work of mine in game. They're decals though. Not sure if there's much difference other than the alpha layer.

  9. Rhust Member

    NC one looks great. TR one looks kind of weird. And no I'm not just biased LOL. As for the camo I kind of feel like it would be better with less gradients and maybe a little less "busy" actually.
  10. Carter Member

    I am kinda leaning towards your opinion Rhust. That's why I was thinking of adding a little more features, to cut down on the "filler" smoke/flame. However, it needs to stay somewhat busy to give it the "crowded hell" feeling.
  11. Carter Member

    Fixed the scaling. Looking at a smaller scale version of is too busy. Need to do some cut backs somewhere.



    Tried a less busy version, and it looks like complete crap lol.

    I'll stay with this unless I get a new idea.

    -EDIT #2-

    After looking at it again hours later, I hate the new face. This is not the final.
  12. Carter Member

    Just an update for those who supported this project.

    Attempted using three solid colors with vector lines. Pretty sure I'll need to go back through and fix the scaling. Don't like it as much as the original, but that's just from the lack of gradient shading, I think. Think the 50% gray needs tweaks, but i'm too tired to go on tonight.

    Submitted the original, but it's listed as "content pending". Don't know if this is a waste of time, or if they're having difficulties with the gradients of the original.

  13. bodmans New Member

    I really wonder how this would look on vehicles...
  14. Carter Member

    Top Pics are Original camo. Bottom Pics are vector lined camo.

  15. MasterMagnus Active Member

    It's pretty darn cool actually. Your execution is excellent.

    Don't know how they'll go, if it's too late for halloween (I think it is), but hope you make it in.
  16. bodmans New Member

    This looks pretty amazing, just warped in a few corners on the sunderer, but that may just be me.

    Can you get a pic of this on the scythe?
  17. Carter Member

    Sure, here you go man


    And there's really nothing I can do about the warping on the Sunderer. It's how Sony has the UVs laid out for that model. There's parts of the Galaxy that are very noticeable on all camos. Put it in 3rd person perspective while flying and look at the back-center under the top fin.
  18. Seukonnen Member

    Was expecting this to look kind of Skull Helmet tier "look at me, I'm so edgy," but it turned out seriously impressive looking and badass. Awesome job.
  19. Carter Member

    Appreciate the compliments guys. I'm glad it didn't turn out like complete junk lol.

    Just hoping SOE art team shares your opinions. Its been sitting in Content Pending phase since 9/11. Was worried it would be buried in the thousands of 5 second camos that rely on premade filters and brushes.
  20. bodmans New Member

    Can't wait. You can have my monies.

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