Update Notes - 5/1/2014

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  1. Felgon Developer

    • Our first competition is now live! Read more about the Submission process here: https://forums.station.sony.com/lan...-the-landmarks-of-landmark-competition.31960/
    • In the new Template Inspect Window, there is a new button called "Competitions."
    • From here, you can submit that template to any Competition that is active.
    • To view submissions, use the Category pull down in the Gallery. This competition is called "Landmarks of Landmark."
    Claim Feedback
    • The Claim Feedback button is now active on other players claims! Have you ever visited an amazing claim, and wanted to leave the owner a note?
    • Maybe you wanted to donate some materials so they could finish their project? Now you can!
    • When on another players claim, you can send them Feedback by clicking the button in the drop-down claim header.
    • This will open a Mail window and you can let them know how much you like their claim, and / or attach a gift or two!
    Teleport to Claim from Gallery
    • Did you find a really awesome claim in the Gallery that you want to see in person? Well now you can go there directly, assuming you've crafted some Portal Shards! (Portal Shards can be crafted at any Workshop.)
    • Simply click the Teleport button in the gallery, and we'll whisk you away to that claim.
    • Teleport to a Claim in the Gallery has a 30 minute cooldown. Also note that we've reduced the cooldown of Teleporting to your own claim from 60 minutes to 30 minutes.
    Chat Improvements
    • You can now split off multiple tabs of chat in to their own windows!
    • Added an Options Button that opens the Options screen from the Game Options ESC menu
    • Renamed "Default" to simply "Chat"
    • These changes currently won’t save between sessions of the game, but we’ll be getting that in ASAP. We thought this would still be useful enough to everyone without it so we wanted to get it to you this week. 
    New Props
    • New props can now be crafted on the Tinkerer’s Workshop!
    • Small Round Rug
    • Runner Rug
    • Large Rectangular Rug
    • Candle
    • Medium Candle Group
    • Large Candle Group
    • Wooden Bed
    • Wooden Bench
    • Wooden Stool
    • Wooden Crate
    • Painted Wooden Chair
    • Rustic Bookcase
    Also of note: The Smelter Refining Station has a new model!

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue where items were disappearing from chests. If you return to the Island that has your Claim that had said chest, the items should spit out in to your Overflow Inventory.
    • If you had lost items from your claim previously, even if not related to chests, there is a good chance they will also be restored to your Overflow Inventory when you return to your claim island!
    • Fixed an issue where if you had the EXACT amount of materials required for an upgrade, it would fail.
    • Sometimes the sifter counts in the recipe window would not update properly. Fixed.
    • Addressed an issue where a Tree health bar would appear on the map if you started to harvest a tree and opened the map at the same time.
    • Fixed an issue where a tooltip would remain on the screen if you pressed ESC while in the mailbox.
    • /afk now has a default message.
    • If you had just switched toolbars and then pressed SPACEBAR, it would switch to the next toolbar. Fixed.
    • Sometimes the tabs in the chat would become unresponsive. This should be fixed.
    • Party Member names should now display properly on the map.
    • Clicking on "Add Friend" should now give that text box focus.
    • Fixed an issue where other UI windows would be on a higher layer than the map, and could not be closed.
    • Fixed an issue where sometimes the Inspect and Place button in the Template Window would require two clicks to activate.
    • Sometimes you would receive a message that you needed to delete attachment claims before you could delete the root claim, even if you didn't have any attachment claims. This is fixed.
    • The color of an outfit has been moved to the end of the outfit’s name to make it easier to sort outfits. For example, "Adventurer's Hiking Gear (Black)"
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  2. Gaspodia Trailblazer

    Chat Improvements
    • You can now split off multiple tabs of chat in to their own windows!
    Wooot! Am a happy Bunny :D

    Also, First!
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  3. fipso Founder

    have you fixed the founder pack upgrades so i can get my stuff
  4. Ysovuka Trailblazer

    Does this mean there is a donation box?
  5. Skomag Founder

    No book shelf prop that we saw in yesterday's live stream?
  6. ChimeraRose Trailblazer

    Chat Fixes!! thank you developer gods! Now get rid of leave/join messages spam and Ill really be happy
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  7. Codei Founder

    Good stuff! Thanks for all your work!
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  8. Mison Trailblazer

    Don't know for sure obviously as we're not in game, but I suspect you can attach coin/resources to the feedback mail message? but perhaps there may be another mechanism for 'donations' too
  9. ChimeraRose Trailblazer

    I think it says you can leave a donation in the drop down mail box. Like when you send a friend resources right now
  10. Tarmuar_TT Trailblazer

    As long as we can filter out that log in log out trash into its own tab...


    Otherwise I retract said WOOOOT WOOOOT until you can...;)
  11. Black Wolf Trailblazer

    I think you need to use the mail system to sent people your donations.
  12. Quenton Trailblazer

    Thanks for the update. Looking forward to checking out those claims in person!
  13. Raz Trailblazer

    What about the error we were getting about deleting a claim that there was no room for the claim flag in our inventory\y. Was this related to the items missing from chest bug?
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  14. AdamAitch Founder

    That chat change is the best news in this patch.
  15. fipso Founder

    raz thats if you are on a different server or a different island
  16. kailikkular Founder

    there is, it is called the rustic bookcase :)
  17. Graf Founder

    Always fun reading the patch notes, and the chest fix is especially good news. However, does this also fix the tools placed into chests that lost their slots and upgradeability?

  18. Oubak Trailblazer

    Nice !!
  19. Moshpet Founder

    They should give us pictures for the patches when they add props.
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  20. Tazha Trailblazer

    Some nice fixes in this update! Thanks!
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