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Discussion in 'Update Notes and Developer Discussion' started by Fairan, Aug 6, 2014.

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  1. Fairan Developer

    • Guilds are here! Join up with your friends and make a name for yourselves in Landmark.
    • Click here to see all the details of this robust system.
    New Materials
    • Glass Voxels are now here! This material can be crafted at a forge or smelter using sand. This material is located at the bottom of the Stone category.
    • New Ice Materials! We've taken advantage of the new tech we made to support water and glass, and made a new Ice textures that are actually transparent. Note that we did not overwrite the current ice texture, but instead added these new ones in addition to the old ones.
    • We've also made a small change to the Water material. We felt (and received feedback) that the water was a bit too static, so the material animates a bit more.
    Multi-Screenshot functionality for Claims
    • Much like how you can take multiple screenshots for your Templates and Player Studio items, you can now take up to four screenshots to display your claim in the Gallery.
    New Props

    Since SOE Live is imminent, we wanted to release some cool props for you to decorate your claim with - so let’s have a party! (Images below!)
    • Glassware, Mugs, & Steins
      • Goblet
      • Drinking Horn
      • Mug
      • Stein
      • Large Stemmed Goblet
      • Short Stemmed Glass
      • Medium Stemmed Glass
      • Medium Stemmed Goblet
      • Tall Stemmed Glass
      • Large Stemmed Glass
    • Food & Drink
      • Medium Keg
      • Bread 1
      • Bread 2
      • Pink Cake
      • Chocolate Cake
      • Buttercream Cake
      • Roasted Meat 1
      • Roasted Meat 2
      • Small Keg
      • Barrels
    • Spotlights
      • Blue Spotlight
      • Green Spotlight
      • Indigo Spotlight
      • Orange Spotlight
      • Red Spotlight
      • Violet Spotlight
      • White Spotlight
      • Yellow Spotlight
    • We've also added all of these to bundles that can be purchased in the Marketplace.
    New Outfits
    • We've added Planetside-themed tints to the Commander's Gear, which can be purchased in the Marketplace!
    • Choose from the New Conglomerate, Terran Republic, or the Vanu Soverignty!
    Claim Upkeep Change
    • The maximum time that upkeep can be paid in advance has been increased to 15 days, up from 8.
    • There will now be an upkeep payment reminder sent out 3 days before a claim expires. The previous reminder occurred 1 hour before expiration.
    Voxel Vision
    • VV has received a bit of a revamp from the code side, in order to increase performance.
      • Curved / contoured surfaces should now display with more accuracy.
      • The client should no longer stall significantly when attempting to display detailed geometry.
      • Attempting to build with Voxel Vision active should not result in single digit FPS.
    Steam Friends
    • Upon login, all Steam friends that are also logged-in will be auto-added to the Landmark friends list, as long as they aren't ignoring you, and vice-versa.
    • This only works if each player is logged into Landmark. A Steam friend that is logged in, but not into Landmark won't get added until they actually enter the game while you are also in.
    • Once added, a Steam-enabled user won't need to log in with steam to retain the Landmark friends association (unless a friend is removed, obviously).
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with the Sickle in the Starter Pack not functioning correctly.
    • Deleting your surfacecache folder will no longer result in missing terrain.
    • Addressed an issue that let you continue to swim in the air, after exiting a water volume.
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  2. Sunraiser Trailblazer

    Awesome! :D Looking forward to this one, Terry! Thank you! CANNOT WAIT FOR THE FOOD!

    Question though....does hot food/drink "steam" appropriately? :D Would be awesome if it did.
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  3. Idrona Trailblazer

    Awesome! Glass voxels and upkeep time in particular. :D
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  4. Virgatus Trailblazer

    Nice! Looks like a great update.
  5. LucasTheLost Developer

    The glass and ice stuff are just jaw dropping. I expect ice castles similar to those found in some-other-IP-I-won't-name-just-in-case to spring up almost immediately after the servers open.
  6. CataclysmEQ2 Founder

    Very nice.. Closer steam integration is great.
  7. Vanilia Founder

    Steam Friends
    • Upon login, all Steam friends that are also logged-in will be auto-added to the Landmark friends list, as long as they aren't ignoring you, and vice-versa.
    Great update, except for this. Sometimes you want to be secret.
    Would be better if it was a toggle/option/check box.
  8. CataclysmEQ2 Founder

    So that's when you'd select 'offline' in steam or chose ignore.
  9. Mejulie Trailblazer

    Awesome stuff Fairan. Many folks will be happy about the upkeep time being extended, very glad for them.

  10. Felgon Developer

    Terry removed my "Technology equals Might" comment in the patch notes. :(
  11. Dr Fred Founder

    Great Update! Thank-you very much for the new props, I have been waiting for dining and kitchen props.
  12. Vanilia Founder

    The point of my post is to have the option to select "Do not auto friend me"
  13. Mejulie Trailblazer

    So exciting to read this! :D
  14. Chenzeme Stormbringer Trailblazer

  15. Darlash Founder

    Loving this update
  16. Shimmur Trailblazer

    Will there be an update the week of SOE live? And...can we watch SOE live on Twitch or will you have a place where players can see it live? I can't wait for the really BIG stuff after Soe Live to be added ..i think part will be real death and combat which means monsters..but i wonder about the rest..so exciting...i wish SOE live was over already and we could skip a week ...lol:)
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  17. Moonpanther Founder

    OMG OMG OMG.....Christmas came early!!!!!!!! Did I say OMG???? Can't wait to check things out.
  18. Dave Smith Founder

    Wait so i can never ad my other account character as a friend because I can't ever log them both on at the same time? Can I allow my other account to build on my claim if they aren't a friend?
  19. Netasi Well-Known Member

    Still no multi thread optimizations.
  20. Moonpanther Founder

    Can someone explain what "voxel vision" is, I must have missed that explanation. Thanks in advance. :D
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