The UFL Guild

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    The UFL Guild is currently recruiting for membership.

    Our's is a Role Playing Guild for the city, harbor and farm of UNITY.

    Guild membership is not required to participate in our role-play. All of Lumerians/Players are welcome to join us.

    We are in need of players to fill the following occupations:

    Tavern Keepers, Apothecary(s), Cooks, Agricultural Workers, Horticulture, Farm Hands, Fishermen, Warehouse Workers, Ship Captains, Dock Workers, Librarians (scribes), Waitresses, Blacksmiths, Seamstress, Physicians, Nurses, Carpenters, Museum Archivists, Welcome Center Greeters/Tour Guides, Fish Bar Manager, Gift Shop Manager, Town Drunk (*smiles)

    Please contact Aelious, Oone, Poetyc or Voluptas in game for more information.

    The UFL = The United Federation of Lumeria.