[Claim] The Ruins of Karthage is now live!

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  1. Fuzzy1 Founder

    Hello Everyone Badmonk here, just wanted to announce my second group dungeon and the second part of the Winds of the World Saga is now up in the gallery and ready for your playing pleasure. This dungeon requires 3-4 players and is the most complex build I've made to date.


    1. Multiple styles of voxel animations: This includes certain areas where the NPC's can knock over columns, punch holes in the floor and walls or bust pipes or other things. Other areas such as the Maze of Madness or the Halls of Illusion where whole pieces or section of the rooms may move or disappear.

    2. New storyline elements: Some new experiments with storytelling are evident right at the start as I've removed the "timer" system from some story text and use a new method where you click on the NPC to continue the storyline text so that way everyone can read the text before moving to the next block of text.

    3. Combat tactics and interactions: I won't hesitate to say that there is some challenging battles in this build and require group tactics and strategies to defeat the more than 10 major fights in the game. Hope people find them both fun and challenging.

    The running time for this dungeon from beginning to end is about 2 hrs, so I hope people will give it an attempt and if you see me online I'm always willing to help run groups through. It always allows me to find and fix flaws that I see in the build. Feedback is always appreciated so please express what you like or don't like to me here or in game thanks!