~The Wayward~ (Lumerian RP Guild)

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    CORE: This is a multi-genre friendly guild, focused on roleplay and storytelling.

    Your character can be from any reality, genre, or fandom your heart desires. The unifying factor is simply that outside your personal claim, you are one of the many Wayward 'luminaries', lost in the In-Between lands of Lumeria.

    Read the backstory lore! Essentially, life here is about survival, exploration, and maybe, just maybe, finding a way home. To give a dramatic starting hook- the guild plot will be that no one knows how to permanently find their way back to their reality of origin, once they find their way into the In-Between. They might find a pocket world/window that resembles home, but that can as easily disappear the next day, and/or only gives them limited access to a small & confined window of their former world.

    The guild leader has claimed essentially a pie-slice area of Determination, Timeworn Dunes, covering nearly 1/6 of the map, in the NE old growth region. Here she will create (hopefully with some help and coordination) a semi-permanent settlement, with select adventure/story/dungeon-y claims, for our Wayward group. One to two of the claims will be set aside exclusively for guild members to place personal IC homes, with her help to blend it into a cooperative, growing town.

    Guild members are additionally encouraged to make their own claims of pocket-worlds/homes or adventures of any theme and in any location of their choosing, and guild story will seek to make use of these as well!

    To promote a continuous story, build community, and share IC funs, the guild-leader will host a weekly roleplay night, that will essentially work as a DM'd, in game, tabletop style adventure. Each week will explore more of Lumeria, and slowly progress a singular, if episodic, over-arcing story, as we learn more about what makes up this crazy place. Those travel spires had to come from somewhere, right?

    In order to 1- increase the chances of roleplay in so small a game, and 2- encourage and support those wishing to live out more genre-specific stories, it will be guild policy to respect other's head-cannons as real for them, and simply another 'pocket world' for us to visit. Think of it like a time-travel show. Doc Brown doesn't just march his car through town in the old west, he blends in to survive.


    WEBSITE: There will be no guild website unless it's clear we have enough members and interest in cooperative story-writing/posting to merit one. Guild announcements will be handled via in-game mail, and forum PM's. Guild leader will keep track of all member's forum ID's here to keep people properly informed of things out of game.

    IC/OOC STANDARD: In between designated roleplay nights, free-form roleplay is encouraged between members but not required. I personally enjoy doing cave dives and exploring IC, as who knows what one might find that impacts their personal story? All the same, no one has to be IC all the time, we all have lives, and off days.

    PLAY TIMES: The guild leader is a west-coast PST woman, but will try to plan set RP nights & any guild meetings mindful of those trying to join from other timezones. They will most likely fall on evenings during the week, to respect those who enjoy a more active life on weekends.

    GUILD CHAT: Guildchat will be an IC form of long distance mass communication, the lore mechanic of which will be determined by members. An OOC chat channel will be maintained by members as best possible in game for additional coordination and comradery!

    BUILDERS/CRAFTERS: Creativity and craftiness is encouraged! Those that enjoy building, this guild will also host OOC build competitions to help provide some set pieces for story as it continues. Those that need help building- members are encouraged to chip in and aid with tutorials and template sharing. The guild leader is also happy to do occasional commissions and/or aid in improving what you have!

    OOC MEMBERSHIP: Those who don't dig the guild story, but who identify as a roleplayer, and would simply like to have a larger group of fellow roleplayers to hang out with, are absolutely also allowed to join. They will simply be exempt from guild-story nights.

    • No OOC drama, please. Leave politics at home.
    • No discrimination/hate-speech of any kind, against anyone, for anything will be tolerated.
    • We are an LGBTQ friendly guild.
    • Please keep any and all R-rated 'adult subject matter' in private, consensual, group chats, out of respect for the community. (This includes excess gore/violence)
    • Every member has the right to decline roleplay on any topic they are uncomfortable with, regardless of cannon/lore. CONSENT IS ESSENTIAL for good roleplay.
    • All roleplay styles are to be respected and supported. If your personal style is incompatible with another member (IE you roleplay dark and heavy and they roleplay casual and less immersively), please see guild leader for aide in helping IC interactions to flow.
    Hi! On the forums here you can find me under SSoulfire, and also under Ogohn. In game, my two toons are Soulfire & SSoulfire. I'm working on their IC names and specific backstory, but I'll likely roleplay them as the Soulfire sisters.
    I'm a veteran roleplayer and guild leader, with an active social life I balance with my many games. Currently I am here in Landmark, and moonlighting part time back in WoW, just to get my flying mount fix.
    I got my start roleplaying way, way back in Star Wars Galaxies, before the NGE, 8yrs on Valcyn server. There I ran 3 different player cities over the years, and learned the craft of creating a fun and cohesive story. I wasn't always successful, but storytelling is like any other craft. Practice makes better. Over the years I've roleplayed briefly in nearly every major MMO, with longer stints in WoW, & SWTOR.
    I am also an avid geek of many fandoms, and a writer of both sci-fi and fantasy (and mixed genres!) by trade.
    My thoughts on Landmark-
    For better or worse, Landmark is my game. It's deeply imperfect, and bugged (I can still only play 2-3 hours at a clip due to the lighting issues), and seems settled now with too small a community, but I am still hooked on its potential. I love the idea of finally being able to bring my own storytelling fully to LIFE, with my own sets, even if only for as long as the game survives. Hopefully, maybe along the way I'll make some like-minded friends, that I can travel elsewhere with should this journey end.
    Now, last but not least-
    Simple. Please contact me via PM here in the forum, or by In-Game mail on my toon- Soulfire, to set up a quick interview! Most roleplayers will be accepted.
    There is no penalty if you join and find it isn't for you.
    For the interview- It does help if you dig the guild lore premise, have read it, & already have a character idea in mind. However I am also happy to guild any kind of self-identified roleplayer, who would simply prefer some like-minded fellows to hang with OOC, as they enjoy the game.
    So contact away! And you too could become one of The Wayward!