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  1. Fairan Community Relations

    Here are all the new things we've added and the bugs we've fixed since the update last week! Have fun and let us know what you think!

    New Tweak Option!
    • When you want to Paste or put down a Template in Tweak Mode, there is a new option: The ability to include/exclude air.
    • For the advanced builders out there, you probably already know what this means. To everyone else, let me explain a bit.
      • When you're building with voxels, if you delete anything, that voxel space becomes "air." That means there's actually something in that space, you simply can't see it. Now if you had healed that space, it would essentially fill that area with "nothing."
      • This means that if you copy and paste an area with "air" in to another area with voxels, it will leave an empty space. This can sometimes be an issue if you want to interpenetrate a pasted volume in to another area with voxels. It will remove chunks of an area that you may not have realized had "air."
    • There's now a Compass on your HUD. Gone are the days of constantly switching to the map to see if you're going in the right direction!
    New Props!
    • As we stated last week, the Light Orbs that we added to the Trading Post are now craftable in-game. Just visit a Tinker's Workshop and craft to your heart’s content.
    • Transparent Glass Windows are now craftable at the Tinker's Workshop.
    Simplified Claim Walk-On window
    • Removed the temperature graphic.
    • The number of likes within the past seven days will now display.
    • If you hover over the number of likes, it will show you the number of Lifetime likes.
    Bug Fixes
    • If you sorted by slot in the Supplies window, blank icons would display. Fixed.
    • Fixed an issue where you would remain floating in a grappling animation if the tree you were hanging on was destroyed.
    • Sometimes props would remain in the world on an expired claim, if they were put there by someone other than the claim owner. This shouldn't happen any longer.
    • The Beta Boost potion FX should no longer play each time you switch tools.
    • Posting to Facebook via the Social Window without attaching a screenshot, should no longer attach a blank screenshot.
    • Previously it was possible to stack numerous items on top of each other in the Mail attachment window. Not anymore!
    • Made sure that the error audio would play each time you attempted to use a tool that had a Red (invalid) cursor.
    • Fixed an issue where props placed by other players would not display the scale and rotation changes.
    • There was an issue where props placed by other players would not be able to be moved on your claim. This is fixed.
    • Decreased the interaction size on the Superior Loom.
    • The newly added Light Orbs will now show in the Props category in the Trading Post.
    • Sometimes the Pulverizer audio would become distorted after changing Worlds / Islands.
    • Fixed an issue where a Paste Preview would inexplicably drop to the ground, if you rotated / translated it in a certain way.
    • Added a character limit to chat messages.
    • Fixed an issue where user placed voxels would sometimes re-appear at a distance if they were deleted or removed with undo. (testable next build)
    • Did a polish pass on all dull and shiny metals (similar to what we did last week with gold!)
    • You can no longer trade items in a chest with other players, if that item is marked "NO TRADE"
    • Fixed a leftover issue from last week regarding tooltips in Chests. You should no longer get in to a state where no tooltips are showing.
    • Modified the Vault window in order to get rid of all that extra space on the bottom.


    A couple of additional things:
    • White Light Orbs have been added to the Trading Post. They can be purchased in bundles of 10.
    • The following Trading Post items have had their prices adjusted:
    • Now 900 SC: White Colonist’s Encounter Suit, Purple Casual Victorian Apparel, Red Casual Victorian Apparel, Black Casual Victorian Apparel
    • Now 800 SC: Gold Casual Victorian Apparel
    • Now 700 SC: Blue Casual Victorian Apparel
    • Now 500 SC: Royal Blue Adventurer’s Gear
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  2. Bryde Trailblazer

    Ahh A compass! No more running in the wrong direction and missing the hub! ;)
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  3. Neurotoxin Trailblazer

    Good stuff! Looking forward to solid windows!
  4. Zintarael Trailblazer

    Using a compass is far more satisfying and immersive than having a full minimap. Hope they refrain from adding the latter.
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  5. Semedi Trailblazer

    Pasting without air is HUGELY appreciated! Thank you!
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  6. Orionza Trailblazer

    "there is a new option: The ability to include/exclude air." - wow! I don't need to read anymore! Best patch ever :D
    Yay..wait I read more! Yay for glass!
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  7. aphrospice Trailblazer

    Woohoo! Love it thank you so much!
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  8. Dasor Trailblazer

    The new Tweak Mode... Oh my god that's the best news i've ever wanted to hear.
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  9. Tazha Trailblazer

    Hooray for the compass!
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  10. Dangermouse 007 Founder

    Love the paste option for the air in tweak mode and obviously the compass!
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  11. Sunraiser Trailblazer

    What about the constantly moving/changing props, specifically the new stained glass windows? I've had to re-place and remove them everytime I log in because the scale keeps warping to extreme sizes and the positions keep shifting into a spot that I didn't leave them in at all. :(
  12. GoldDraco13 Trailblazer

    *does landmark happy dance* *includes a omeed nod*
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  13. JSArrakis Active Member

    Awesome patch. But please for the love of god, candles and books.
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  14. Andrii Trailblazer

    Someday we will have a meaty patch again. I look forward to that day!
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  15. Throow Trailblazer

    I build a house in parts some time ago, but I can't past them together because of the air. Now it should be possible. Looking forward to it and to put glass in the windows
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  16. Felgon Developer

    Actually, we fixed the Stained Glass window bug. I'm not aware of other props that move / change on logout. Do you have any examples?
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  17. xanathon Founder

    Pasting without air ... nothing short of brilliant! If I had known that earlier today I would've waited with the roof construction until after the patch ... ;) And "yay!" for compass. Thanks for glass windows. Does that mean you now have a shader for glass and we will soon get glass as a material, too?
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  18. Vedo Trailblazer

    N S E W
    L O V E!!
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  19. BumbleinGrey Trailblazer

    Soo happy! The air/paste business has been the bane of my existence as of late!
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  20. Breadbeard Trailblazer

    I agree, I think I had my expectations set a little too high when we got into closed beta. I do hope there is more of a surprise than just a compass this week also.
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