[Event] UNITY - A Role Play Venture with the UFL

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    Would you like to join us? We are in need of players to fill the following occupations:

    Tavern Keepers, Apothecary(s), Cooks, Agricultural Workers, Horticulture, Farm Hands, Fishermen, Warehouse Workers, Ship Captains, Dock Workers, Librarians (scribes), Waitresses, Blacksmiths, Seamstress, Physicians, Nurses, Carpenters, Museum Archivists, Welcome Center Greeters/Tour Guides, Fish Bar Manager, Gift Shop Manager, Town Drunk (*smiles)

    The UFL welcomes those who wish to become members, but guild membership is not required to become a resident, or visitor for role play. Most of the restoration is complete, but the Official Role Play will not begin for at least 2 more weeks. Please send in-game mail to Aelious, Oone, Poetyc, or Voluptas for additional information, and to let us know which occupation you would like to fill.
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    Which thread would be better for us to reply to?
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    LOL, thanks for asking CoyoteDancer. Sorry for the confusion, but seems you have already found the best place. :)
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    We have received an overwhelming amount of support via LM General chat! I have been shedding tears of joy all night :)

    Housing and occupations will be filled on a first come, first serve basis, so get your bid in soon. You don't have to "live" there to participate; and guild membership is not required. Just come and have some fun!

    Also, wanted to share that we have received several offers from those who want to help build for role play. Please know that our city, harbor and farm are already *almost done, lol..... just do a search in the gallery for UNITY and you will see.

    Current builders: Arrinda, Oone, Sinamyn, Poetyc and myself (Voluptas). Although, all I do is dabble a bit here and there.

    Also, many thanks to the talented builders who donate via SWAPS!

    Thanks Everyone for your support :)
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    We have had a slight setback in the timing of our Grand Opening for Role Play at UNITY. My RL husband broke his neck, had extensive surgery; recently released from critical care; and now my job of assisting him with rehab and recovery keeps me away from Landmark a lot.

    Also, our most talented, Master Builder Arrinda has been MIA for almost 2 weeks. Whatever his reasons, we pray that he is safe, healthy, and will be returning to us soon. Anyone of you who might have a free moment, and a kind heart, please help us to pray for his well being.

    Some of us are able to follow his projects and fill in the gaps as we can, but very much more slowly due to our own limitations. We don't want to open for Role Play until all of the public facilities are in place. We thank those of you who have already claimed their occupations, and we are still accepting bids on others.

    With this setback, and so as not to conflict with these two wonderful events:



    ... our Grand opening for Role Play is now slotted for 11/5/16. Please don't give up on us. We are continuing to work slowly, but surely to bring us all some good, fun entertainment. Thanks again to all of those who already donated time, and talent; and know that we appreciate all of your support.

    Well wishes to everyone in the land of Lumeria :)
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    Take care of your husband and yourself. We won't give up on you - but more importantly, don't give up on yourself! Healing takes a bit more effort in RL than a mouse click or a hotkey. And a lot more support from our "near and dear". We'll be here when you need a respite. If all you can do is pop in once in a while to let us know you're around expect smiles and hugs to be waiting.
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    Our family is our number one priority. My prayers and positive thoughts are being sent your way.

    Also my apologies for being missing for some time. Similar happenings (although not so extreme) have kept me away from Landmark. The Grand Opening for role play at Unity will be well worth the wait.

    Take care everyone.
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  9. Flamebite Founder

    I'm excited for this event! But RL is more important, so take care of yourself and your husband.
    It will be worth the wait and if you need help with anything in game, I'll be there (even if I'm no voxel God).
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    Family first, always.
    Prayers for your hubby and the well-being of Arrinda are on-going.
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    RL first, as european non english langage native I can't join but: really hope good for your husband and thx for Landmark to invest time to create events with the goal of an happy community, and I really hope for all of you event's creators LM will have some thanks for you even if it's just words :) !!!!!
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    Thanks everyone for the RL support, and pep talk. You guys are awesome :) I have actually taken a slight detour to work on some things for the 3 Halloween events:




    Yes, it will set me back on UNITY preparations, but supporting these events is equally important; and it's fun! Of course, I'm not going to win anything with my limited skills; but participating, and showing support for the efforts of others is always a good thing.

    Also, we don't have to be master builders to create fun stuff. Don't be shy. Placing some pumpkin props, some lights, and smoke can be an excellent start. So please consider checking them out, if you have not already done so :)
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    QFT: Don't forget a dancing skellington. You're not the only one pausing other projects. Just hope the clients are too busy with their own pumpkins to notice :p
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    For those not aware: Unity is well worth visiting in its unfinished state. Already a beautiful place to contemplate your own character and story.

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  15. Gromatici Founder

    Even the social outcast is participating this year.

    If I can do it, anyone can. (but don't pay too much attention to it and you'll find it's pretty fun :p)

    And yes, the UFL builds are worth visiting. Just sayin'.
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    - John Lennon

    And so ... , in the USA this year we have a Presidential Election, and then before you know it, people are busy making plans for travel, to be with their family, and friends for Thanksgiving :)

    The reconstruction efforts for the City of UNITY, Unity Harbor, and Unity Acres are still alive, and growing, but our Role Play Venture has slowed down again due to Real Life.

    To all of those who have volunteered for the various citizenship and/or visitor role play positions please know that we are still moving forward, slowly but surely. So again we ask that you don't give up on us; and look forward to an announcement here around the second week of December.

    Due to the lighting situation, we have had to pause, and reconsider where to place the public bathhouses. My frustration over those lighting issues almost caused me to give up on UNITY, but I remembered that I am a fighter, not a quitter. We have had to re-arrange the placement of some Citizen Housing to find a new spot, and now those bathhouses are almost complete. :)

    Thanks again to everyone for their support! Please stop by, to see the progress we are making. Just search in gallery for UNITY.

    So, hopefully soon, many of us will be able to "Embrace Unity in Peace, Harmony, and Fellowship".

    Landmark ROCKS, and so does it's COMMUNITY!
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