Update Notes - 07/10/2014

Discussion in 'Update Notes and Developer Discussion' started by Fairan, Jul 10, 2014.

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  1. Fairan Community Relations

    • You can now edit your keybindings in the ESC menu, under "Customize Controls."
    Landmarks of Landmark Competition Winners!
    • You will now find the winners of the Landmarks of Landmark competition on various islands / worlds. They have been enshrined in their very own Claim, for all players to see.
    • In the near future, the contributors will be listed individually, and you’ll be able to:
      • Click their name, taking you to the Showcase (so you can see other examples of their work!)
      • Send them Feedback on their submission
    Marketplace Recommendations
    • The Marketplace will now display recommendations specific to you! Depending on your browsing and spending habits, we'll recommend SOE or Player Studio items that we think might interest you. These recommendations can be found at the bottom portion of the Marketplace.
    • Let us know what you think!
    New Craftable Outfits
    • We've introduced some new tints to the Craftable outfits on the Outfitter's Station.
    • Artisan's Outfit and the Pathfinder's Gear can now be crafted in White, Blue, Tan, Mint, and Grey.
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed a bug where pasting without air was causing artifacts on nearby voxels.
    • Some materials did not have specific audio when they were being mined - this should be fixed.
    • Changed the Demo Mode options to "Enable" when checked, instead of "Disable" when checked. They should still default to "On."
    • Sometimes when you were perpendicular to the face of a Selection Volume, it would quickly zoom away. This should no longer occur.
    • Previously, using the rotation arrows when the camera is perfectly aligned to that axis was difficult. This should be much better now.
    • Addressed an issue where re-naming a template would reset the "Date Created" to an invalid date.
    • Fixed an issue where copying your own voxels over another owners voxels would transfer ownership.
    • You can now delete Player Studio templates, even if they're surrounded by other voxels.
    • The chat window should no longer move on its own after relaunching the client.
    • Prop Placement will no longer unintentionally enter Adjust mode (this happened when trying to pick up a prop while in adjust mode, and then placing it again.)
    • Exiting the game via the game window's X should no longer bring up the ESC menu - but will instead force close the client.
    • Addressed a bug with the selection volume getting stuck to your mouse cursor, even after releasing the mouse button.
    • Previously, the Ornate pitcher would not sit flush on other objects or voxels. Fixed!
    • The Claim Banner dropdown will no longer lock your keyboard when clicked multiple times
    • Renamed the Pathfinder’s Gear (Grey) to Pathfinder’s Gear (Black)
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  2. Vedo Trailblazer

    Thanks Fairan! :D Keybinds WOOT!!
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  3. Brydee Active Member

    key bindings! YES!
    only a month away til soe live. cant wait!
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  4. ManInLevis Trailblazer

    Fixing the paste without air bug was worth a whole patch, Thanks!!
  5. ChimeraRose Trailblazer

    • Fixed a bug where pasting without air was causing artifacts on nearby voxels.
  6. Owi Founder

    Good job, keybindings - finaly! Im not "wasd" player, breaking my fingers while using cursorblock is over now :D! Dont listen to players that cant get enough.:cool: *looks around
  7. Tattle Trailblazer

    Horray on the bug fixes!
    Fixed a bug where pasting without air was causing artifacts on nearby voxels.
    Addressed a bug with the selection volume getting stuck to your mouse cursor, even after releasing the mouse button.
    ..yeah both were problems plus!
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  8. Idrona Trailblazer

    Yay bugfixeses! :D

    Can't wait to try this
    "Fixed a bug where pasting without air was causing artifacts on nearby voxels."
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  9. onk Active Member

    nice bugfixes, great.
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  10. Ysovuka Trailblazer

    Wah?! Templates can be renamed? Since when?
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  11. Vanderbilt Trailblazer

    Oh yeah. Minty green outfits. Nice. And that pitcher sitting flat. No more spilt tears.

    I think we're practically owed water next week. ;)
  12. Reginaldo Founder

    I can't play later the patch. When loading the game I get this error:
    Game Error G99
  13. Tam Trailblazer

    "wow another no content patch..... I know its beta but come on... give us something worth looking forward to doing.."

    I want new content as much as the next but at this time I`d honestly rather they focus more on bugs and performance.

    I havent been able to log in for for than a few minutes for almost a month due to diminishing stability, so its hard to look forward for something new to do when I cant do a thing to begin with.
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  14. Shayalyn Trailblazer

    That would mean that the game is currently patching. The update began just over a half hour ago and the game's not back up yet. ;)
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  15. dabudo Trailblazer

    What I was going to say lol Maybe they're going to put in the ability to rename templates and pre-fixed the bug that was going to be there.
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  16. Jhaxx Trailblazer

    Totally agree. This might not have much content but the bug fixes are outstanding. I have been hoping for several of them. Woot.
  17. Fulton Founder

    Because the game isn't up yet. They just give us the patch notes while they are patching the servers.
  18. Ice Queen Trailblazer

    So glad for keybindings and paste without air fix. *Crosses fingers and hopes paste without air is completely fixed now*
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  19. Daimond Trailblazer

    Does this mean we can finally, paste an object into another and wont deform where air is in the selection box now?
    Hope this is what it sounds like :) as works this way with PS templates.
    Cause yeeha! been waiting for this for so long, I hated fixing a ramp or say nice looking spiral stairs, then you paste a room or tube around it, and undoes all your work :(
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  20. Felgon Developer

    It's definitely been improved, but you can still get artifacts in certain situations. I tested this quite a bit by creating the sort of stacked arches that are prominent in Dark Elf architecture. As long as you're not putting it TOO close to the edge, it looks very clean.

    I ran in to issues when doing very extreme angles or curves and stacking them, resulting in the "stepping" that you're probably used to seeing. As always, this is a work in progress, and we hope to improve it in the future.
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