Week End Wrap Up (May 16)

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    Happy Friday, Landmarkians!

    Less news than usual this week due to some real life news you may be aware of - SOE had to close down on Thursday due to wildfires threatening 9 areas of the city, and while the fires did not come near the office itself, many staff had to evacuate their homes. Many staff remained home on Friday in the areas under threat. We're hoping everyone stays safe and that the fires will be under control soon but thanks to everyone for the messages and well wishes sent our way, and apologies that the RL emergency means a little less news than normal for this week!

    Our big update this week was on Monday morning and it included some great additions to help make the new user experience better and make everyone's experience more convenient. Things like the ability to look up recipes from anywhere in the world; a gathering list to track what you want to harvest while you're out and about; expanded help files and a tech tree diagram; and a bunch of new props are among the headlines but there's lots more. You can read the full update notes here. We also loved Bearsoul's poetic inspiration on the topic.

    On Tuesday afternoon Landmark beta went live on Steam. If you're already happy playing without Steam then carry on, this does not affect you. If you're already playing and prefer to launch through Steam you can find more details in this post. And if you're newly come to us via Steam, welcome! We hope you're having fun so far, look out for lots of helpful guides and tutorials in these forums and all over YouTube among other places, and if you bought a Trailblazer pack you can check out this post explaining how to share your buddy keys.

    And that makes this a great time to remind ALL Trailblazers, Steam or not, to follow these instructions in order to get your name listed in the Landmark credits!

    On the Round Table, Michael Mann gave us some details about what to expect from combat in Landmark, and also how it is helping us to test and build combat in EverQuest Next. And over on our EverQuest Next sibling site, Steve "Moorgard" Danuser is asking which character from the EverQuest franchise you'd most like to see appear in EverQuest next.

    Unfortunately, the livestream this week was cancelled as several staff had to rush home due to wildfires and evacuation warnings. So be sure to catch up with us next Wednesday!

    We had also planned to start the second round of judging for the Landmarks of Landmark competition on Thursday, but due to the company shut down we have had to postpone this to next week. We know you're eager to hear more news as we have it, and to understand some of the things we're looking for as we judge, and we'll give you an update on our progress in next week's livestream. As always, livestreams happen on twitch at: http://www.twitch.tv/landmarkgame/profile

    The fire evacuations also forced us to postpone our planned Thursday morning hotfix, which will now happen on Monday morning. This is just a small hotfix to re-add the shaped blocks and address some bugs including the continued "white screen" issue which turns out to have only partially been fixed with this week's update. We'll post hotfix notes on Monday and keep you updated!

    I did mention it last week but in case you missed it, the EverQuest Worlds mobile app got an update recently and among other things you can unlock a bunch of new forum avatars for the Landmark forums. Check it out if you're interested!

    Looking for stuff to do this weekend? Here's a few things we noticed are going on!
    • LLC are now hiring!
    • We're loving that this thread just keeps on going. Do you have any "playing too much Landmark" moments to add?
    • Remember you can always find people currently streaming Landmark on Twitch through this link!
    • And you can always "/join General" on your home server to join the general chat and ask around for anything local going on.
    Unrelated to Landmark, but in other SOE news, this week our newest game H1Z1 (a zombie survival game) broadcast a live "radio play" in the style of World War Z and War of the Worlds, based in the H1Z1 game world. Whether or not H1Z1 the game interests you, the show is a great entertainment if you're looking for something to listen to while building your Landmark mansion, and it's now available in 5 parts on YouTube if you're interested: Part 1 is here.

    Finally, hope you're enjoying your new ocean-side claims, but be aware this alarming beastie was recently spotted on Adventure: Valley (appropriately enough). You may wish to check the thickness of your walls and lay on some reinforcements! :D What other cool stuff have you seen crawling out of the sea?

  2. Xzia Trailblazer

    Haha awesome, it's been fun building this claim with Zauk :)
    I have been streaming its progress everyday, more to come!
    My streaming schedule is everyday from 10pm-5am EDT, username on twitch is Xzialol
    Still building my stream, only started 4 days ago! I am not in the insider program yet, they said i have to prove i am worthy first, so come and join us! :p
  3. Mordeep Trailblazer

    Cool that you linked the thread with 12 pages, not so cool that we have not had any comment on the one with 47 pages and 33'000 views. Love to hear from you guys.
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  4. Giovani Trailblazer

    Dragons, ships and pirates in the harbor!

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  5. Shadowspawnd Trailblazer

    [IMG][IMG]Coastal Defenses prepared and on the alert for marauding cephalopods!
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  6. LindermanBR Founder

    I brought the game yesterday and I can't play due to the frequent FPS drop in the server. Every time that I quit the game it freezes my computer. I play games like BF4, DS2 and have no problem like this. I am really sad cause I can't enjoy this wonderful game.
  7. Destructress Member

    North harbor on Scree/Courage! It's fantastic. Search showcase for 'BP Deepwater Horizon' for your one way ticket to ride!
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  8. Destructress Member

    we need 100 pages and 1,000,000 views and they will let us keep all the resources!
  9. Schmetterling Trailblazer

    I would be happy if I could keep at least one each of my tools.
    If we could keep tools I would bother to go out to make the best I can as it is I am just using my good old ones I don't care if I cant upgrade my legendary tool
  10. Schmetterling Trailblazer

    I did make one really nice pic axe with 4 slots and now fully up grated :( and I am going to loos it
  11. Pashta Trailblazer

    WOW!! Those ships and the octopus are AMAZING!!
  12. Caudyr Founder

    BEWARE THE KRAKEN! Oh wait, it's just a giant octopus. :D