[Screenshot] VM 8-bit TTL CPU

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    Voxelmark 8-Bit CPU
    TTL x86

    Time to make a post on one of the projects I've been working on since LT first entered into LM!
    It has been along road and lots of learning, had to take a few MIT courses on Logic just to pull this off, so here it is, the working 8-bit CPU TTL, designed from the x86 board layout with some extras!
    I want to get some testing done so I hooked up a simple input/output for players to test the adding feature of the CPU, once I've finished up the RAM and a few other parts, I'll slam it all together and open up the rest of the CPU. I already have plans to launch the completed model with a game or two to play, ironic in a way, playing a game in a game!

    Full Adder w/Subtract
    < = > (AB)
    L/R Shifts
    Signed Bit & Zero Bit
    A/B Registers
    Instruction Code
    Monochrome CRT
    (Not Hooked Up ATM)

    Future Addons
    16 Bit RAM
    RGB Monitor
    8-Bit Games

    *Able to add up to 255, visit Voxelmark Tech in the Gallery!
    *Once tested, I'll finish the final instructions and open up all the features of the CPU!

    "Watch this thread for more details as I finish up this project!"

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    Amazing job Draco, can't stand to test by myself !!!
  3. GoldDraco13 Trailblazer

    Voxel Bit is there to assist!