[Claim] Teleport bretween claims! Ride mounts!

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  1. Altimus Trailblazer

    So I have discovered several interesting in game mechanics that cam be used to improve the game for story telling!
    Teleport from your site to a site neighboring yours using TRANSLOCATION PADs
    Ride OAKMYST STAG around claims (it's currently just a rail ride) to accomplish tasks and also fight mobs!

    I have working examples set up in game. Using the teleport pads to travel between claims experience inter linked stories link never before!
    Come visit this work in progress, as this just got out last night. I want everyone to be doing this, it makes the game alot more interesting!

    Come visit me on Serenity Forgotten hills, Just east of the spires, climb the mountain to the top, take the translocation pad from the top to the leyline station, there you can Trans-locate to my other builds. No load screens!
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  2. Sizuma Trailblazer

    As per Domino, this is not the intended functionality of the pads, thus a bug and will likely be fixed at some point.

    It's also been known for about a year or more it could be done.
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  3. Altimus Trailblazer

    If it is a bug, then functionality should be added to game to include actual translocation pads that can be placed between sites nearby on the same island, before they fix it.
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  4. Sizuma Trailblazer

    I've been told they are discussing potential solutions but they probably won't happen in the near future.

    I used to plan to use the pads as a means to advance my story, I no longer do that. Just a suggestion, I'd look for another way to advance your story simply because you won't know when they are going to fix this and when they do, it'll break your story if you are reliant on this method.
  5. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    As long as it works, use it!

    Added you to the list of places to visit.
  6. Sizuma Trailblazer

    That's the issue, this method does not always work. It's buggy as hell to even get it to work. I would just hate to see people build an entire story around being able to teleport from claim to claim, then have this bug fixed and they rage about how the devs broke something else, when it fact it's broken *now*.
  7. Altimus Trailblazer

    I am working around the bugs, it seems to do the transfer pretty well most of the time, and my build was up before I figured this out, and have had the fingers and launchers up as a back up to get around. just the pads make things more fun.
  8. CoyoteDancer Trailblazer

    Yes, it's way off into the wonkiness end of the spectrum. But in this case nothing is broken. It does something it wasn't intended to do, if you wibble-wobble it just so. Every thread I've read about the teleportation pads has already had the "kids don't try this at home" sticker plastered all over it.

    People willing to expend energy on experimenting with wonky things are the least likely to rage when the wonkiness is fixed. They're also the most likely to discover possibilities the rest of us couldn't even imagine. Some of those things will go poof and disappear in a cloud of patches. Some of those potentialities will stick around. Some will be things that get made even better. I'd hate to see any of us discourage those out on the bleeding edge of emergent gameplay.
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  9. Bugfinder Trailblazer

    If you found a way of reliably making this work, why not document it for the rest of us
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  10. Sizuma Trailblazer

    I don't say this often, but you are in fact wrong. When the devs come out and say teleporting between claims using telepads should not be possible, it is broken. The fact that people can make it work doesn't make any difference at all. It's a confirmed bug. Any other game, using a known bug would get you perma banned. I am waiting for the day when DBG starts to punish players for using known bugs. It also doesn't matter that people experimenting with stuff might be the least likely to rage, they will still rage because they used their time to find a workaround, then the devs fix the bug the players used. People don't want to have to go back and redo a bunch of work, which is why, since it's a known bug, I suggested not using it. In the end, people relying on this *will* have to redo the work they put into creating this for their storylines. If you just don't start using it, you won't need to rage later when it does get fixed.

    Experimenting is a good thing, but when it's a known bug/exploit, players need to adjust and find another way to do the same thing. Do you think those workshop winners would've used the blending textures the way the did if they knew the blending was a bug and the correct process would make their builds look they way they do now? I'd bet you cash most would say no. They'd find some other way to do it.
  11. Decalin Trailblazer

    Many of the things that came to fruition during the development stages of Alpha and Beta were because of players preparedness to experiment. No one is intending to profit from working with a bug. The idea is to present something that is known to be possible as a reference point for developers to continue their research.

    I also tested this method of transporting between claims and found that some work perfectly while others not at all. Perhaps knowing why, would help provide some of the answers the developers are seeking.

    People who experiment beyond boundaries are less likely to rage as they know they are testing limitations and are actually prepared for things to change at any given time. Nothing provides incentive more than being told something isn't possible.
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  12. manopoliy Founder

    This transpad "bug" brings me to different ideas that works in the same direction.
    I wonder if it's possible to get other things to the other claim like:
    the landing spot from the flinger, a waypoint_node where a Npc walks to, an endpoint from a moving platform...
    I would like to hear if something of this works too.
    I can't try it myself because my internet conection is to bad for landmark at the moment(1year).

    For a between claim teleportation I would suggest a enter_node like this we got alredy with a specific id into it like the id of the claim + numer of the pad or the id of the player + the number so every player got 20 entry_nodes. Then a teleportation_node you insert the id in. to make it more "safe" and customer friendly you could use the name of the claim/player with the number added.
    Then you can also deside if and when where you can teleport to your claim.
    Add a notification befor the teleporting like the chaos crystals/Gallery where you have to accept the teleportation else you get a cooldown for this teleportation that players can not trap you.
  13. Sizuma Trailblazer

    Like I said before, I don't have issues with people testing and pushing boundaries, the part I have issue with is other telling people to go ahead and use this even though it's been confirmed. How upset would you be if you used this method to link 8 claims for one ongoing story, only to have it fixed next week, rendering all those "links" null.

    I know this works, I used to use it. When I learned it was a known bug, I stopped because I don't want to rely on it now, only to have it fixed later on, then have to go back to find another way to do it. The devs are working on a way to make it possible, intentionally. There was a thread that had multiple suggestions on how this could be done, without using a buggy exploit.

    Don't think that Daybreak can't come in and implement new TOS rules saying if something is listed on the bug tracker and players are found using it, players could be banned for it. It's their game, they can let slide whatever they want. It's only a matter of time.
  14. Sizuma Trailblazer

    I know the flinger with landing spot worked in the past. I have no doubt it still does. I also have no doubt it being used for cross claim movement is unintended as well.

    There is no legitimate method to move a player from one claim to another using a prop. So anytime it can be done, just remember, it could (and likely will) be fixed in the next update.
  15. Sizuma Trailblazer

  16. Altimus Trailblazer

    This is just like in everquest 2, where players take a teleport pad and push it out of their player house to achieve breakout. They have had this for years and had not done anything about it even when they had the chance with new expansion packs. This is clear bug territory but, it makes the game more fun so, maybe they did not mess with it just for that reason. I have seen companies say one thing and yet do another in the past.
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  17. GoddessV Trailblazer

    OMGoodness! I love my breakout spaces in EQ2! Have not had much time to get in there lately, but when I am there I love decorating those areas the most. :) Thank you Altimus for reminding me that I need to take a trip over to EQ2 soon and play with my "toys" lol

    Also, I wanted to say that I really do understand and appreciate Sizuma for her helpful information. If nothing else, it might help prevent people from screaming "FOWL! No one told us" when its all over. Thank you Sizuma.

    Now, {shhh...I'm ~whispering~ } who in game is willing to help teach me how to do this "glitch-bug", lol, lol. I've finally acquired enough sites that I need a better travel method. Thanks in advance for any kind soul who would assist a poor, helpless damsel in distress ~whisper over ~ :D
  18. GoddessV Trailblazer

    Might be best if documented outside of these forums, though ;)
  19. urbansheople Trailblazer

    your a trusting soul :D

    however I can think of two instances where people did use bugs and not intended gameplay who complained a lot.. So yes use are your own risk just dont complain if it suddenly stops working. (we already saw some people complaining about it when it got harder so complain they will)

    The two things that have been fixed that really weren't intended were the stacking of claims beyond the norm and the blending of materials which were both not working as intended. I myself have posted about the material blending once hoping that we would get a replacement soon. (I think its on their todo list)

    anyhow when builds get broken that are using bugs usually there is some complaining. So just be aware that one day it might not work and everything is good lol. Until that time those of us who dont want to take the risk of using them must avoid them mind you i generally avoid claims now with all the changes and go around unless I am specifically out to explore claims cause i dont want to spent 20 minutes getting out of a situation just cause somone thought it would be cool.

    Anyhow I personally dont use stuff if i know its not supposed to do this for more then one reason but if you want to go ahead no one is stopping you LOL.

    In fact the only ones that will complain about it being gone are indeed those who did use it but again no one is stopping you. It is indeed up to each individual to decide for themselves regardless of point of view. /shrug
  20. urbansheople Trailblazer

    Its very difficult to do most of us know how to do it. (myself included ) It doesn't always work and some people's pc set ups might not be happy with the ports if they use them. This is a case of if it works for one person the creator it may not work for the users. ... It can have some interesting side effects as stated "dont try this at home" it has some issues. So use at your own risk ;)

    for the most part unless you know it will work on your pc consistently one should go around any teleporters they see well that is what I tell people I know just dont use the pads.