Wife and I looking for guild

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    My Neighbors will not talk with me, think its time to look for a guild for my wife and myself. we have been playing off an on for about a year. I build she decorates. Need some advice and fun that guilds bring.

    we are looking for a guild with fun active players. (I just figured how to Link fireworks to a switch, oh the fun)

    Thanks for taking the time to read
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  3. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    take a look at Ragnarok. We have members from Norway to California (at least), so chances are very good of finding someone on at almost any time. A more generous group your are unlikely to find - most of what I know about building I learned after joining. People are both welcoming & respectful of those times when you want some solitude. If by fun you mean enjoying each other's company, the opportunity to work with builders in a wide variety of styles, the chance to go on expedition's/runs without any pressure to do so, ...
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    Courage Crew might be interesting for you too we are one of the oldest LM guilds, 70 + members including about 12 Daytime US/EU players. We have a recruitment thread here to. Lots of adults in guild.
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    Look me up if you need a home. Eternal Destiny is fun and active.
  6. Parthin Trailblazer

    Thanks for making a visit to the Fall Festival party site last night, I saw you two there. Eternal Destiny would be happy to have you both. We are an all-adult active group that likes to do things together (optional, of course).
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    we were blown away with all you guys have done for the Fall Festival ! was so much creativity and skill. We would be happy to join Eternal Destiny. I will PM once I log in.