Week End Wrap Up - September 4

Discussion in 'Official News and Announcements' started by Fairan, Sep 4, 2015.

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  1. Fairan Community Relations

    Happy Friday, Landmarkians!

    First off, let's talk about the upcoming update! We ran into some additional issues that needed to be fixed with the update, so it is now scheduled for 9/9 @ 10 am PST. One bonus to the delay is that we'll be able to get a few more Halas related things into the update than we had originally intended. :)

    We had a Workshop Show this week! The cast changed a bit from our announced group, but it was a great time with Rosie, Josh, Steve Klug and myself. :) Take a look at the video if you didn't get a chance to see it live! You can also watch it on youtube here!

    One small update: There will not be a Workshop Show on 9/10, it will return on 9/17 at it's normal time. Sorry for any inconvenience!

    Rosie and I both tweeted out a teaser about some "in the works" options/changes to claims that are actively being worked on, but will take a bit of time to get everything done. These won't be in next week's update, but they also won't be done in the mythical far future either. Definitely somewhere in-between.

    And on the EverQuest Next front, I announced on the Workshop Show that this week started our process of internal play tests and usability tests for the combat for EQN. Yesterday was the first time members from other teams inside of the company were able to sit down and kill some monsters for the first time and we're collecting great feedback to help us hone in on our goals. Initial responses have definitely let us know that what we have is fun and engaging in the ways we wanted. We will continue to have internal play tests over the next several weeks as we incorporate feedback and continue to polish the systems up.

    And last, but definitely far from least, a huge thank you to the community for pulling together the Community Week End Wrap Up this week. This week's has been posted by Murren! Thank you! :)

    I hope everyone has a great weekend and if you happen to have Monday off (Labor Day for us!), have a great 3 day weekend. Otherwise, pack 3 days of fun into 2 if you can manage it! Talk to you guys next week.
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  2. FWazzle Founder

    That YouTube link wasn't good.
  3. Fairan Community Relations

    Removed the link until we figure out how/why it broke. :)
  4. Fairan Community Relations

    This link works! Sorry about that. :)
  5. OldMaster80 Founder

    Ok, but that's Everquest Next, so we don't care. The question is: are we going to see some kind of improvements in Landmark's combat as well? Combat and mobs in Landmark at the moment are terrible.
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  6. Zorkon Trailblazer

    Don't say "we" you do not speak for me, yes I do care, and thank for the update Terry.
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  7. Galadhlinn Trailblazer

    Rosie and I both tweeted out a teaser about some "in the works" options/changes to claims

    I could not find info on this. Can anyone post the links to it?
  8. Lynxtar Trailblazer

    The update was great to hear this week and I think much needed for many.
    Look forward to doing some of that "play testing" for you guys in EQN as well.

    Keep us posted.
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  9. Hopestealer Trailblazer

    Yes thanks for the update Terry and I also agree with Zorkon. Your comments on combat in EQNext are very relevant to Landmark as they undoubtedly have a great many similarities. Please do not stop throwing these tidbits in for us as they are appreciated by many.
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  10. Dionesse Trailblazer

    You are better off looking at EQNext as the in house development environment for Landmark, because as they have repeatedly said any developments that are relevant to Landmark will be ported over to Landmark as soon as they are ready for mass testing, so the more they work on Next the sooner you will see changes here in Landmark. So I would say I care about EQNext, very much so.

    Thanks for the weekly wrap up Terry and a thumbs up to the team for all the hard work (except for all the skiving(shirking) off on Labour Day:p)
  11. Jhaxx Trailblazer

    umm... did they perform the update? Can you please post information one way or the other?
  12. Jhaxx Trailblazer

    oh I see the tweet on the lower section of tweets. I was expecting it on top. My bad. It is times like this that I wish I could delete my post :).
  13. Fredelas Well-Known Member

    You're correct; you're the only person who uses the forums for timely status updates on Landmark. ;)
  14. Dionesse Trailblazer

    That makes 2 of us I'm not so hot with Twitter and I hate the fact that it gets used more than the forums, but I am getting better at Twitter (if rather reluctantly) I actually managed to find this...

    Terry Michaels@terryjmichaels 35m35 minutes ago
    Things are looking good for the #Landmark update happening today. Last issue being resolved as I type this.

    Terry Michaels@terryjmichaels 23m23 minutes ago
    Okay, confirmed: Update @ 4:00, expected 2 hour downtime. I'll get the update notes out before that and share the link.
  15. Jaylee Trailblazer

    Actually there ARE some of us who care greatly about the EQN info so please Terry, Keep it up.

    Thanks for that!
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