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    No one is sure how we arrived in this land. We all have different stories of waking up and finding ourselves here. It was not an easy struggling finding food, shelter, and fighting off the local hordes of beasts. One day a few of us found each other, while individually taking refuge in an abandoned ruble of what appears to have once been a thriving society.

    Unity is the symbol that we found to be most prominent in the ruble; and although we were each from different worlds, we all knew what that symbol represented. Soon other survivors sought refuge here, and together we began working to restore the buildings to make this place our home.

    We formed the United Federation of Lumeria, and while some of us are still working through the ruble, others of us adventure out daily to find more survivors. The city of UNITY and it's harbor and farm are almost completely restored to their rightful glory. Currently our society is opening it's arms to welcome other Lumerians who wish to be part of the role play; and are willing to Embrace UNITY in Peace, Harmony and Fellowship.


    The City of UNITY


    Unity Harbor

    Unity Acres
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    Posting here because this thread has the"IC" background. Some guilds (in other games) have a place where people write up their character(s)' back stories. Is this part of Unity's plan?
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    Yes Coyote. While it is not mandatory, it is certainly encouraged. And you can please feel free to start that here for now, unless anyone suggests a better place for them to be; and as long as Daybreak allows us to continue to post here. Just remember to keep a copy of what you write, in case this information needs to be relocated in the future.

    I shall continue to remind guild members, and others of those who have already indicated their choice of occupations to do the same. Thanks again for your support :)
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    Now that Landmark is going to be cancelled. Will there still be a Unity Guild in another game? Have you heard of Rising World? It's similar to Landmark. I enjoy writing and RP and would be interested in participating in your guild.
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    Sad to know of the cancellation, but such is life. Some of us had lots of fun while we could. I'm over on Archeage now, having fun too :) Anyone looking for some fun, create * new account to come to the *new server "Vengeance" and look me up in "Divinity" Guild. We are not hardcore "yet", but nice folks having fun with PVE and PVP. You will find me as "Voluptas". TC all and thanks for the fun!
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    hopefully some RP as well.