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    "There are black zones of shadow close to our daily paths ..."

    HPL wrote of strange geometries that drive people mad - and open gateways for untold horrors to creep into our little world. On Halloween Island is a mysterious place spoken of only in whispers. The Desolate Forest. Something happened there to warp the healthy biome out of shape. It is rumoured that strange spirits haunt it. Or are they beings from another planet - or another dimension? Odd things tend to happen around midnight. And it is nearly always midnight in the Desolate Forest.

    Like any haunted spot worth the name, the Desolate Forest offers visitors just a hint of danger. Enough to give us a bit of a chill, without arousing the wolves within us to full wakefulness. Ghosts are hard to hit anyway, so heavy weapons and armor aren't really necessary. Run fast if anything tries to grab you. Keep a campfire handy.
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    Over the next few days there may be times when the construction sign is up - completing those last few cryptic incantations and esoteric gestures.
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    A bit more direct explanation:

    The Desolate Forest is designed as an "immersive story" - not a combat site.

    While there are some activities (such as a ghostly presence) that cause damage it is possible for players to (cautiously) enjoy the site without triggering aggro. The best "spooky" experience will be had by coming dressed casually - try not to use anything but a campfire & your best boots. If you don't actually attack anything then retreating is enough to get things back to as normal as the forest ever gets.

    Every day through Halloween (RL permitting) the site will be slightly updated with obvious additions and or subtle differences. Hopefully providing enough of a change for revisits to be worth the effort - bring a friend but don't spoil the surprise. :p
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    Apologies to anyone who might visit the site today. Currently experiencing the "89% hang" with the site in Edit mode (was adding new clues to the story). Will post as soon as it's back in Play mode.
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    Back in Play mode. [IMG]
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