[Suggestion] Upcoming Hosted Events from Eternal Destiny

Discussion in 'Player Creations & Events (Player Showcase)' started by Maeya, Sep 6, 2016.

  1. Maeya Founder

    As you all know Eternal Destiny loves to host parties, so I ask this of the community: What are some of the build events would you like to do for the upcoming holidays? We are thinking of hosting a party for Thanksgiving and a Winter Fest. So please give us your ideas!

    We are working on the Halloween Party now so please come grab your spot to build spooky-ness, there are a few spots to pick from: Haunted Asylum or the Haunted Neighborhood. Please contact me (Maeya) in game to get your spooky-ness on. 1st place builds in the Asylum and in the Neighborhood wins special prizes. Also there will be games with the chance to win claim flags.
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  2. manopoliy Founder

    #1: I like realy much what you guys are doing for the community thanks alot for this and keep on the awsome job.

    #2: It doesn't belongs to the holidays but I would like to have an Landmark launch/birthday event, especially because that is no event you have to celebrate with your friends and family and need to juggle around what time you spend with them and what time you spend in the game.
    I think this is realy hard for most of the player to get in the game when they want to spend their time with their loved ones...

    #3: Maybe it could also be fun to get a own Landmark "red-letter-day" or "1-2weeks of an festival" that doesn't belongs to any relegion or politition it's just to celebrate the community and the life (thats sound strange... -Hm?! ...But It could be fun!)

    cya... .. . manopoliy
  3. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    The last couple of events have had very tight deadlines - not a lot of time between formal announcement and entry cut-off date. Especially when it comes to design specifics, such as dimensions. The second time around there will of course be longer to think about a design, but please consider planning/building time when making decisions on dates.

    The idea of LM-specific celebrations is a good one. Day 1 Alpha comes to mind. How about "Last Wipe Day" as our equivalent of New Year's celebration? Have the celebration start then & go on until the end of Launch Day.

    Ever hear of a "movable feast"? There's a kind of dinner party where each course is prepared and served at a different location. How about something where the celebration moves from site to site. Maybe existing builds redecorated in keeping with the season?
  4. Maeya Founder

    I check the forums every day and I am reading your suggestions which are all good so far...

    What kinds of builds would you like to do for an event? such as like ice sculptures for the winter fest, ect?

    And keep giving ideas I think the birthday of Landmark would be cool.

    I like the movable feast thingy too. Which could be really fun for like Easter and at each place there will be things hidden you have to find.

    Keep it coming guys and gals.