[Event] THE LANDMARK DAILY - Saturday, June 18, 2016

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    Hey like the idea of a landmark newspaper.
    Here is a suggestion.
    You could make weekly threads, where you post the dailys, so you don't "spam" the forum with your threads and when someone want to know what happend last week he just go to the last week thread instead of searching every daily in the forum.
    Have fun ... .. . manopoliy
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    This has been around since Alpha

    Believe me, Porco knows what he is doing

    PorcoCorp did not get as big and well known as it has by just F'n around

    His sites are great too, I defiantly recommend a visit.

    I remember the burning garbage dump of props to get his point across.

    My favorite is still his Stripper Bar

    Long Live PorcoCorp! :cool:
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    CTD....as in closed today? or does that stand for something else?
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    crashed to desktop; out of the game twice, at your build site
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    Only those worthy can enter the House of Porco......
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