The New Improved Blueprint (Updated: 11/12/14)

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  2. Smokejumper Developer

    The Road Toward Open Beta (October - December 2014)

    Most of this is completed now, but there's still the December 15th update still to come...and it's a BIG ONE! See below.

    Week of Oct 15:
    • Key-binding polish : Many control options aren't included in key binding yet. This should fix that. (Completed)
    • Heroic Movement overhaul. (Completed)
    • Add basic armors (3) (Completed)
    • Add building materials (43 of them)(Completed)
    • Free storage on template type : Free storage for templates accepted into Player Studio as well as competition winners. (Completed)
    Week of Oct 29:
    • Modal building tools : As you use the various tools, modal interfaces are created to show you all power shortcuts, as well as allowing you to interact directly. (Completed)
    • Player created waypoints : Players can create waypoints and share them with their group. (Completed)
    • Multi-threaded rendering (Completed)
    • SLI Support (Completed)
    • LOD Improvements (Completed)
    • Occlusion improvements (Completed)
    Week of Nov 12:
    • New armor and accessories! (Completed)
    • Flight on claims! (Completed)
    • Keywords : This system lets players understand the basic powers of an item and make logical assumptions about how it might work when mixed with other keywords. (Completed)
    • Notification window: Many events happen during combat. This system is designed to ensure you notice those things without them being too intrusive. (Completed)
    • Persistent item modifiers (ability to have items, buffs, etc. that change your stats) (Completed)
    • Holiday season props (Completed)
    • Signs and lamps props (Completed)
    • Modal improvements and bug fixes (Completed)
    Week of Dec 3:
    • Awards for the Dark Elf and Landmarks of Landmark competitions (Completed)
    • Crafting window reskin (including search fields!) (Completed)
    • Chat improvements (usability to make it easier to use the chat channels) (Completed)
    • Claim banner improvements (more info) (Completed)
    • Starter templates (arcs, discs, pillars, etc. so that everyone has basic smoothed shapes to build with) (Completed)
    • Kitchen props (Completed)
    • Christmas outfits and props (Completed)
    Week of Dec 15:
    • Caves : All the way down to the core of the world, plus all the teamup builds and procedural content (monsters!) This also includes the redistribution of mineral veins throughout those layers and away from the surface of the world.(Completed)
    • Monsters! At least five of them. Names revealed soon. Varying attacks and strategies for you to overcome. Beware, the deeper you go, the more dangerous they are.(Completed)
    • New weapons: Crescent-bladed broadsword, Obsidian daggers, Darksteel Sword & Shield, and the Lucent Wand.(Completed)
    • New armor: Dusk Mail, Voltaic Guard, Prismatic Raiment, and Harness of Torment. (Completed)
    • New accessories to enhance abilities with lightning, radiance, affliction and shadow. (Completed)
    • NOTE: New weapons, armor, and accessories may need to be found in the world before you can make them! (Completed)
    • Vivox (VoiP) : We have a very hands-busy game. VoiP will make communication a lot easier.
    • New tooltips and item comparisons(Completed)
    • Graveyards : Places you can resurrect at after dying. (Completed)
    • Leylines : Faster travel shortcuts across the surface of the world, and when Caves comes out (below), also below ground. (Completed)
    • NPC pathing : Pathing has been in the works for many months. It finally is ready now. (Completed)
    • Phase one of Linking and Triggering (interactive options for props) (Completed)
    • Tooltip improvements (most importantly, a delay before the darn things pop up in your face)
    • Even more props! (Completed)
    And then Christmas Break so the dev team can remember what outside looks like. :)
  3. Smokejumper Developer

    Week of January 27:
    • Achievements : This is the FIRST phase of Achievements. We will be adding more to this system in the very next update. This version will let you experiment with some of the new user experience elements we're adding to the game, but don't expect a lot of stuff to keep veteran players busy. That's coming later. Lots here though: Watch lists, Achievement panes, collection features, etc.
    • Cave sounding tool: Like the ore sounder, but for caves! Now you can ping with this tool and see the cavern outlines in the distance!
    • Combat iterations: Our monsters are getting lots of improvements to their behaviors and intelligence. This is an ongoing element, but be sure to check the update notes for details on what changes.
    • Rotate and SNAP for Tweak tool: Now it's a lot easier to tell when you're on a 90-degree axis when rotating with the tweak tool.
    • Paste volumes actually paste in at the location your mouse is pointing at! (From Alpha to now, it's always been one off on all axes.)
    • Item compare: Now it's a lot easier to compare what you have equipped with what you're looking at in your inventory.
    • Rotate and translate Areas : You couldn't do this before, but you can now rotate and move the Areas you create for L&T.
    • Tons of SciFi-themed materials (43 of them): Lots and lots of plastics, as well as diamond tread metals.
    • Emitters: A bunch of new ones, including an early waterfall emitter.
    • You can now buy Lumicite, Solucite, and Emitters on the Showcase marketplace.
    • Bug fixes.
    Week of Feb 3
    • Historical graphing for Player Studio
    • Claim vendors
    • TBD (updated soon!)
    Beyond Feb 3
    • Props as resources: We will remove *most* props from inventory and turn them into a collection pane (like with resources). You'll go through the world discovering new props, collect them, and then be able to place them without crafting them first.
    • Imbuing : Get an item, put it on the crafting table, and massage its characteristics around by Imbuing the item with different abilities.
    • Collectible templates : Similar in nature to the way the Collections pane works right now for resources, there will be "collectible" pages for many types of items. This works hand-in-hand with Achievements.
    • Prop destruction : The last piece of "be able to destroy anything at any time".
    • Health/Energy progression : Ways for you to increase your health/energy maximums through in-game effort.
    • New environments (deciduous, volcanic, and ocean)
    • Salvaging: Break down extra items into magical components.
    • Non-unique Player Names : You want to be Bob, and so does your friend. Now you can. But you'll use an account identifier as an extension to your name. For example, if your account identifier is TrueName, I would invite you to be a friend as Bob.TrueName.
    • Large humans
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  8. JayWikid Founder

    Wow this is going to be the craziest and biggest CBT I have ever been apart of. I am so glad to be apart of this historical moment. SOE is redefining the meaning of "WOW!!!!!!!!!!!" I am displeased about the MASSIVE delay for combat but I more than understand that this system is a totally new ball game so no hate towards the Devs.
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  9. Moshpet Founder

  10. Xenface Founder

    Everything sounds awesome! Even if this change is going to render the site I made useless, lol.

    Looking forward to the future...
  11. Jaicen Trailblazer


    Hopefully this will deter people from wasting time in the QA or Twitches yelling about when is this and when is that.

    Although these are not set in stone, knowing when it is aimed for is much appreciated. Especially this far in advance.
    I like how there are no dates, I hope with all the pressure from us, that internal pressure is low :3

    Thanks Dave, Thanks Dev Team :)

    I do have 2 small questions.

    1. will there be info about the continent (and maybe what its name will be officially) & Information for the other layers of the world (Lava World, Crystal World, etc etc)

    2. I like the player studio, but would you guys recommend people going into full swing with it right from the get go? Since its still in Beta. (Like when they submit their creations, it won't have the glass they meant it to have, if they had the glass material, instead of the prop or the dynamic water or props)
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  12. Shadowspawnd Trailblazer

    I can understand why this took so long to work out. The delay was certainly worth it. I can hardly wait to see all the in game goodness. :)
  13. OneShot Trailblazer

    it all looks good to me, but can you please move the building tools up a little seeing this is the main selling part of the game.
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  14. Tarion Founder

    Looking forward to it all. Thanks for the update.
  15. Nemodain Trailblazer

    Read it 3 times. one word comes to mind. Damn. And I say that not as a verb, but as a exclamation of awe.
  16. Samarex Founder

    Looks great can't wait to see some of this put in the game.
  17. Idrona Trailblazer

    Amazing stuff! I haven't been this excited since they opened a new pizza restaurant nearby. :D

    And the word of the day is now #Splendiferousness
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  18. Msima Founder

    Love it! So excited :)
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  19. chipgm Trailblazer

    WOW .. Now that is a lot of very cool stuff. I cant wait to try it all!
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  20. Davorum Trailblazer

    Wow, that is amazing thank you for the update, I am looking forward to so much of it, especially larger claims and better building tools!! :)
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