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  1. Fairan Developer

    Player Studio
    • Player Studio is now live!
    • You can now submit your templates to Player Studio and when they're accepted, they'll show up in the marketplace for people to browse through and find something they like.
    • The full details of how to do this are at the bottom of the update notes for everyone interested!
    • The Showcase has received a bit of a facelift!
    • We've separated the Marketplace, Gallery, and Competitions in to three separate tabs for ease of use.
    • Added the ability to cycle through items in the Marketplace, while in the Detail window
    • Added the ability to sort by World and Island
    • Increased the size of the screenshots shown so you can more easily see detail
    Caves, Resource Veins, and Items
    • Resource veins have been significantly redistributed, making cave exploration even more rewarding.
      • On the surface of each island, only common ore, gems, and stone can be found.
        • Tier 1: copper and agate
        • Tier 2: iron (plus small amounts of tin), aquamarine, marble, amaranthine
        • Tier 3: tungsten (plus small amounts of silver), amethyst, marble, amaranthine, obsidian, alabaster
        • Tier 4: cobalt (plus small amounts of gold), sapphire, obsidian, alabaster
      • Rare ore and gems have been moved into caves. In addition, materials of the next tier can be found in the caves.
        • Tier 1 caves: iron, tin, aquamarine, tourmaline, ancient earth
        • Tier 2 caves: tin, tungsten, silver, tourmaline, amethyst, topaz, ancient earth
        • Tier 3 caves: silver, cobalt, gold, topaz, sapphire, emerald, ancient earth
        • Tier 4 caves: gold, mithril, rubicite, emerald, ruby, diamond, ancient earth
      • Veins that combined stone/metal and stone/gem have been removed.
      • Ancient earth pockets are no longer found on the surface.
    • Etherium and moonstone can now be mined in Tier 4 caves. They’re rare, so keep your eyes (and resource detectors) peeled!
    • Made a couple of changes to treasure chest loot!
      • First, the Mechanized and Powered Pulverizers have been removed from the treasure chest loot table, and have been replaced with a unique one – the Calibrated Rockgrinder!
      • The Rockgrinder is a high-quality pulverizer that is not upgradable, but should perform well for those who do not have upgraded versions of the Powered Pulverizer.
      • Also, the chance of items such as accessories and gear dropping from chests has been tripled, so these items should be seen more frequently when opening a chest!
    • The Traveler’s Grappling Hook, a new Tier 1 Grappling Hook, can now be crafted at the Tinkerer’s Workshop. This easy to craft grappling hook is perfect for first time explorers hoping to brave the caves of Landmark.
    • Lightstones are now craftable at the Tinkerer’s Workshop, providing access to a low cost, consumable, personal light source for Tier 1 players.
    • The Ore Prospector recipe now requires Aquamarine as its gem component.
    Bug Fixes / Misc
    • Frame rate hitching introduced for some players with the last patch has been largely eliminated--with a bit of a frame rate boost for everyone included!
    • There was an issue where the screen would become almost completely white when coming out of a cave - this shouldn't occur anymore.
    • Sometimes you would get extra loot when clicking a Treasure Chest multiple times. Fixed.
    • Redistributed props on all Islands. This should both eliminate the vast areas of land that had no props.
    • Occasionally you'd come across trees or plants that could not be harvested. This should be fixed.
    • Added more Ocean audio near the shore. Waves crashing, etc.
    • Fixed an issue where your equipped outfit would overlap with the default outfit after zoning.
    • Addressed numerous crashes.
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  2. Fairan Developer

    Player Studio:

    Submitting your template

    Submitting an item to Player Studio is done via templates.

    Pro Tip: If you’re not familiar with making templates, here’s how you do it: While in game, use the selection tool to create a selection volume around the item you wish to submit. Open the templates window (T) and use the “Create New” button to create a template from your selection. It’s always best to take the best possible screenshot of your template as this is what buyers see when they see your template in the Player Studio!

    Once you have a template, use the “INSPECT” button to open the template details. There is a gold Player Studio logo on the right side of that window. Click that button.


    NOTE: If you are not already registered and validated your personal tax info for Player Studio, you’ll be prompted to go through the tax registration process. That process can take a bit of time to complete and process, so just be aware that it’s absolutely necessary (or your country’s government will get very angry with us). Instructions and details of the tax registration process can be found here: https://player-studio.soe.com/w9

    Assuming you’ve already completed the tax requirements, the process of submitting a template is actually very simple.

    The screenshot below shows all the info you need to fill out, but it’s presented to you a single step at a time so you can easily make decisions.

    Name your item, set a price, write a description and enter tags (so players can find your item via the search feature). That’s it! Then hit SUBMIT!

    IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a listing fee for each item submitted to Player Studio. This is 10% of the price you set, or a minimum of 100SC.



    Other things you might want to know!

    Player Studio is now open to players living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, France, Germany, Denmark, and Norway. Other countries will be added as we work through the individual country tax laws.

    At this time, players under 18 are not able to submit templates in PlayerStudio. We are working towards addressing this.

    You can submit templates containing creations made by more than one person. The number of voxels “owned” by each person is handled automatically, and royalties will be credited to all creators involved in the creation of that template.

    Ownership of a voxel is determined by:
    • Whoever changed the voxel last “owns” that voxel.
    • The one exception to this is that PAINTING a voxel does not change its ownership. (Add and Line *do* change ownership. Smoothing should change ownership, but there’s currently a bug with that and it will be fixed in the next update.)
    • Copy/pasting voxels retains their original ownership. So if person A places some voxels and person B copies and pastes them, they are all still owned by person A.
    If more than one person owns voxels in the template, they will all be listed as creators. ALL creators of the template need to have completed tax registration for Player Studio so SOE can pay them. If any of the creators of a template have NOT completed tax registration, it will not be possible to submit the template.

    Props are not tracked for contribution to a template. This may be added in the future, but currently, prop placement will not add you to the contributor’s list on a template. Only voxel changes do that currently.

    [UPDATED - JUNE 23] Keep in mind, that when buying a Player Studio template, it does not come with any resources or props. You are buying a *template* of that object. The template is immutable, which means you will not be able to copy/paste individual sections of the template or alter the template in any way except for painting it with another material.

    Your Template Voxel Limit is not affected by any Player Studio templates purchased. So if you are currently at 1,250,000 voxels out of a max of 3,000,000 voxels in your limit, and you buy Player Studio templates, you are still at 1,250,000 voxels.

    You access any Player Studio templates purchased through your normal Template interface (“T”).

    If you delete a Player Studio template, it is gone. This is similar in nature to any other item you buy from the Marketplace. If you delete it, it’s gone. In the future (not currently), Player Studio templates will be highlighted in an obvious manner to help minimize this possibility, but right now, you still get a confirmation dialog to avoid deleting them accidentally.
  3. Fairan Developer

    Player Studio, Continued:

    How Can I Tell Who Owns Which Voxel?
    Answer: Voxel Vision!

    While in-game, and on one of your claims, you can click the “Voxel Vision” button on your claim boundary. When you do that, two things happen: a) all the voxels in the area change color, and b) a legend appears showing all the builder names that have “owned” voxels on your claim. Colors appear next to each of their names that match up with the colors you see on the voxels.

    In this way, you can easily see which voxels are owned by which player.


    How Does an Item Get Accepted?

    Once an item is submitted to Player Studio, it will be reviewed by other Landmark players that have previously purchased at least 1000 SC of items from the Marketplace. (Why? Because people that are willing to buy stuff have proven that they are inherently interested in what goes into Player Studio.)

    Players who are online when an item is submitted and who are eligible to be reviewers will receive an in-game prompt asking if they would like to review a new item. They will either approve the item, or disapprove it. Disapprovals can be made on the grounds of lewd/offensive content, or copyright violations, either because of the name, the object itself, or its description.

    Initially, no player will receive more than two opportunities to review an item per day. There are ways to earn more review opportunities (as well as a host of other cool abilities), but those will be coming at a later date. Currently, there is no way to opt out of the review system, but that is coming ASAP after initial launch.



    *IF* your object is rejected, it is moved to a Customer Service queue for review. Customer Service will either uphold the player findings or override them, thus confirming the rejection or accepting the item instead.

    Once approved, the item appears in the Marketplace section of the Showcase and can be searched for like any other item. Search for any of the tags on your template to bring it up, or you can also search by the name of the submitter.


    Items remain listed on the Marketplace as long as they have at least one sale per month. If an item does not have any sales for an entire 30 day period, it will be removed from listing. (But can be resubmitted again.)

    Future Improvements
    • MyStore : This feature will have lots of great functionality, but chief among its abilities will be the ability to see the status of all items, including the ability to de-list or change pricing on an item. MyStore will be accessible from in-game *and* from the web.
    • Review Opt Out : If you don’t want to review item submissions, you can opt out. (This will also be part of MyStore.)
    • Mega-Categories : To make it easier for players to find your items, we’ll be adding more “mega-categories” to the Category pulldown. Example: We’ll create a “Castle” mega-category that includes tag searches for things like “Keep” and “Fort” and “Fortress” (etc) so that players can select that one easy category without having to search for every random word they can imagine to cover what a “castle” might be.
    • Creator and Patron Achievements : Both the successful creators of items *and* the supporters of Player Studio items earn special perks and privileges for so doing. This will all be detailed later.
    Royalty Payments
    We pay out Player Studio disbursements at the end of every quarter. Revenue is a 60/40 split of the net revenue of each item sale, but for details, please see https://player-studio.soe.com/terms
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  4. Sunraiser Trailblazer

  5. Bimbleberry Founder

    Whoa - very lengthy update! Thanks for all your hard work!
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  6. corrupt Founder

    awesome Good work on fixing the bugs keep it up devs
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  7. Idrona Trailblazer

    Nice! Gonna like to see the frame rate being bit more stable. :)
  8. SonGoku123 Trailblazer

    still no voxel water :(
  9. ChimeraRose Trailblazer

    • Frame rate hitching introduced for some players with the last patch has been largely eliminated--with a bit of a frame rate boost for everyone included!
    THIS right here makes me the happiest. thanks guys!
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  10. Allastras Founder

    Will we have the ability to sell for SC instead of cash? Will there be any kind of currency in game?
  11. Brusilov Trailblazer

    Cant wait to get in game :p
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  12. Fredelas Well-Known Member

    I wish I had known I'd have to pay a dollar just for the privilege of potentially having a template approved by other players before I spent $10.00 to fill out tax forms online.

    This isn't a big deal, since I know it could potentially cost SOE money to review templates that players have rejected. I just wish I had known ahead of time.
  13. mthomas768 Founder

    Has the problem with material / chest / plant spawns in caves going dead been addressed? If not, it's going to be a tough week for builders and rare materials.
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  14. Sawlstone Trailblazer

    Looks great!
  15. Whiteberry Trailblazer

    Looking forward to seeing the Player Studio live and the improvements to caves & loot.

    Interesting with the player-driven approval process and how that will work out :)
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  16. Lady Astrum Trailblazer

    Great update, thank you. I am a bit uncertain about this however:

    Will the items be reviewed without a players name attached, so that it is in effect anonymous? What if people decide to disapprove something because they don't like the person that made it? Lol! It could happen!
  17. Bobdob Founder

    So if I purchase a template and then paste it onto my claim, what is to prevent me from letting my buddy copy and paste it from my claim to his?
  18. Tenma Trailblazer

    Not really seeing as many bug fixes as I was hoping. I get the feeling Quantity is starting to be more important than Quality. I know the devs are hard at work, but please Fix more of the current issues.

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  19. Allastras Founder

    after this it says:

    "*IF* your object is rejected, it is moved to a Customer Service queue for review. Customer Service will either uphold the player findings or override them, thus confirming the rejection or accepting the item instead."
  20. NiiHai Trailblazer

    How about fixing the spawn rates and spawn placement of Treasure Chests? That sure would have been handy. Doesn't really help that you're 3 times more likely to get better loot out of one when you can never find one to begin with...
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