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  1. Revekk Trailblazer

    "If you don't know where you are going any road can take you there."

    Come see the world based on Lewis Carroll's "Alice In Wonderland." (public domain)
    This is a work in progress, of course but still worth a look I'm happy with how it is going.

    Search "Wonderland" or "Revekk" in the gallery.
    Feedback is welcome!





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  2. Yezar Founder

    I simply love this. I can't wait to see how it evolves.
  3. Revekk Trailblazer

  4. Revekk Trailblazer

    Added hidden superb reward chest! Also fun steam pipes fly you all around the claim. No Mario skills necessary!
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  5. Revekk Trailblazer

    Constantly updated now over 10x as many story elements and half a dozen more NPC's!

    Also... People have expressed that it is an intellectual property.
    Lewis Carroll's books have been in the public domain for decades! No worries there!
    Not to mention the original characters I have added not in any Canon

    The Disney movie and Burton/Disney movies are of course copyrighted
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  6. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    Not-for-profit fan art generally is ok anyway. Especially when - as you have done - the source material is clearly indicated.
  7. Tarmuar_TT Trailblazer

    Please be careful with the advice you dispense. Fan-art is, at the basis of the law, a copyright infringement whether you give credit or not, and it is up to the copyright holder to pursue action or ignore it.

    Many firms, authors, artists and the like simply ignore it as long as it doesn't bring their work into a bad light, while others such as Anne Rice have been ardent opposers to any fan derived fiction at all (and art falls under this).

    While it is a bit old, the following blog entry is informative in this area and should be paid attention to.


    While there is a plethora of instances and exceptions, here is not the place to provide a blanket "it's ok" statement, unless you are specifically a lawyer and ready to make a case for the individual who "trips the line" based on assumptions. Might I recommend a more ... check the history ... and not ... it's generally ok ... type of approach?

    While Revekk is totally correct in their explanation that Alice et. al. is in the public domain, blanket statements which imply that fan art, of itself, is exempted from copyright laws and statutes ... isn't.

    BTW, excellent work Revekk.
  8. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    After the first "Wow!" settled down I noticed a lopped-eared bunny contentedly scratching itself while hovering just off the corner of the checker board. Talk about Wonderland! It was a few minutes before I realized Revekk was there, busy adding new content. :D

    The site is almost impossible to review without spoiling the many delightful surprises. Which pretty much leaves discussing some of the formalities of its construction. A lot of what seems simple about it is deceptively so. The skybox isn't simply black. There's some subtle and effective use of emitters as well as other techniques to add depth. Speaking of emitters, the consistent visual cue to talking objects is very elegantly done. And the objects themselves! Kudos on the repurposing of available props and the combining of props with voxel-work.

    The architecture itself is very much in the spirit of the books. Being bounced around or floating between apparently disjointed settings, the sectioning of platforms in a way that makes distances seem more relative than fixed, similar props being scaled differently in different areas ... deserves comparison to the visual surrealism of Cocteau and Hitchcock. That's no exaggeration.

    Fractal is an over-used and under-understood metaphorical reference, but there is very definitely a sophisticated wit about the use of recursively self-referential design throughout the whole site.

    My one disappointment was that it didn't go on forever. Glad I was there to see that Revekk continues to extend and refine this delightfully unique take on Dodgson's folly.
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  9. Aann Trailblazer

    This is truly a delightful site! I keep visiting again and again. I love Revekk's imagination.
  10. Sigtyr Trailblazer

    I saw it under construction, it was amazing then I have to visit again.
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  11. BigJohn Founder

    All aboard the Wonderland train. I am amazed every day I log on and run off to visit a new build. SO many people come and go and leave the most awesome stuff for others to see. A look into the artists mind as we stand in awe of the outcome. Build...build....BUILD. We love it !